On this week’s installment of Showtime’s Inside the NFL, Warren Sapp uses some rather colorful language to describe his former teammate, Keyshawn Johnson.
Sapp was asked during the show’s “Ask Warren Anything” segment whether he would watch Johnson’s reality show about interior design.
Per NFL.com, Sapp answered, “Me, watch Keyshawn on an interior decorating show? Keyshawn, I knew you were a bitch. And thanks for making it all clear.”
Sapp and Johnson were Tampa Bay Buccaneers teammates from 2000 to 2003. This is far from the first time Sapp has criticized Johnson; he has previously referred to him as a “malcontent” and has assessed Keyshawn’s skills as a wide receiver by saying, “Keyshawn said, ‘Give me the damn ball,’ and he averaged 8 yards a catch. That’s not even a first down! . . . I watched him work. I watched him come out of the huddle and go the wrong way.”
But Sapp hasn’t previously used such colorful language to describe Johnson. At least not publicly.
Sapp also addressed the reports that he’s making a pain of himself on Dancing With The Stars.
“I’ll tell you what,” Sapp said. “I have to be honest about the diva thing. I am a little eccentric at times. I like cold water and in California they like it room temperature. And as a 300-pound man I needed a little cold water. So they gave me a big cooler and they put “Warren’s Water,” so I guess that’s where they get that from. If a big fella needing cold water is being a diva, then diva I am.”
But apparently Sapp thinks it’s better to be a diva than a bitch.


  1. it’s amazing that people care about Warren Sapp’s opinion on anything other than junk food and marijuana.

  2. Sapp’s been a cancer his whole career. When he left Tampa he badmouthed Gruden and company. When he left Oakland he badmouthed them as well.
    When he’s gone from Inside the NFL he’ll probably badmouth Showtime.
    What a prick.
    He’s worse than Keyshawn. Some coaches liked Keyshawn (Parcells). No coach ever like Sapp. Just ask Monte Kiffin.

  3. If Sapp is trying to make people forget about what a cheapshot asshole he was during his playing career by slamming other current and former players, it’s not working.

  4. Sapp is great. A far better player then KJ and a much more entertaining tv personality. KJ has always been way over-rated and really is as over-rated on ESPN. I certainly would not argue with Sapp that KJ is bitch.

  5. If Sapp is trying to conduct a clinic on the quickest way to end a broadcasting career……….he’s doing a Grade A job of it.

  6. As for Sapp, he likes to stir it and yes he felt like Gruden took Dungy’s team to the Superbowl because Gruden did take Dungy’s team to the Superbowl.
    Word on the street now in the NYC area is that Keyshawn is a pretty decent guy now. When he was with the Bucs, he was just like T.O. in Philly. He stirred tons of crap and Sapp wasn’t the only Buc to call Keyshawn out. Some, scratch that, alot of people believed Keyshawn caused enough problems to get Dungy fired.
    If you followed Dungy, he was a great defensive coordinator with the Vikes and his players loved him. Dungy put the Bucs on the map as a serious team overnight and his players loved him. It’s the same with the Colts.
    So, if you believe that Keyshawn got ‘your’ coach fired and you’re Warren Sapp, well maybe it’s okay to call Johnson a bitch.

  7. (Everybody sing)
    I’d rather be a diva than a bitch
    Yes I would
    If I only could
    I surely would
    I’d rather be an asshole and get rich
    Oh yes I would
    If I only could
    I surely would
    (Paul Simon eat your heart out)

  8. Calling someone a bitch is, well…gay. Hosting an interior decorating show is, well. ALSO gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
    If Parcells vouches for Keyshawn, he’s all right in my book. I think he was a diva earlier in his career, though.
    Nobody cares about Sapp, btw. When his eyes bug out, he looks like Chief Jumungus from http://www.savagesonblondes.com

  9. well if the choices are:
    a. watch bitchy former wideout on channel A
    b. watch diva-ish former tackle on channel B
    c. go work outside in the 30 degree F garage…
    grab yer coats kids we have work to do in the garage.
    lock these two jerks in a rubber room with a finite amount of air.

  10. I think I’d rather do an interior decorating show than be a part of that ridiculous We’re Out of Ideas Dance Machine show. Besides, Warren was always Brett’s bizatch anyway.

  11. Salsa dancing? Interior decorating?
    If you think the old school football players from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s (at least the ones that lived past the age of 55 an are still around today) hate the guys nowadays for the money they make, I can’t imagine what they think of their feminine hobbies and their girl gossip behavior.

  12. Sapp may not have been the perfect teammate, but he definitely wasn’t a “cancer”. He was one of the emotional leaders when he was with the Bucs.
    Keyshawn, on the other hand, is a piece of shit. Let’s not forget that the guy was sent home midseason because he was such a whiny bitch. Someone here compared him to T.O., that seems pretty accurate. They’re the only 2 “top shelf” WR’s that have bounced around so many teams during the prime of their careers. The reason? They had/have such a negative influence in the locker room, that it dimishes their value.

  13. I wonder what Kris Jenkins has to say about Warren Sapp? I always loved that war of words

  14. “But apparently Sapp thinks it’s better to be a diva than a bitch.”
    Instant self-ownage! Nice catch and conclusion, Florio. The networks should definitely throw YOU the damn ball!!!

  15. keyshawn is a BITCH i hate watching him on espn it pisses me off. he never has anything positive to say about anyone unless its bill parcells…

  16. Say what you will about Sapp being a cancer and an asshole. However, if the heals fit, wear them.

  17. meshawn wasn’t half the impact athlete sapp was. sapp was a game changer. period. and meshawn was a bitch.

  18. Whatever you all thing of sapp may be correct but I am glad someone has finally called out keysawn, He talks crap about all the other receivers in the nfl except for a few of his buddies, and he was one of the most over rated receivers in the game and a bitch at that and can someone also tell Ditka shut up as well, he talks shit about coaches and players just look back at his 85 bears are you kidding me they were loud mouths who only one title with that defense oh yeah run by Buddy Ryan and who did the players left on thier shoulders after the super bowl win( yeah the one that Ditka gave the ball to the fridge instead of Payton). Also for him to critize managment, he traded a whole draft plus a first round pick for Ricky ( puff, puff pass man).

  19. sapp is the man, anybody that knocks him is jealous and
    can’t even come close to hall of fame credentials:
    now take a look at a great resume:
    -excellent college career
    -first round draft pick
    -multiple pro bowls
    -defensive player award
    -superbowl ring
    -various tv/radio appearances during nfl career
    post-nfl career:
    -nfl network gig
    -dancing with stars
    -showtime inside the nfl gig
    -runs his own business
    –runs his mouth and will become as entertaining as
    charles barkley

  20. chico5, you also forgot how ditka was always self-promoting
    himself and always held himself above the team, and had
    contract feuds with guys like dave duerson, todd bell had
    to hold out, cuz slave master ditka would never go to bat
    for his players and get them compensated, ditka is an overrated
    blowhard, and the same goes me-shawn johnson and his antics,
    me-shawn is all about himself and his ugly suits, he just wants
    to be like michael irvin, but has the skill set and talent
    level of a freddie mitchell.

  21. This comes from a chump who’s part of one of dumbest shows in the history of television. It ranks right up there with Survivor, and the likes of.
    Thos who watch that trash, are part of the dumbing down of America.

  22. Keyshawn was never afraid to run a route up the middle and get smashed by a linebacker or safety. He wasn’t a gamechanger, but he was a solid possession reciever with good hands who moved the chains.

  23. I saw the segment and that wasn’t even the highlight. Another question asked if how he could sleep at night after the blind sit hit on Chad Clifton in which the reader called Sapp, the dirtest player in the NFL.
    Sapp’s only answer was he wasn’t the dirtiest player, somebody else was.
    Only in Sapp’s mind can this make sense.

  24. Anyone who calls Warren Sapp a cancer obviously knows nothing about football. And, it’s funny how only fans of opposing teams think he’s an asshole. Raider and Buc fans call him a Hall of Famer.
    You haters couldn’t put up any one on your team that’s half the player Sapp was. Eat that.

  25. Sapp’s only answer was he wasn’t the dirtiest player, somebody else was
    that is just plain not true….he made reference to one of your very own packers picking up and body slamming the bear qb to the turf…..so you pack fans really need to quit whining sapps hit was legal a body slam….to the best of my knowledge is not

  26. VikeinCheeseland, pay no attention to JimmySmith, this is a dude that admitted to paying for sex, go read the comments on the Mangini story, lol, he said something about telling someones sister to keep the change, classic

  27. I give Sapp credit …. he is funny… the NFL could use more humor
    I watched the show…Sapp gives the group energy and flair.

  28. Interior decorating?? Oh ya, dancing is so much more masculine than that. They should get together and host a tv show where they both dance around a room while decorating it…just like the two diva bitches they are.

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