The Detroit Lions will likely be looking for a new head coach at the end of the season. Former Baltimore Ravens coach Brian Billick won’t say whether he’s interested in the job.
“I have a day job that I’m focusing on,” Billick said Wednesday, referring to his gig as a TV commentator. “Out of respect for the situation, for me to comment on an interest or lack of interest in any job that currently has a coach is inappropriate. Those things will take care of itself after the season. Right now, I’m staying focused on my day job.”
Billick also went out of his way to make clear that he’s not lobbying for the job of Lions coach as long as that job is Rod Marinelli’s.
“There’s no better man than Rod Marinelli. If you don’t like Rod Marinelli, then it’s you,” Billick said “I promise you. He’s a good man, he’s a good coach.”
Marinelli may be a good man, but he’s a coach who has lost 16 of his last 17 games. If the Lions decide after the season that enough is enough and that they need a head coach with a proven track record, Billick could get a call.


  1. Yet another big time bullshitter has the ear of WCF.
    You wonder how they could get worse, then they try harder at it, find new interesting ways to suck.
    It’s pretty fascinating.

  2. As a Lions fan, I’d LOVE to see Billick in charge, but I’m really enjoying him as an announcer right now. He’s one of the best analysts Fox has.

  3. Marinelli is a good coach.
    It’s as if the organization gave him a Yugo and dropped him off at the Daytona 500 and said “Good luck!”.

  4. Can you really blame Marinelli for his team’s performance? Maybe he does in fact suck, but we can’t know unless he’s working for a competent GM.

  5. They should really let the Lions be in a different division every year. It’s not fair that the NFC North gets three bye weeks each season.

  6. Is Matt Millen still secretly running that team? Brian Billick as the coach? The guy sucked in Baltimore with a good team. He’s going to be horrible in Detriot with a bad team.

  7. Well isn’t this a perfect fit. A team which hasn’t found a stable quarterback since Regan and a coach who would know a good quarterback if the guys balls were shaped like little footballs.

  8. I could see Billick trying for the Raiders job. During their game last week while he was commentating, he couldn’t say a bad thing about the team. The way he made them sound, you would think they were in the play off hunt! Billick has been linked to Al Davis before so it wouldn’t surprise me if the two of them talk. As a Raider fan living in Baltimore, I would hate it. Billick is a great motivator. He is arrogant and an ass. He is far from an offensive genius though, and hasn’t had the same starting QB for more then 2 years.

  9. Umm, I think it would be a real good idea for the Lions to stay away from hiring Fox color analysts. Hasn’t that caused us enough misery already?

  10. To all of you Billick haters: he has a ring. He may be lousy at developing QBs but he’s a good coach.
    The real question here is why would Billick want to go to work for an organization with such poor ownership? Stay in TV for a year or two and wait for a better organization. Houston perhaps? Maybe Seattle if Mora the Younger would rather be UW’s coach.

  11. The Lions needs a few of things to happen in order to get a quality coach and turn the prospects for the team around:
    1a. Ford family sells the team – Ideal situation
    1b. Ford family hire “competent” football people, and go sit in the Owner’s box at Ford Field and stay out of the football management business.
    2. Hire a “real” General Manager, someone that can see the needs of the team and get players (draft/free agency/waiver wire).
    3. Review coaching staff – clean house if necessary. Allow new head coach to hire his own staff.
    4. Performance review of each player on the team – cut those that are not performing on the field, cancers in locker room or are suffering from “Packman Syndrome”.
    5. Team goes out to fan base and cut ticket prices. Get retired players to be part of the rebuilding process (be at training camp, in front office helping with community relations, etc…).
    Until this happens, the team will be a joke in the league…and the die hard Lions fans will suffer for it.

  12. Oh that’s right, he has a ring…he MUST be good, right? And Dan Marino didn’t get any rings, so he couldn’t have been any good…

  13. Is it me or does it look like Marty Schottenheimer is the best guy to fix this franchise? Yeah sure, Martyball sucks post-season and he has the occasional brain freeze, but his teams are always solid and they always leave the franchise much better off than when he came. Isn’t that what’s needed in Detroit? Besides Marty’s got something to prove. I reckon he’d tweak Martyball, be more daring, throw in some Jeff Fisher-esq trick plays, perhaps some Wildcat now that he’s seen how his proteges (Cowher, Dungy) have won the big one. Not sure what the code of conduct is when someone in your coaching tree would take the fall (eg. Marinelli) but the idea is worth some consideration.

  14. hes concentrating on his commentating job? thats hilarious! Billick should wise up and take the job if they are offering, im sure that “santonio moss” would agree……

  15. Billick is a class act. And all those of you hating on him for not being able to develop a good QB, Boller was never talented to be any good at an NFL level, and McNair was clearly at the end of his career. At the end of the day…super bowl was won with Trent Dilfer. So I guess theres more to being a coach than having a good QB.

  16. At this time and point in the Lions franchise I don’t think anyones willing to admit any interest in them. Would you?

  17. Nooooooooooo…. the rest of the NFC North is going to have to experience a non-Millen led draft this spring. Please at least leave us with the gift of Marinelli.

  18. To Zerfas:
    Billick got a ring because the defense bailed his ass out.
    With a rookie QB, and the same receivers they had the last several years, the Ravens offense is actually moving the ball. Billick couldn’t coach his way out of a wet-paper bag.

  19. Oh yeah nothing will help that team out like hiring an offensive genius like Billick. An offensive coach who won a superbowl due to its superlative defensive play. A coach who persistently picked the wrong quarterback to help his team. Dilfer fired so Grbac can be quarterback then drafting Kyle Boller. Yep, this is THE GUY to solve the problems in Detroit.
    Detroit needs real help in the form of a solid GM like Scott Pioli or GM/HC like possibly a Bill Cowher or Andy Reid. Though frankly, I believe that a talent evaluting GM is what would really get this franchise headed in the right direction fastest. Marty Schottenheimer would instantly bring solid effort as a head coach.

  20. “Those things will take care of itself after the season.”
    If there was one thing I would have thought Billick would know was grammar. Has Brian been sharing the booth with Emmitt Smith?

  21. pullpecker sucks. a blocking tight end trying to be a qb.
    billick had better QBs in balto – dilfer + grbac.
    i will give rod this. he is dogged. he says his shovel and pick are sharp and his will is outstanding. they better be.

  22. Billick never had Culpepper as a QB. And I would not be surprised one bit if the Lions kept Marinelli. They held onto Millen for a lot longer than they should have.

  23. I just looked this up…
    The Baltimore Ravens were 80-64 under Brian Billick with 4 playoff appearances and a Super Bowl win. That’s pretty damn good.

  24. slim: did you say Billick never had Culpepper???? Do you know anything at all about football? Do you know what Billick did that earned him the job in Baltimore??? Yes, he was the mastermind behind the offense that lit it up in Minnessota w/Culpepper and Moss!!! So, YES, he had Culpepper donkey!

  25. I agree with the Marty Schottenheimer plan. Like Parcells, he always turns things around and at least produces a respectable on-field product. It owuld be even better fi they brought in Buddy Nix as the GM who was AJ Smith’s right hand man in San Diego and retired when his close friend Schottenheimer was fired. That would give them a real GM and a real coach who get along with each other. The possibilities are endless….even 8-8!!

  26. Billick is still getting a fat paycheck from Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti and I’m sure is making a pretty penny from Fox. That being said, why take over a team that’s THAT disfunctional? At least if he was to be hired by the Vikings or the Raiders he’d have somewhere to start……

  27. spartyfi: The offense Billick ran in Minn was RANDALL CUNNINGHAM throwing to Randy Moss and Chris Carter. Culpepper was post-Billick.
    Now who’s a donkey?
    And Billick is a superior motivator who never had a QB or any WRs in Bal worth a damn. Ever.

  28. spartyfi, I don’t think you should be questioning people’s football knowledge and calling people “Donkey”.
    Billick’s first year with the Ravens was 1999 (8-8). Culpepper’s rookie year was 1999 with the Vikings (and he didn’t attempt a pass that season).

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