On Wednesday, we posted an item regarding three pieces of property that Bucs coach Jon Gruden owns in Jefferson County, Tennessee, which is adjacent to Knox County, Tennessee, which contains the University of Tennessee, which is looking for a football coach.
Later in the day, Gruden was asked about his property ownership in such close proximity to a potential prospective employer.
My wife is from there, okay,” he said, according to our friends at Pewter Report.  “I have three sons and we go there every year.  The Smokey Mountains is someplace special to me.  To be honest with you I don’t like seeing trees going down.  I’m a conservative person that way.  [Editor’s note:  Um, Jon, tree hugging isn’t exactly one of the planks of the Republican party’s platform.]  I like to protect those 30 acres, or whatever it is we have, 25 acres.  I’d prefer to have more acres there to prevent anybody from building something there.  There is nothing on that land except trees.  There is nothing else to it.  Hopefully you guys hold me true to my word.”
(Actually, the property records indicate that there is a dwelling on one of the three lots that Gruden owns.)
We still think that Gruden is going to use this situation as leverage to improve his situation, either in Tampa or, if the job is still open when the Bucs’ season ends, Tennessee.  And we think he’s got every right to do so.
Unlike 2001, when Gruden had to gratuitously interject his name into speculation for the Notre Dame job by waxing poetically about the Golden Dome and Rockne’s Ghost and Touchdown Jesus (who sheds a tear whenever Gruden says the “F” word), the elbow grease is being applied by schmucks like me, keeping the story alive.  Possibly long enough for the Glazers to give him an even bigger pile of their money.  So that Jon can save more trees in Tennessee.
And if the Glazers choose not to make a large contribution to the Gruden Forest Fund, then they need to keep in mind over the coming weeks that “the Smokey Mountains is somplace special to him.”
Damn.  We should get a commission on this dude’s next contract.


  1. Ricky Williams says…. “did jon gruden just say he’s trying to protect the trees?I can respect a coach that protects some trees”

  2. “Damn. We should get a commission on this dude’s next contract.”
    I think that you might have found your calling, agent for coaches.

  3. Thats one possibility, but considering they fired Tony Dungy at one time, is it impossible to think they might just fire Gruden and Allen and go with someone else (like a Cowher, or some other big name out there, who can “get them over the hump”?).
    I don’t see Gruden leaving, and anything short of Gruden shooting someone in Tenn or burning down the school or urinating on the school flag isn’t going to make rumors that he might leave go away.
    Of course, since the glow of the superbowl is gone, (aka Billick), his time might be running short, now might not be the best time to go for a raise or make ownership think there is instability in the coaching situation.

  4. “Damn. We should get a commission on this dude’s next contract.”
    No, you should be making defamation settlement payments to Gruden. Just because Nick Saban pulled this crap, and then Petrino did what he did, you think its such a long-shot for Gruden to be completely honest. Why the hell do popular figures answer the questions of the press if their responses are deemed misleading, fraudulent, false before anything of consequence related to the story occurs.
    Florio, you are better than that, IMHO. Ha!

  5. This just in…Rod Marinelli will be fired in Detroit after the season is over and I will be the next head coach of the Lions because I own property in Michigan!

  6. Ladies and Gentlman Please meet Mr. Florio’s first non-athlete client, Mr. John Gruden!
    Hope this goes as well as Culpepper and Leftwitch.

  7. I love PFT, but for the love of God can we please stop reporting this total non-story. Is it slow over there? Can you please name me one NFL head coach not named Saban or Petrino who won a Super Bowl and then left to coach at a second tier college program? I mean, hes a top ten head coach in the NFL people….Tennessee…are you serious?? Just stop it…stop it.

  8. Actually, conservation HAS long been a plank of the Republican party (see Roosevelt, Teddy), but that’s not really my point. I suppose if you want to be the king of the cheap shot, you should at least be corrected when you’re wrong.
    Gruden and Allen just got new contracts. The team is doing well. The Glazers are obviously happy with the staff and have been so.
    And picking on one “dwelling” on all that property? Please … give me a break. You expect clan Gruden schleps up there and sleeps in a tent?

  9. no, you shouldn’t, you should stop basically rewriting the same ****ing post every ****ing day.

  10. I too am completely baffled by the amount of coverage this putrid story is getting. Even IF Gruden has his eye on the Tennesse job he will HAVE to talk the Glazers who mortgaged the Bucs’ future for him out of his current contract that extends into the 2011 season.
    Get real Florio, Gru has a small home on 25 acres in bum-f–k Tennessee. Where he likes to VACATION, do you honestly think Jon Gruden wants to live one smelly crap away from his wife’s backwoods Tennesse family? Are you kidding? The small dwelling alone isn’t big enough for Guruden by himself.
    Put this NON-STORY to rest Florio.

  11. Fixed Gruden quote below:
    “My f***ing wife is from there, okay,” he said, according to our friends at Pewter Report. “I have three f***ing sons and we f***ing go there every f***ing year. The Smokey Mountains is someplace f***ing special to me. To be f***ing honest with you I don’t f***ing like seeing f***ing trees going down. I’m a f***ing conservative person that way. [Editor’s note: Um, Jon, tree hugging isn’t exactly one of the planks of the Republican party’s platform.] I like to f***ing protect those 30 acres, or whatever it is we f***ing have, 25 acres. I’d prefer to have more f***ing acres there to prevent f***ing anybody from building something there. There is f***ing nothing on that f***ing land except f***ing trees. There is f***ing nothing else to it. Hopefully you f***ing guys hold me true to my f***ing word.”

  12. “Florio, you are better than that, IMHO. Ha!”
    Let’s just say we have different opinions.
    Keep stirring Florio.

  13. If you’re going to split hairs and nitpick at what Gruden said, then you should capitalize the “C” in what he said.
    “conservative football offense” vs. “Conservative party”

  14. He is a republican, he doesn’t even know how many acres he has.
    “I like to protect those 30 acres, or whatever it is we have, 25 acres.”

  15. Sorry DPR if that was accurate there wouldn’t be any *’s. Those are reserved for New England anyway.

  16. [Editor’s note: Um, Jon, tree hugging isn’t exactly one of the planks of the Republican party’s platform.]
    [Reader’s note: Um, Mike, your politics are boring the crap out of me]

  17. Wouldn’t it be “conservative” to buy land to save trees and “liberal” to enact sweeping regulations where the trees are declared a protected class and given free health care?

  18. How long has he owed this property?
    If he’s had it for years how the hell would that tie him to a coaching vacancy.

  19. For those who are interested here is the take of someone who actually knows what he is talking about when it comes to the Bucs, Scott Reynolds of the Pewter Report:
    “There is no way Gruden is going to Tennessee. For some reason Mike Florio thinks it’s going to happen and he’s kind of keeping the idea alive on due to the Saban-Alabama thing, but Gruden is not going anywhere.”
    Florio you’ve been pwned on this stupid non-story, now please drop it.
    P.S. First off, I believe Gruden meant conservative as in being a conservationist. Second I don’t think anyone in the republican party has been an advocate of deforesting virgin woods, so your aside comment is equally as asinine as this rumor.

  20. talk about beating a dead horse. this gruden to tennesee is getting really old. he coaches the best team in the NFL and you think he wants to coach in college. gruden is crazy but not that crazy.

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