To the extent anyone doubts that the Vikings wouldn’t have scored a safety if it had been Brett Favre and not Aaron Rodgers who authored that end-zone chuck-and-roll maneuver on Sunday, we’ve got some specific proof that a different set of rules applies to Lord Favre.
Facing a stiff rush from the Patriots during Thursday night’s game, Favre essentially turned his body and whipped the ball to no one.  He wasn’t outside the pocket, and the ball didn’t make it near or beyond the line of scrimmage.
But there was no flag.
The official explanation was that the ball was tipped.  Replays suggested otherwise.
Meanwhile, the Jets lead 24-6.

34 responses to “LORD FAVRE GETS A GIFT

  1. Not to mention those Patriots walking off the field with their helmets in their hands at that 4th down sack at the 2 minute warning.
    No flag there, either.

  2. Brett “pick six” Favre has been getting gifts like that his whole career. He should thank Kurt Warner for the gifts he gave on the Jets-Cards game because his stats would look a bit different without them. As much as I hate the Patriots it would be funny as hell to see Lord Favre come out in the 2nd half and throw the game away with 3 or 4 INT’s.

  3. STFU about Favre already Florio. We get it, your jealous and to round in the waist to even walk up a flight of stairs. Sheesh

  4. Or maybe…JUST MAYBE…it was an entirely differnt officiating crew tonight, and one game has absolutely nothing to do with the other…..

  5. The extra point after the Gaffney TD before halftime. Right after the extra point is kicked, several members of both teams walk off the field holding their helmets in their hands. NO FLAG!
    That should be at least 200 yards and 19 suspensions.

  6. …and I didn’t see the play, so I don’t know if it was or was not a “close call”…but since we want to compare the two plays, maybe the refs DO give the benefit of the doubt to a 16-year vet, and not the same shake to a guy in his first year. I’m not saying I agree with it, but it happens in every sport…

  7. Read the rules dumb ass, in a time out period (which the 2 minute warning is) it is legal to take your helmet off.
    “You can’t take your helmet off either to argue a call or to celebrate. If you’re in a time out period or a measurement or a challenge there are times when you can take your helmet off on the field. Or when you’re nearing your team area when you approach the bench.”

  8. It was before the 2 minute warning, not during. There was still time left on the clock. It was in between plays. Not during the 2 minute warning. The players also took of their helmets after the PAT kick as they were walking off the field.
    NO FLAGS!?!

  9. lol, look at all the Favre haters. They’ve been proven wrong so many times, it’s no wonder they are so bitter.

  10. “Replays suggested otherwise” my ass. The ball was clearly tipped (partially blocked) by the defender who was chasing him.
    Favre is having a great game, like it or not.
    The Jets are getting better and better while the Packers are regressing badly from last year.
    Just the facts, folks, just the facts.

  11. Ntrikit says:
    Not to mention those Patriots walking off the field with their helmets in their hands at that 4th down sack at the 2 minute warning.
    change of possession is an official time out…you can take your helmet off, douche

  12. OMG PFT has turned into lets whine about everyting Favre. This is about as sad as it gets when it comes to this site ever being reputable.

  13. That’s alright. I’m sure it won’t prevent Florio and the rest of the whining, crybaby Packer fans out there from continuing to complain about the officials making the correct call in Minneapolis this past Sunday.
    Oh, and the Packers still lost.
    Wide right.

  14. yo Flo! does it piss you off that much the vikings beat the wackers? I’m pretty sure almost every close game in the NFL you could go back and point out one or 2 calls that could have changed the course of the game. What gives?

  15. Ty Law was holding Moss around the waist like a long lost lover on Moss’ td and I am pretty sure that there wouldn’t have been a flag on that either. Vrabel wasn’t holding and there was a flag for that. Was like the Pats game with Denver in the 2005 divisionals, horrible one way reffing, but hard to complain about that when the Pats were shooting themselves in the foot every other play with dumb plays, drops, turnovers, etc.

  16. Hey Ntrikit,
    Are you going to come back and admit how wrong you were? Change of possession = clock stoppage. The period after a conversion attempt = clock stoppage. They can take their helmets off. I imagine you’ve moved on to utter your idiocy in another thread by now.

  17. No, it’s further evidence the officiating in the NFL is totally inconsistent, i.e. flawed.
    I have a theory that the reason GB went from being one of the least penalized teams in the league to one of them most penalized teams in the league is #4 isn’t there anymore.
    I mean, Chad Clifton has been called for how many holding penalties this year? 6? 7? I don’t think he was called for that many overall since he’s been in the league (2000).
    I also find it interesting that they are now making excuses for him saying “the ball was tipped” while a guy like Rodgers wasn’t really doing anything that much differently yet he gets screwed.
    This is why Brett Favre drives people like Florio nuts and I don’t blame him. It’s bad enough to listen to all the media love he gets despite being an egomaniac and self centered SOB (through the “aw shucks” persona). Now he’s getting calls in his favor to boot and that’s a bunch of BS.
    Nice league, NFL

  18. It’s still sad to me that the best player in Packer’s history was run out of town by Teddy? I don’t blame Rodgers for it, I blame Teddy. Say what you will about Favre, something is missing on this team from last year. He made this team better, and now that he’s gone we lack in almost every area of the game, even with almost the exact same team as last year. Well Ted you got what you wanted, Farve’s team is 7-3 and are headed to the playoffs, are team is 4-5 and headed to nowhere. Thanks Ted!

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