We never dreamed that there would be such an uproar regarding the story of an NFL player who had an image of himself land on a family member’s Facebook page.  The player in question doesn’t have a high degree of name recognition, and we badly underestimated the degree of curiousity it would create.
We were concerned initially about posting the photo and identifying the player because our information was based only on our source, and because it wasn’t obvious that the player was who we were told he was.  We have since obtained information from two more sources, so we’re now confident that we can post the photo without fear of getting the NFLPA treatment in a court of law.
But we post the photo and identify the player with this disclaimer — the picture appeared on the Facebook page of his younger sister, and she has since claimed that she Photoshopped it.  (An if it’s truly Photoshopped, then we should fire Taco Bill and hire her.)
We’re also told that the player is not in trouble with his team.  (That said, another source said that the picture was taken down only after the team became aware of it.)
The player in question is Eagles cornerback Jack Ikegwuonu, a 2008 fourth-round draft pick who tore an ACL in January and who has been shelved for his rookie year.  He was regarded as a potential first-round selection before being injured, even with pending criminal charges arising from the theft of an Xbox (the old kind, not a 360).  He reached a plea deal in the days leading up to the draft, but the arrangement cratered when his brother, also charged in the incident, refused to accept it.
Here’s the photo.  He’s the guy on the right with his hand over his mouth, Photoshopped or otherwise.  (And as several readers have pointed out, the powder apparently are crushed up pills — most likely aspirin — and not cocaine.  We’ll defer to Matt Jones of the Jags for a final ruling.)



  1. Ooooohhh wow….that was worth it….
    Do any of you who were obsessive about it now feel at least SLIGHTLY like you need a life?

  2. Who in the hell is that?
    That is not a bong, it is an oil lamp….if you look at the reflection in the table I think I see Florio…photoshopped or otherwise…

  3. figures that im an eagles fan lol.
    dude! Pills!?!? Coke!!?!? a Bong!?!?!? No wonder this guy is laughin his ass off!

  4. Wow, so you build all this hype, and it’s some guy named Jake Motogotz nobody has ever heard of?

  5. You should have waited until you had the verification to even mention it.
    If that sucker is photoshopped, ya’all need to excuse me I need to go to my tiara fitting.

  6. what about the rolled up thing in his right hand?? and those are pills that they are crushing,, maybe adderol, vikes.. not coke… great photobucket job.. haha

  7. hes got the tooter in his hand
    talk about being caught red handed
    cocaine is a hell of a drug =)

  8. Ill agree that there is a huge bong, but that most likely is not Coke. If you look above the crushed lines and to the left a little there are two little white pills. They probably crushed the pills and are snorting them. Could be any number of things that they are sniffing.

  9. Definitely not coke by the way…
    It’s clearly those white pills chopped up… probably some kind of pain killer..

  10. So that’s where the Reid boyz stash went!!! Damn, looks like some kind of party!!! Just need a few um, “dancers” and you’d be all set!!!

  11. Thanks finally Florio.
    That’s not blow though, they crushed up some good ol pills though! Probably helping with that busted knee, crushing up some OC’s and taken em to the dome.
    However, if I was smart (which, from everything that has happened with Igke.. Igkenelse….. that corner from Wisconsin, he isn’t).
    Wasn’t he the player who was going to re-enter the draft if no one picked him high enough? Before he found out about the rules?

  12. Photoshopped, that might be the worst excuse I’ve heard since “I slipped on a McDonald’s bag”.
    Why would you photoshop a bong and some blow into a picture of your brother and his friend?

  13. Wait….by “the guy on the right”….do you mean our right, or the guy on the right in the picture? Because they are two different people.
    You could have said “The guy holding the rolled up paper with the booger sugar in his nostril”….woulda been clearer.

  14. 1) Is he holding a cigarete in his right hand? How many NFL CBs smoke cigarettes?
    2) Notice the 2 pills just below the bong. Does cocaine come in pill for now? The powder in question is circular, and could be one of those pills but crushed.
    3) You not only have an injury problem, but a history of character issues, why allow yourself to be pictured with a bong, unknown crushed drug, and smoking…you are a CB…you are a rookie…you haven’t proven anything yet.
    3a) Your brother screws your plea, and your sister dimes you out on face book. Is there anyone of the 3 of you who do not have questionable judgment? Never mind, you tried to steal a first gen Xbox.

  15. good call bubby on the pills, look like theyve been hanging around Nick Kaczur on the pats
    im betting percocet or Oxy

  16. i dont think thats coke, its probably oxycotins or something along those lines. people chop up and snort pills and i see two pills in the picture. and it looks like young jack is holding a straw or a marlboro light. and both of those dudes are blown

  17. Jack is the guy on the left not the guy on the right. Look at his pic on the eagles site it’s pretty obvious.

  18. Gives a new meaning to fly eagles fly
    Was the picture taken at one of Andy Reids kids birthday partys?

  19. Wonder what’s so funny?
    Also wonder who is the bigger idiot…..the guy that let his picture be taken or the sister that thought it was a good idea to post it.

  20. anti-climatic for sure, but you guys jumping on florio for the “hype” and “building it up” need a wake-up call. he just posted a blurb about it, it was 190+ crazed readers of PFT that hyped it up. 😉

  21. when a picture is photoshopped there are hidden markers in the picture. it makes it easy to prove a forgery or a photo enhancement. It would take an expert about 30 seconds to prove this isn’t photoshopped. that is how long it took me….

  22. Its not coke. It is Oxy Cotton (contin). Probably most popular drug out there right now. Harsh shit if you get addicted, I know all about it. Hard shit to get off.

  23. I’ll bet any money the pills are Oxycontin. I used to know people who would chop those pills and I did it once myself back in college. That’s a nice bong……i’ve smoked out of far better….but nice. You can pull some nice rips out of that thing. 420!!!!

  24. Good job Florio. Getting you facts straight. Awsome job covering your ass. Next time you should make people link to C.F.T. Just for the hits on the site.

  25. Props for actually following up.
    Did you really think everyone wasn’t going to flip sh!t about talking about a picture and NOT showing it??

  26. If they photoshopped him in, they did a helluva job making the cushions hes leaning on even have the indent….that aint photoshopped, the table aint photoshopped in cause you can see the effect of the glass on the white line of the jacket, the one guys holding the tooter….if that isnt evidence i dont know what the hell is. They suspend a bunch of guys for testing for the water weight/masking thing, but this is ok?

  27. Next to the bong there are two pills. Most likely he is snorting crushed up pills, not coke. Either way, pretty funny

  28. So we’re supposed to believe you teased us with a story about a pic of an NFL player apparently doing drugs, then were shocked when we all made such a big deal about it. Yeah. Slightly disingenuous there Florio. And that’s being kind.

  29. ACforever is right on, anyway Florio, I think you’d be well advised to retract your claim that the powder on the table is cocaine. You don’t know, and you’re likely mistaken.

  30. That lived up to its billing. Are people really still surprised or outraged. Drugs are everywhere you turn in our society. Our bankers, realtors, favorite athletes, relatives, and probably even your kids elementary school teacher do drugs. GET OVER IT!

  31. Hey I’m not sure if anyone has pointed this out but I don’t think that’s coke, it looks like some crushed up pills. Anways, justed wanted to clear that up for everyone.

  32. No surprise, it was more than Jack’s ACL that was blown apart leading up to the draft, he was a major character risk according to any and every draft expert and the biggest surprise regarding him was that he was drafted so high despite tearing his ACL shortly after declaring for the draft and having some major character issues. He’s a dunce and once the Eagles cut his dumb ass he’ll be able to fall back on that 4th round pick signing bonus and 2 1/2 years of college to get himself a great job… dealing coke.

  33. um…. has anyone noticed part of his ear is missing and the back of his head is completely flat? So unless mike tyson is hanging out with them there may be a slight chance his dumbass sister did photoshop this picture.

  34. @ Ravenmaniac – that IS a bong. How many oil lamps have a pipe attached to them?
    @ many, many of you who keep stating that it definitely is not cocaine…..you are all wrong – it may not be cocaine, but unless you are there to taste it, you can’t say it’s definitely not, or that it’s crushed up pills or whatever…. exactly what do you think cocaine looks like? Cocaine in powder form is white, or sometimes has a slight pinkish hue, or even an off-white hue – it depends on what it is cut with – and by cut, I mean what it is diluted with – not chopped.
    And that could be a cigarette in his right hand, but it sure looks like a plastic straw to me. The pills could be anything. The bong water looks clean – the glass or plastic is amber.
    If that is photoshopped, it is one hell of a job. Look through the glass table – do you see anything that looks cut and pasted?

  35. “um…. has anyone noticed part of his ear is missing and the back of his head is completely flat?”
    Did you notice that his head is resting on a cushion?

  36. jack is actually the guy on the left. just wanted to let you know florio so you could change that. cause its much worse if jack was the guy on the right since he is the one holding the white tube and obviously just snorted whatever is on the table. you could even go on the eagles website to confirm that jack is actually the guy on the left. just look at how much you could see his gums when he is smiling. jack is the absolutely the guy on the left.

  37. Does it bother anyone else that most of the people writing comments seem to know way to much about illegal drugs and the situation the photo shows.

  38. jack is the guy on the left. just wanted to let you know florio so you could change that. it is bad enough that jack is in the picture, and even more damaging saying that he is the guy on the right holding the white tube in his hand.

  39. the guy on the left is actually jack. I think you should change that florio. it would be much more damaging to be the guy on the right like you claim he is

  40. Get serious. This poor guy’s sister posted a picture of him of facebook maybe smoking weed? He’s a nobody, give him a break until he is a somebody.

  41. Jack Ikegwuonu is the guy laying down and laughing,not the one with his hand over his mouth.
    Does anyone know when it was taken? I had that much facial hair or more at 15,and he looks young in the picture.It’s possible that it’s 9-10 years old.
    I know what it looks like,but I honestly hope he doesn’t get in trouble over this.I’ve had tons of friends that don’t smoke and don’t hesitate to flop down next to the potheads and crack jokes that could have had the same picture taken of them at any point.
    They just happened to not get (semi)famous and happened to not have a younger sister born without a brain.

  42. If it was somehow photoshopped, how the hell did they cut them in under the glass table? You can see their legs through the glass. Looks real to me.

  43. When I read the first part of this story – the one without the picture – I had this strange feeling that the player in question was a member of the Philadelphia Eagles.
    I was wrong; it’s a rookie who won’t play until next season. These are tough times for Eagles’ fans.
    I’m not saying this is a big deal. It’s just somewhat embarrassing. They have problems on the field in addition to Reid’s recent problems with two of his sons.

  44. Regarding whether the photo was altered using Photoshop, I think Bubby Brister said it best:
    Why would you photoshop a bong and some blow into a picture of your brother and his friend?

  45. Definitely not photoshopped. You can see the guys shirt through the bong, and the table. I’m certain that nobody can photoshop that. Or if somebody can, they are getting paid $50/hour by Playboy or National Enquirer magazines and wouldn’t bother with this crap.
    As others have said, the pills are probably oxycodone or a similar heavy-duty painkiller. You mentioned he had ACL surgery, and those are commonly prescribed. I had ACL surgery two years ago and they were prescribed to me, with a few refills too. It’s likely those are leftover, and he’s choosing to snort them (notice the paper roll in his hand, and his hand over his nose). To my knowledge, there would be nothing illegal about him snorting his own medication, and the photo gives no proof he was sharing.
    For all we know, his buddy there was smoking from the bong (which was pointed away from Jack), and Jack was snorting his (doctor prescribed) medication.

  46. Another great draft pick by Andy Reid. Please hand over GM duties to someone else. Please?

  47. It isn’t Jack doing it, so what’s the big deal? My brother is a stoner and I have a lot of pictures of us together with his various drug paraphernalia around. I have a few of him smoking a joint while we play Playstation. I’ve never done the stuff, but the pictures don’t look good.

  48. LOL–dude definitely has the white residue off those pills in his nostril…and he even has that I’m wasted laugh going on.

  49. And I was correct… the player is someone MOST NFL fans have never heard of. So, smart decision not to post the name originally Florio… Jack Ikegwa uh oh…

  50. Thank you for finishing the story. Perhaps Nick Kaczur could identify the type of pills that are on the table.

  51. “the picture appeared on the Facebook page of his younger sister, and she has since claimed that she Photoshopped it.”
    Yeah, black teenage girls are really known for their amazing photoshop skills. And why the hell she would associate her brother with coke, pills and all that stuff is beyond me. It’s obvious that she’s lying but how can you blame her.

  52. For whoever wrote this…
    Jack is the one on the left. The one without the sucky stick in his hand…..farthest from the camera….and farthest from the white powder.

  53. I dont know much, but I do know two things: 1) that pic is not photoshopped 2) that is not aspirin chopped up on the table.

  54. JACK IS ON THE LEFT?!?! WTF? Its not even a question he has a distinct look. It probably is pills since hes on crazy meds for his knee but A.)its NOT percocet which are much bigger and full of tylenol, NOT for snorting
    B.) even thou it probably is OC, not sure how you are all so sure when the coating would have to be worked off, prolly 15mg oxycodone instant…basically same thing, but the stuff coulda definately beem photoshopped although I doubt it is. He needs to stay out of situations, and if he is snorting OCs and others are doing Bingers, hell come up clean bc Im sure hes prescribed the OCs for his surgery.

  55. Gotta get your story straight dummy…He’s not the guy on the right, he’s the guy on the left. That’s obviously not cocaine and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have a younger sister.

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