In a game that they should be winning handily, the Philadelphia Eagles are trailing the Cincinnati Bengals by seven points in the second half.
The Eagles has managed only a field goal, thanks to two interceptions from quarterback Donovan McNabb and an anemic rushing game.
As of this posting, running back Brian Westbrook has only 11 yards on five carries.


  1. Its almost as if Cincy knows we won’t even try to run it….
    I am a McNabb suporterbut he is having a terrible game. I STILL do not blame him though because a player is allowed to have a bad game – the coach should just STOP PUTTING THE BALL IN ONLY HIS HANDS. WTF, Andy. If Westbrrok cannot play, then don’t play him. Westbrook just missed a huge block on 3rd down and caused a punt.

  2. Andy Reid needs to go. The team won’t play for him anymore. They lack any drive. Donovan turns the ball over 4 times and the team just walks off the field. No one is upset yelling nothing. Reid just has that stare on his face like hmmm I wonder whats for dinner. Wish T.O. was still here not even to play just to be on the sidelines screaming at people cuz Andy wont do it. If the eagles would fire Andy I wouldn’t mind them loosing the rest of their games this year.

  3. I hope Mcnabb gets a tiny shoulder injury. Not that he cant play just so he cant throw so hard. He might actually complete a pass that way.

  4. Andy killed us last week and McNabb is killing us this week. Who wants to put a wager on who will kill us next week? My money is on Andy again.

  5. Seems like Marty M. took over calling the plays and the offense seems to be moving. A QB sneak on 4th and inches…. how easy that seemed.

  6. I will die of schock if the Eagles can actually get a go-ahead score with 2 minutes left in the game for a win.

  7. Wait Andy will run the ball on 3rd n 3 and 4th and 2 on their last chance to come back. But he won’t on 3rd and 1 when its actually possible and it wont kill his team if he doesn’t make it. He’s the dumbest person ever n the other teams no it. He heard everyone yell about it last week so I knew he wasn’t going to do it this week. Andy can’t tell the difference between when something is inapropriate on 1 play and right on another.

  8. Dear Santa,
    Can the Eagles please get a tie against the Bengals. Thats all I could hope for for Christmas.

  9. Does anyone remember when the Eagles would gain about 10 yards everytime they would do the fake fullback dive halfback pitch? When was the last time you seen Andy run that play?

  10. emoser u got anything to say about football. Go to your D&D blog if you wanna argue with people.

  11. Andy must go! He is not a good game day coach, he is not a good draft day coach, and he is not a good post game coach. Who here is sick of him saying I have to do a better job of putting us in better position to win. Or this one is on me, we have to keep firing and were a better football team than that. Hey Andy your not a good football team! You need better personal to win, like a real full back, power running back a tight end who can block and someone who can cover a tight end. Hey Andy if you could win with arrogance you would be undefeated you bum! Times yours!

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