Holy crap.
Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb said after Sunday’s ties with the Bengals that he didn’t know an NFL game could end in a tie.
Holy crap.
He thought there would be a second overtime period if the first one ended in a tie.
Holy crap.
Even the most casual NFL fan realizes that games can end in a tie.  Don’t they?
Here are Donovan’s comments.
Did we say holy crap?



  1. That might explain why he was a smiling fool on the field after all those batted balls at the line. I wonder if Andy Reid realizes just how bad this team really is now. How many 3rd and 1’s are they going to screw up? They tried passing for it numerous times today after failing to run for it over the past few weeks. This has to be one of the most frustrating teams to watch in the NFL (except, well, the Lions).

  2. Wow, Donovan needs to get his head out of his butt. I don’t ever want to see him argue an NFL call. I thought Florio was taking him too seriously…..until I watched the video. This fool is actually serious. I bet Kevin Colb knew.

  3. That’s pretty pathetic, right?
    I called my 12 year old cousin as soon as I heard those comments, and even he knew that the game would end in a tie after overtime.

  4. I’ll be honest, I’m more than a casual fan and I wasn’t totally clear on the overtime rules.
    I would also like to note that Eli Manning knew the much more obscure and complicated passing-beyond-the-line-of-scrimmage rule.
    And two of the three Giants running backs exceeded the average rushing yards per game allowed by the Ravens in today’s game. BOOM

  5. how can you not know that? do you think he was playing the end of overtime conservatively thinkng he had another quarter? dummy!

  6. “McNabb went on to tell the audience that he could have sworn that the Eagles WR’s had Orange and Black stripes on their helmets…”

  7. I’m still surprised he’s playing in the NFL after he puked his guts up during the Super Bowl against the Pats. Really? You want this guy heading your team after he choked in the biggest game of them all? Really?

  8. airc94 I’m pretty sure Eli just got lucky with the passing-beyond-line-of-scrimmage rule. He had his right heel on the line of scrimmage. That isn’t something you can intentionally do while running from linemen and scanning downfield for recievers. They got lucky. But luck is the biproduct of hard work and all that and the Giants do look unstoppable.

  9. Holy crap.
    Long time NFL analyst/commentator Al Michaels doesn’t know what a reverse is.
    Holy crap.
    He thought a reverse was actually a double-reverse.
    Holy crap.
    Even the most casual NFL fan realizes the difference between a reverse and a double-reverse. Don’t they?
    Then he tried to say it’s not “the classic definition of a double-reverse.” Because, it’s a reverse, not a double-reverse.
    Did we say holy crap?

  10. When did the rule ending the game after 1 OT period come into effect? There used to be more than 1 OT as evidenced by them talking about games that ended in a tie after 3 OT periods.

  11. I also heard that he thought you were not allowed to use the hurry up offense in the last 2 minutes of a superbowl.

  12. HOLY CRAP!! flortio, you are right HOLY CRAP!?
    all europeans who watch Football knows those 2 rules airc94.. so I bet most americans knows’em too

  13. Stop getting on his case. How many ties have their been since you were born? This isn’t something that happens every week. However, I do believe that the refs explain how there is one period before the coin flip, but I’m pretty sure that no one (besides florio) listens to it. They just want the ball because they are going to score (right matt?)

  14. Maybe he thought he was playing NHL 2009 on his XBOX 360. There’s no ties in that game. Or perhaps he mistook this game for one in January where there are no ties. How could he not know a basic rule of the game.

  15. You’re truly surprised that an NFL player doesn’t know the rules?
    I’m surprised that you’re surprised.
    You love giving people nicknames, so I’ll just call you Orlovsky from now on.

  16. you got to be kidding me? and this is a PROFESSIONAL freakin qb? he didn’t know there were “ties”? what a flippin idiot, an idiot for not knowing that and an idiot for actually admitting! what else doesn’t he know about the game???

  17. Seriously, all of you people who didn’t know the rules should not be saying it out loud. Even a look at the most basic standings has a “T” right next to an “L” (which is right next to a “W” btw) – what did you think it was for?

  18. This is nothing new. McNabb has always been dumb as bricks. I used to be an Eagles fan until I gave up on them ever winning anything with him at QB. I will be an Eagles fan again as soon as they get a new QB.

  19. I hear you, phillyphan15. That was confusing to me, too. They had like three minutes to score, Donovan’s throwing incomplete passes left and right, and he was like giggling and slapping five with teammates between plays. It was weird.

  20. I hate the egirls and even I feel sorry for the fans
    A QB that does not know the rules of the game he is being paid how many Millions a year to play
    That and a coach that can not manage the clock or call a good play
    Maybe someone can hire Donna a person reader to teach him the rules

  21. I remember the PIT/ATL game that ended in a tie. At the end of OT there were many players on both teams who seemed confused. It’s happened like, what? 3 times in the past 15 years? And it’s obviously something he’s never been a part of before, so I don’t blame him for not knowing. Just because they play in the NFL doesn’t mean they’re all football nerds like PFT Nation.

  22. Its one thing to not know the rule going into OT, but its even worse that he didn’t figure it out or hear about during OT when he was on the sidelines.
    And how did he figure it out when they called a hail marry at the end? Even if there was another OT period that’s still a legit call at the end of the period.

  23. even mcnabb isnt that stupid. hes deflecting the fact that he threw 3 picks in the game. the fact that hes the reason for why it was even remotely close… well a tie is close right lol?

  24. It just occurred to me.. does this mean that Rush Limbaugh gets his Sunday Countdown gig back? I mean, really.

  25. perhaps the NFl should go for the college style overtime rules, start the ball on the 25 and play until one team out scores the other.

  26. Let’s focus on the real problem – why the hell is the NFL so stubborn that they don’t change this stupid rule and adopt the NCAA rules.
    BTW – the Pack looked superbowlish today against the vaulted Bears run D.

  27. i can’t wait to see how the PR dept for the Eagles handles this, the bullshit they will have to spin to try and save face. i think this could seriously snowball into a top 5 story of the 2008 NFL season. what an idiot!

  28. There was a tie in 2002 (between the Falcons and Steelers). The media a huge deal because it was the first tie in like 15 years. McNabb was in the league at the time, so how in the hell could he not know?
    It’s Week 11, shouldn’t Donovan be on IR by now? He’s definitely playing on borrowed time at this point.

  29. multiple OTs only happen for playoff games in the NFL. like for kay cee / miami back in 1971.
    this was only a “near playoff” game for the eagles, and they failed the test. badly.
    what a maroon…

  30. how can any pro football fan not know there are ties?
    Since 1986 there have now been nine of them. In fact during the ’97 season there were ties in successive weeks (Phi/Bal, Nyg/Was)

  31. “so I’ll just call you Orlovsky from now on.”
    That’s classic. Mike “Orlovsky” Florio has a nice ring to it.
    Now watch this not get posted because he can’t take criticism from people. Never understood why a man creates a website, throws out comments, questions why those comments upset people, and then can’t handle having comments thrown at him. Seriously. If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out, Florio. Oh wait, I mean, Orlovsky.

  32. That’s pathetic. This guy gets paid millions of dollars a year and doesn’t even know the rules. He should be benched while he undergoes NFL Rules 101 training. Despite his obvious talent, he has always been one of the worst QB’s at clock management that I have ever seen and he routinely chokes like George Bush on a bag of pretzels when the game is on the line. As an Eagles fan, I am disgusted. He and Reid need to go.

  33. Rush Limbaugh is laughing his fat ass off somewhere.
    Honestly, I thought Donovan was smarter than that. The ad at the bottom of all those ESPN pages says his IQ is 119. That’s pretty good, right?

  34. I saw this press conference on a Phildelphia Sports program. McNabb doesn’t even know that the rule is different in the playoffs. He actually said that he would hate to see a playoff game or Super Bowl end in a tie.
    I know he’s played an OT game in the playoffs against the Packers about five years ago. How could a starting NFL QB who is in his 10th season not know that regular season games can end in a tie and a playoff game can’t end in a tie?
    When you look at the NFL standings, there is a column for wins, losses, and ties. The fact that he doesn’t realize a playoff game can’t end in a tie is almost as bad as thinking that a regular season game can end in a tie.
    He implied in the video clip that he didn’t realize that the Bengals game would end in a tie until there were 8 seconds left and the coaches called for a hail mary. That’s sad.

  35. i was blown away when i heard this, maybe mcnabb should have puked in disgust when he heard there are ties in the nfl…

  36. He thought there was going to be a dance off to decide the winner. Felt good about his chances against Fitzpatrick.

  37. cut him a break, he was mentored by Brad Childress, need I say more?
    and I thought T Jack Off was the dumbest Qb in the nfl.

  38. Why would he throw a hail mary at the end of the game if there was going to be another overtime? It has to be a joke…

  39. Well, it must be something about the QBs in the Keystone State: One does not know you should wear a helmet when you ride a motorcycle and the other does not know that there were ties in football. Great.

  40. Another Eagle didn’t know it as well. I think it was Buckhalter. They were doing a post game interview on Eagles post game live. Vaughan Hebron said he thought there were 2 OTs before a tie.

  41. As I am reading the rather funny column here,I figured it must be a misunderstanding or an exaggeration, but you said it HOLY CRAP! That chuckling knuckle really didn’t know. Worse, he didnt realize that NOW is lying is OK. As an Eagles fan who hasnt been calling for DMacs head for the last 10 years, I finally am done with him. He needs to move on, and take Reid with him. Thanks to the both of them for 10 fun years, but get your butts out of Philly.

  42. Well, at least the Eagles aren’t paying him for his SAT score, just for his athletic ability on the field…and after today’s game, he should donate his game check to charity…

  43. i am a casual fan and i knew a game could end in a tie… i rember the eagles and ravens game end a 10-10 tie in 97

  44. 1- There were two ties in 1997 alone .. thats for the person who made up the story about the media being surprised in 2002 cus there wasnt a tie in 15 years.
    2- College football sudden death is put simply the most idiotic way to end a game in the universe. Ask a soccer fan if they like penalty kicks. Theyll all say no. To say there should be a shootout is to say that the players should have a penis measurement contest to declare a winner. Play the game.
    3- I think he was joking. Or maybe im ignorant to the fact that someone could be so dumb.
    4- at least you have the philles.

  45. Perhaps McNabb also doesn’t know it’s allowed by the rules to hand off to a running back two times in a row.
    And maybe instead of constantly ordering up plays off his giant Waffle House menu, Andy Reid could take 30 seconds to talk speak to his starting quarterback, tell him to strop throwing interceptions and yes, games in the regular season can end in a tie, so hurry up and score.

  46. TomBradyWoot:
    I thought perhaps the T stood for turdy victories like the Panthers last week and the Bucs the week before, until I still saw a zero there (it’s a joke, people).

  47. It pains me to watch him and Reid. You’d think after 10 years together they would have learned something. They both look absolutely clueless out there. I’m so apethetic right now I can’t even think of anything else to say. How long ’til pitchers and catchers report?

  48. The fact that there has been precious few ties in past history is irrelevant. How many games every year goes to overtime? Quite a few. Almost every team has 1 overtime game per year and almost every player has been in an OT.
    It doesn’t take a PFT or stat geek to know this VERY simple rule. The reason there are very few ties? Because each team works their asses off to score in that one OT period…

  49. I’m an Eagles fan and I hope they go 5-10-1 now so they can begin the rebuilding process. This was a horrible horrible display on many levels.

  50. I’ll bet coach Reid did not know also, which is why he punted with 1:33 left in OT. Thought he would get the ball back in the next OT.

  51. I wonder if anybody did some sideline coaching,
    as in: “OK…. Here’s the situation we’re in, guys….”
    Reid, Monrningweg, Shurmur….. Anybody..?

  52. “To be honest, I didn’t know there wasn’t going to be another overtime,” Mikell said. “I didn’t know it was going to be a tie. I was kind of happy. I thought we were going to get another overtime. After I realized it was a tie, I was pretty ticked off. I felt we should have come in and won this game. That’s a team we should have beat. We didn’t come out ready to play, all across the board, so it’s a loss to me.”

  53. I bet you most of Philly fans didn’t know you could tie in football..Some of the most worst fans ever!!!!They boo everyone..

  54. Since 2002, Philly has been in 5 regular season OT games, with McMoron playing in 4 of them. In 2004 they lost at CLE with 5:02 left on the clock, in 2005 they lost to NYG with 3:55 left on the clock and in 2006 they lost to NYG again with 3:11 left on the clock. Never, during any of these games, was the possibility of a tie brought up? Really?
    And apparently it wasn’t brought up today either. If true, this is terrible coaching (Reid must of made the same assumption that we did: no NFL player is possibly stupid or negliant enough to not know the OT rules). With McMoron’s keen grasp of the NFL rule book, I think he might have a great future as an NFL referee after he retires.
    One final number: 25.
    That’s the number of ties games in Eagles history coming into today.

  55. this guy was in the league in 2002 when the last tie occured, how do you not know there can be a tie…douchebag

  56. What’s dumber, McNabb not knowing the rule or admitting to the world that he didn’t know it?
    Face it, the guy is downright dumb.
    By the way, the whole Eagles team, coaches and players alike, should be embarrassed for the lack of effort yesterday.

  57. scouseyank:
    Are you kidding me? It was 4th and 2 from their own 22 yard line. They make it, the game probably ends up tied anyway, they don’t make it, and the Bengals win. Yeah, go ahead and turn the ball over on downs, idiot.

  58. Overtime should be eliminated from the regular season.
    Including ties in the standings would reduce the number of tie-breakers (no pun intended) used to determine playoff seeds.

  59. AlldayAP28 says:
    November 16th, 2008 at 8:49 pm
    Actually i would say the Vikings are the most frustrating team to watch.
    Why? Why? Because Peter King wrote in preseason that they’d win 12 games? And they are 5-5?
    The most frustrating team to watch is the Miami Dolphins!
    Where the hell did this team come from? Why won’t they stop winning? Why do I keep betting the farm on their opponent? Why did the chicken cross the road? Why doesn’t Mike Florio get a real job?
    The answers are out there, people.

  60. This and the news that he registered to vote for the presidential election for the first time this year makes me wonder what he really does know? Wonder what he thinks sudden death means in the NFL?

  61. What I really want to know is did Andy Reid know that after one OT in the regular season and the score still tied a game ends in a tie?

  62. NFL overtime rules are better than NCAA because they play real football with special teams and everything. BUT, the change I would make is they play an entire period, not first score wins. That’s the only change I would make. Still tied after one period, it’s a tie.

  63. I would not change the OT rules at all in the NFL. Playing a complete extra quarter means more teams go for a tie at the end of the game and do not take a risk to win. The longer the game goes on the greater the chance for injury in the NFL.

  64. Did he at least know Bill Walsh had passed away? Maybe he could be a sideline reporter when he retires……

  65. I don’t buy it. To me it’s just a lame excuse for terrible play calling by Andy Reid that once again restrained a potentially potent offense. Westbrook needs to be more involved, and they still can’t convert 3rd and shorts. What the hell is going on in Philly?

  66. DonnyMAC is a STUPID STUPID NFL Player, and
    not a very good QB. All that talent around him and he
    just drags it down.

  67. Checking out the Wonderlic link provided by Philly2008 – Dante Culpepper took it three times and scored 18, 21 and 15…and the notes state that the 15 score is probably is accurate, based on his problems getting into college.
    Check out some of the other scores…Dan Marino scored a 14, Jeff George a 10 , while Rich Gannon scored a 27 and Troy Aikman scored a 29. Eli Manning scored a 39.

  68. Okay, to everyone who wonders if McNabb knew the rule, whatever. The referee knew the rule. He told everyone gathered for the coin toss and over the loud speaker that the first team to score wins unless nobody scored in the period in which case it’s a tie. He said something to that effect in his rundown of the overtime rules. Isn’t McNabb a captain? Wasn’t he present for said coin toss? What, was he zoning out the ref at the time? I’m surprised nobody’s brought this up yet. Guess we’re all to busy ripping on (or defending in the case of a sad few of us) Donovan.

  69. I record all Eagles games. I looked at the coin toss in the OT of the Eagles-Benglas game. McNabb wasn’t one of the players who went to 50 yard line for the coin toss in OT. L.J. Smith, Broderick Bunkley, and Akeem Jordan were the captains. However, the referee clearly said that if neither team scores, the game will end in a tie.
    The referee’s comments were played on the loudspeaker. You would think that McNabb heard the referee say that the game would end in a tie if neither team scored in OT.
    This wasn’t the first OT game for McNabb. As bandit4454 pointed out, McNabb played in two OT games against the Giants in 2005 and 2006. Both games ended with less than 4 minutes left in OT. The real question is how McNabb could have played in those games without learning that each game would end in a tie if neither team scored in OT.

  70. uh myopinionisrighterthanyours, it was brought up a few times. but with 5 pages of comments, it’s easy to miss one.

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