While watching one of Sunday’s NFL games, the audio cut out.
After uttering several words that can’t be said on television (or repeated here since my kid sometimes reads the site), I remebered that Sprint’s NFL Mobile Live has free audio of every game.
I grabbed the trusty Treo 755p, dialed up Sprint’s NFL Mobile Live, and pulled up the audio from the radio broadcast of the game.
It was quick, it was easy, and the audio was loud and clear.
So, even after the audio returned on the television broadcast, I kept listening to the call of the game via Sprint’s NFL Mobile Live.
Sprint’s NFL Mobile Live is available on various Sprint handsets, at no charge.  The application includes streaming NFL Network, along with the regular-season games that are exclusive to NFLN.
We always mention at this point that Sprint is the official telecommunications partner of ProFootballTalk.com.