With former Minnesota receiver Troy Williamson, who now plays for the team’s next opponent in Jacksonville, popping off about wanting to “duke it out” with Vikings coach Brad Childress, the third-year head coach initially declined to respond.
But when pressed on his height and weight so that reporters could properly piece together the “tale of the tape” for the possible brawl, Childress couldn’t resist.
 “Do you need my reach?  I’m not like a woman; I’ll give you my weight.  It’s 190 pounds of twisted steel and rompin’, stompin’ dynamite.  Is that enough humor for you?”
Though Williamson is taller and heavier than Childress, Vikings defensive end Jared Allen would put his money on Chilly.
“Coach Childress is a tough-minded guy,” Allen said. “And he has a bad . . .  mustache.”
We know one thing for sure.  If a fought broke out, Childress would try to keep it close and hope that Williamson steps on a rake in the last round.


  1. haha, as a Vikings fan, I hope for a dual knockout, but I agree Chilly ball will probably apply here too

  2. There will be a bit of humor if Tice and Williamson beat Childress this weekend.
    UNfortunately, I have to root against them, because no matter how much I dislike the coach, I still love my team.

  3. Brad Childress is the dumbest most immature childish head coach there is. Wasn’t he saying how last week reporters were like people who shot wounded soldiers?

  4. haha, as a Vikings fan, Im hoping for a Dual Knockout, but I bet Childress will try to use his infamous Chill ball game plan here too.

  5. If I was Childress, my strategy would be to yell “Catch” then throw something to Williamson….and then, when he bent down to pick it up after it hit him right in the hands, I’d kick him in the head and then run like a girl.

  6. Williamson is a pussy. Try doing your job Mr 4 catches for 27 yards BUST OF A NFL PLAYER.
    You suck Troy, now go cry.

  7. troy couldnt see good enough to land a good shot
    either that or
    his hands are as useless as the tits on a male hog,
    based on his performance id have to gauge its the latter
    of the 2.
    troy wants to hit coach because he will probably be inactive
    again this week and wont be hitting anything except his right
    hand agst his groin

  8. A Childress vs. Williamson cage match? I don’t know if I’m more surprised by Williamson, spouting off nasty about his former coach when he will be wearing zubaza sweats on the sidelines or by Childress, coming up with an off the cuff, humorous remark.
    Troy, you had your shot, you flopped. Get over it.
    Childress, you’ve had your shot, finish off this season with at least a playoff win and you can continue.

  9. “We know one thing for sure. If a fought broke out, Childress would try to keep it close and hope that Williamson steps on a rake in the last round.”
    LMAO.. will now be known as “Chilly Brawl”

  10. I’m confused. Did he say, “Do you need my reach?” or “Do you need a reach-around?”
    Both of them will be out of football soon enough. Maybe this could be a real matchup on some celebrity boxing show. Here’s a nice visual (Screech kicks the “horshack” out of… Horshack):

    I wonder if Urkel called dibs on the winner.
    On topic: Isn’t a head coach in the NFL supposed to be above childish bickering with ex-players? Not that Williamson is a well-adjusted, fully functional adult human. But geez.

  11. lol Troy m’boy. Just keep your mouth shut. Remember that Chicago game when you caught the 60 yard bomb for a TD? That had been your first TD since 2005. That’s just terrible. Shut up and ride that pine, would you?

  12. the Minnesota Villains…even the moron of a head coach is now spouting off…as a coach you have to brush that talk aside

  13. How about J Allen sticking up for his boy! You gotta appreciate the moustache. Although Allens is more of a porn stache, and Chillys is a child molester stache.

  14. “I’m not like a woman; I’ll give you my weight. ”
    Don’t stop there Childress, a woman would have the Vikings prepared for situational football. A woman would understand basic concepts like clock management, timeouts, and math.

  15. Hooray!
    Humor! Thrills! Stepping on a rake is the funniest slapstick gag in history. The thought of Chilly and StoneHands Williamson squaring off caught me at just the right moment. You’ve redeemed yourself one tenth of a degree. Thanks for the true laugh.

  16. As a coach I’m not going to defend Brad Childress. But the more he talks to the media, he’s actually pretty funny in a dry cerebral kind of way so it’s misinterpreted by most fans. And Childress’ complete lack of charisma just magnifies how dry his humor is.
    That said, Childress is probably much tougher than most people would give him credit for.
    Williamson, on the other hand, is the softest NFL player I’ve ever seen. Most kickers show more toughness than Williamson. In three years with the Vikings I never saw him try to block anyone downfield (other than just stand in their way), break a tackle on the plays he had the ball, run a kickoff back with any courage (he took a dive on first contact), and he was always too afraid of getting hit to concentrate on catching the football.
    I’d take the Vikings 8-year old ballboy in a fight over Troy Williamson.

  17. I hope the Vikings lose every remaining game.
    I fear that is the only thing that will open Wilf’s eyes.
    I bleed purple, and anyone who wants to see this Vikings squad enter the playoffs and get a 41-0 drubbing and have Chilly back next year is not a true Vikings fan.

  18. Williamson and Childress should be in a “league” of their own; considering both proved they don’t have what it takes to be in the NFL . Perhaps Dana White could put together an UFC match.

  19. I would think that Troy would have the upper hand on this one because he couldnt even catch a punch.

  20. My money’s on Troy “Hands of Stone” Williamson. Plus, I don’t think Childress could hit him, Williamson likely wouldn’t catch any of Childress’s punches. Williamson would drop Childress like a rented football.

  21. I would put my money on Williamson. He is the Roberto Duran of receivers–hands of stone and when about to get hit, says “no mas.”
    On another Childress matter, Sid Hartman, aka “Homer Hartman,” has been unusually critical of the Vikings in his recent columns. Has he given up on Childress? Or sensing the inevitable, does he expect Childress to be gone after the season (even faster than Tice, one hopes)?

  22. Un frickin believable.
    I used to feel sorry for him, but now I want to punch this guy.
    It’s great that he’s having so much fun, not stressed out and doesn’t remember his time in MN. Sorry that he just doesn’t feel up to par to play this week.
    All this fraud has done since being drafted is take millions and give nothing in return. Every minute he sits on a roster means there’s another player, second or third string getting over-looked.
    He is a textbook first round bust and should be remembered as such.
    I’m sure may anger is displaced but I’m just pissed that someone could get 7 million or whatever for doing more damage to team by playing than actually doing nothing.

  23. i’d put my $ on the old man. there’s a mean streak in there.
    a lot of wideouts use nail polish, are divas even when they dont produce, and appear to have unnatural desires.

  24. Wow – after that quote about shooting the wounded, and now this reaction to Williamson’s stupid challenge, I’m starting to like Childress and may actually miss him when he’s gone.
    BTW – the incident with Williamson and his dead granny? Childress was 90% right the way he handled it – he never should have recinded the fine.

  25. Childress is definitely the tougher of the two, how can you watch film of the Viking’s play week in and week out and not be tough.
    Williamson might hope to knock his brains out but I don’t see any evidence that Childress has any.
    This must be what passes for trailer park humor around the Twin Cities. Honest to God, I hope nothing happens because we want Chilly back in 2009 if only for selfish reasons.

  26. i would pay money to see this. i hate jarred allen because he is a viking but the dude says some pretty funny shit. i would put my money on wiliamson, because chilly would try to outsmart troy by punching himself in the face and then taking a knee while troy swung wildly and slap chilly repeatedly(slaps because he couldnt hold a fist). good times….

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