As the W-L-T storm rages in Philly, local broadcaster and former Eagle Vai Sikahema is openly calling for coach Andy Reid to be fired, and for quarterback Donovan McNabb to be cut.
Sikahema’s position is significant because, as one media insider with knowledge of the dynamics in the market tells us, Sikahema has been very protective of Reid in the past.
Per the source, “It’s shocking how fast this is falling. They could fire Reid.”
Sikahema is scheduled to appear on WIP radio at 9:00 a.m. EST on Wednesday. You can listen live right here.


  1. Fans and Media do not run football teams for a reason, and for a city like Philadelphia that is a good thing.

  2. How does a guy most known for punching the goal post padding get a radio show and the following of a major city….oh, that’s right, it’s Philly. It’s kind of like how cocaine users get radio shows, right Dallas?

  3. I definitely agree with Via as far as Reid goes. I have defended Reid many times throughout the years; I remember how bad this team was before he arrived (Ray Rhodes, Bobby Hoying, Ty and Koy Detmer just to name a few pre Reid personel). Reid turned the organization around in a 2 year period and made us perennial playoff contenders. For that I am grateful.
    But now Reid has to go. His inability as GM to find good players to fit into his system (QB who is much better throwing the deep ball than the WCO short-intermediate passes, receivers who can’t catch, TE who can’t play at all, OGs/C who can’t run block), his laughable clock and challenge management, his terrible play calling.
    I would give McNabb one more season under a new regime to see what he could do in a system more tailored to his game and then make judgments. McNabb has played very well throughout the years and people in Philly are quick to forget that. Remember the one year he was throwing to T.O. (aka WRs not named Todd Pinkston, James Thrash, Freddie Mitchell, Na Brown, Reggie Brown, etc…) he put up some of the best numbers in the league. And even before TO Mcnabb led the Eagles to NFC championship games with a mediocre receiving core. I just don’t know if McNabb will want to come back.

  4. the offensive coordinator marty morninwheg needs to go, not reid.
    also, they shouldn’t be so quick to throw out mcnabb. after the eagles are eliminated from playoff contention, they should give kolb a shot for the remainder of the season- see if he has any promise.
    lastly, reid does need to get his head out of his butt and realize that they need an actual experienced FB. he must be retarded to think that he could convert a RB (tony hunt) or a DT (klecko). if the eagles had an actual FB, they maybe would have converted those 4th and 1’s that have killed them this season. not to mention, westbrook would be that much better.

  5. Well done Florio! You’re getting shoutouts all over the place here, they are really impressed that you were able to scope their story before they could!

  6. This is awesome, they are talking about his weight…. Angelo is an idiot. As far as Vai as a reporter, let me just say – that was awesome when he returned that kick and puched the goal post.

  7. This is amazing because Vai and AR are both BYU football alums and mormons who seemed to be close in regards to their beliefs outside of football so if he is calling for this to happen it is really shocking.
    Don’t worry though Eskin will still planted 50 feet up Ar’s fat rear end.

  8. Oh and if you want to have success doing 65-35 pass-run ratio, you should look at what the Cardinals are doing. They have 2 all-pro receivers. We have Greg Lewis.

  9. It makes no sense to do it mid-season. It would be anarchy. If there’s one thing the current Eagles administration hates, it’s turmoil. They’ll paint a pretty face on it and maybe, if we’re lucky, take care of it in the off-season.

  10. they can fire everyone and anyone from that team and they will still suck. the fans are highly overrated, they talk a alot of trash inside their stadium but outside of that that are nothing but a bunch of band-wagon grade A D-Bags!!

  11. as a true eagles fan, im all for bringing in a replacement head coach…hopefully someone like bill cowher. BUT reid should ONLY be replaced if/when a suitable replacement is found. dont make us fans suffer through 2-4 years of a losing season before we start to see anything on the horizon and just bringing in a lame duck coach to oust reid would be a dumb move on jeffery luries part.
    as for mcnabb, i dont know what everyone is complaining about. yes he should know the overtime rule because as a fan, i knew the rule existed. but we have no better options other than mcnabb. and to all those idiots clamoring for kolb, we would need to cut mcnabb before seeing him in action and what happens if kolb turns out to be a bust, we’d be like the oakland raiders, no qb, no offensive line, no wrs, but just one dynamic running back.

  12. I think Reid should be ousted, however I’m not sure what McNabb’s contractual situation is right now. If he’s still under contract next year, I would recommend they open up the job going into camp and let people battle it out.

  13. Well if a hall of famer, former NFL great is coming out saying they have to go then I’m all in!! Wait… it was Vai Sikahema who said it?? The dude who ran back like one kick 20 years ago??
    I think people are going a little to overboard with this, I know he should have known the rule. But it’s not like he was caught killing dogs or anything…..
    Reids not going anywhere unless he leaves on his own, Luire loves him. And besides, the Eagles are fine as long as they keep packing the seats down at the Linc.

  14. Vai Sikahema just called in to 610WIP in Philadelphia and basically said he was worried about Andy Reid because he is fat. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. He also said that “They’re worried about his weight”. If “They’re” is the front office, then Reid might be out of here sooner than we think. Via said the cafeteria at the NovaCare complex(where the Eagles practice/train) is open all day and night and that’s likely where Reid spends his spare time in between meetings. WOWZERS!!

  15. When you add it all up I Think Reid has to go. It really seems like they have been stuck in one gear for a long time, low.

  16. Surprise Sikahema would say that, there both moromons and are boys from BYU. Also I hear Sikahema is 1 bad mother F’er.

  17. Reid should be fired immediately.
    He’s addicted to the pass, just can’t control himself. It’s pass, pass, pass, punt. Despite having a football god at RB. Despite having mediocre WRs. Despite a QB who can throw only the beautiful long ball and the worm-burner; I don’t think I’ve ever seen McNabb drop a touch pass into a reciever’s hands under 30 yards. He’s not made for the short passes and no one has pushed him to be. Nevertheless, Reid has him passing all day long to the fullback in the flat.
    His talent evaluation/draft record is abysmal. Look at the record, it’s full of flat out busts, especially in the first three rounds. He’s so enamored with the idea of coaching a good-character prospect up that he ignores bona fide talent (if in fact he can actually spot it at all), in favor of turning LBs into DEs and vice versa, DTs into FBs, and of course lily-white Mormon kids into violent drug addict criminals.
    He cannot manage the game clock to save his life. I’ve never seen a coach take so many first and third quarter timeouts. He seems genuinely oblivious to the concept of efficient play calling; he and his coaches regularly leave McNabb standing around waiting for the play until there’s too little time for the team to even read the D before they have snap the ball.
    He’s unable to make gameday adjustments to match what the opponent is doing, or to change up what isn’t working for the Eagles. He’s downright Bush-like in his devotion to his system, and completely inflexible regarding what needs to be done. For Reid, it’s just keep “playing your game,” regardless the consistently disappointing results.
    He’s forever taking blame for failures, but nothing has changed.
    Lurie should fire Reid and let someone else–who really cares who it is–finish out the season. Then hire a GM. Then a new HC (NOT MORNINGWOOD). Jim Johnson should hang it up, and if he doesn’t step down himself, he too should be fired. Time to start over from the top down.
    Regarding McNabb, I don’t really care if he’s kept or not. Under a better coach I still think he has some very good years in him. But he’s not going to change. He can no longer run, has no touch pass, and when the going gets tough, Milquetoast McNabb gets puking. Surround him with more talent than just Westbrook the football god, DJack the dumb talented rookie, and give him some good coaching, and who knows?
    Or, dump him. Let him find success elsewhere. Get Cassel and let him and Kolb duke it out.
    P.S. LJ Smith and Sean Considine should be cut asap as well.

  18. I can’t help but think that either the Philly media or the Eagles fanbase are a bunch of masochists. Maybe it’s both.
    Some of these same people that want McNabb cut and Reid fired are calling for the Kolb era. Do they not realize that Kolb was a Reid pick, has been groomed in Reid’s system, and came from a shotgun, spread offense in Houston? Is he suddenly going to turn into Eli Manning or Tony Romo?
    You can’t win every year. Give it a rest and keep your chin up.

  19. Sorry all of you Andy bashers. Vai is no different than all of the others calling for these changes. There is nothing new except the tie issue here. Andy gives the same trash after each game. Why does anyone think Lurie will do anything? He has a sold out stadium every week.
    Not going to happen now, and will be surprised if it happens at the end of the season.

  20. Those talk show hosts on the WIP are MORONS!!! I am a Eagles fan, and an advocate for firing big fat Andy Reid and uninterested Donovan McNabb and I couldn’t stand waiting to hear the interview. I swear a couple donkeys wired for sound could have a more intelligent conversation than what was offered by the hosts.

  21. This city is literally up in arms over this.
    After the loss to the Giants, people got fed up. Nobody even considered the thought that they could get leave Cincy without a W.
    “It’s shocking how fast this is falling. They could fire Reid.”
    -Such a true statement. I haven’t seen one person (even the Donovan/Reid backers) support a continuation of this regime.

  22. Hell, Vai can just go in there and knock anyone out who disagrees with him.
    If Vai wants them gone, they they should be gone.
    Vai is law now.

  23. If Philly is stupid enough to fire/release either of these guys it just shows a similar lack of intelligence. Reid and McNabb have had years of success and both would be welcomed by other struggling franchises. Or, is this another example of PFT trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill- as usual?
    The Chiefs could use either of these guys- let them go…

  24. All of this because of the comments about overtime? Seriously? My lord…
    If it’s performance related, that’s one thing, but this? This is kind of silly. Yet another tempest in a teapot.

  25. On a article related note
    1) Andy Reid is the least imaginative coach who does not have the ability to make in game adjustments or have anything close to an objective view of situations. His press conferences might as well be a tape as the only thing that changes is his ever increasing waist line. After each poor performance he gets up and says a series of “I need to get it right” in a manner much like the Rosenhaus “Next Question” interview.
    2) Donovan McNabb cannot seem to be an accurate passer if his life depended on it. Further frustrating is his terrible starts to games which are routinely attributed to his “not being in the zone” which isn’t exactly an excuse for a pro athlete week in and week out. On top of all of that he has an annoying little smirk on his face like he doesn’t really care that he couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. He’s a more accurate projectile vomiter than passer. The little overtime tid-bit is just a small example of the attention to detail that McNabb seems to be paying to his profession as of late. BRING ON THE KOLB ERA.
    Don’t get me wrong both of these guys have been a huge lift to the Eagles organization when at their peak. (I also have NOT been quick to bash McNabb in the past as I had regarded him as a top 3 QB in the league) However the Eagles have made that tough move with players beyond their prime before (Bobby Taylor, Troy Vincent, Jeremiah Trotter, ect.) Lets just hope that they can make the move with a coach and a FORMER franchise player.

  26. I’m a Sikahema fan, but I can’t imagine his opinion goes too far in Philly. Andy Reid needs to go. A lot of people want to and like to blame McNabb, but McNabb is only as good as the people he has around him. We all saw what he did when he had a legit WR (Owens). There are players on this team, Reggie Brown and LJ Smith to name two, who, if they were cut, probably wouldn’t even be picked up by another team. Yet Reid will sat at his press conference and tell everyone how great they are. Reid’s been here 10 years, and no title. Not once in those 10 years has Reid made a single adjustment to ANYTHING. He attempts to throw the ball 55 times a game, with nobody to throw to. They put the entire load on Westbrook’s shoulders, and he becomes worn down as a result. If Reid isn’t fired, at least take away the VP/GM duties, so we can get some real talent in here.

  27. What does Sikahema know, most of his career was with the Cardinals and we know how many times they won any division they were in. Fire Reid, probably. Cut McNabb. Vai is crazier than Andy’s play calling. No doubt the Eagles ship be sinking but you trade McNabb, you don’t cut him.

  28. i bet they both WANT out after both their stupid ass comments.
    for some reason they arent confident? i see them finishing 9-6-1 and ahead of dallas but not washington. but ahead of at least 2 teams from the nfc south and at least 2 currently contending teams from the nfc north. i think one nfc south wild card contender is going to eclipse them. not tampa.

  29. Where is the quote calling for either to be dismissed.
    “They could fire Reid.”
    Does this really constitute him calling for Andy Reid’s job, or McNabb’s spot at starting QB? I don’t think so.
    Do you have the entire commentary from this guy, Mr. Florio? I would be very interested to hear it.

  30. As bad as #5 played Sunday, I am not ready to start the Kolb era.
    As for Reid, I have had enough of his god awful game day coaching (he never adjusts to ANYTHING)and offense. A flea flicker when you have only rushed for 4 yards!?!……Wildcat in OT…STUPID!!
    Playing with an empty back field virtually all game long? Always throwing on 3rd and short, never playing Bbuckhalter (the better short yardage back)….I could go on. I wouldn’t do anything until the season is over, but, it is time to think about moving on.

  31. The Eagles are probably getting rid of McNabb after the season anyway to save 8 million in cap space, if things progress they way they have. If the Eagles recover down the stretch, he should still be around next season. However, I believe that the Eagles need to get rid of both if they fail to make the playoffs again.
    Andy Reid has been a good coach but the NFC has gotten better since he first took over and he has failed to adjust. As a guy who considers himself an offensive coach and a guy who highlights the “battle in the trenches,” it is an indictment that his team is unable to convert on short yardage plays all season. There is enough talent on this team where they should not be 0-3 in the division and have puzzling losses like the one to the Bears (and arguably the Bengals).
    For Donovan McNabb, his best days appear to be behind him. If he is not going to quarterback like a seasoned vet and make the right throws, there is no advantage to him being in there over the second year guy. At least the young guy offers hope for the future.

  32. Maybe it’s me – I get the feeling that Reid’s heart may not be in it anymore…remember all of the legal problems that his son’s were in last year? Maybe that’s still weighing in on him now – I’m thinking that if there is going to be a change at HC, it will be done after the season ends.
    As for McNabb, it seems like he’s been on borrowed time in Philly for some time. I’d expect them to move him during the off-season, that’s if anyone will take him.

  33. This isn’t just about the “not know about the tie”. This is about Andy Reid calling 58 pass plays and 18 run plays. This is about Donovan McNabb throwing into the dirt over and over and over. This is about a WR coaach who can’t teach his guys how to catch the ball.

  34. Mornhinweg isnt the solution but I am not sure he is the problem in Philly.
    In Detroit he complained to Millen that M2 had gutted what little talent Detroit had before they showed up. Marty went 5-27 with Millen’s gutted team after the team had gone 9-7 the year before Millen started making moves. And missed out on the playoffs due to a Paul Edinger field goal.
    Do the eagles have a short yardage back?

  35. I C LIGHT SUCKER, It seems as though YOU! talk alot of trash now
    but I couldn’t even find you after the EAGLES POUNDED the steelers into the turf at our stadium back in Sept. Sure Alot has changed since then, but that was still a LOSS to the EAGLES so how about a little HUMILITY, Sorry for using big words you could look them up online if you need to.

  36. I think it is time for Andy Reid and Donovan to move onto to another franchise. Eleven years alot of heartbreak. A true sports window is 5 years the eagles had their 5 years lets us evaluate it. Year one we lose the NFC title to the rams. Year two we lose the nfc title to TB. year three we lose the nfc title to carolina. Year four we lose the superbowl. Year 5 no TO no playoff no nothing. This saga must end they must go. Come on we tied the bengals muff said

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