Here’s our list of how we currently see the NFL, top to bottom. 
We post the order, you post the comments. 
1.  Tennessee Titans (10-0). 
2.  New York Giants (9-1).
3.  Carolina Panthers (8-2).
4.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-3).
5.  Pittsburgh Steelers (7-3). 
6.  Arizona Cardinals (7-3). 
7.  Indianapolis Colts (6-4). 
8.  New York Jets (7-3).
9.  New England Patriots (6-4).
10.  Dallas Cowboys (6-4).
11.  Washington Redskins (6-4).
12.  Miami Dolphins (6-4). 
13.  Denver Broncos (6-4).
14.  Atlanta Falcons (6-4).
15.  Philadelphia Eagles (5-4-1). 
16.  Baltimore Ravens (6-4). 
17.  Green Bay Packers (5-5). 
18.  Chicago Bears (5-5).
19.  Minnesota Vikings (5-5).
20.  New Orleans Saints (5-5).
21.  Cleveland Browns (4-6). 
22.  Buffalo Bills (5-5).
23.  Jacksonville Jaguars (4-6).
24.  San Diego Chargers (4-6).
25.  San Francisco 49ers (3-7).
26.  Houston Texans (3-7).
27.  St. Louis Rams (2-8).
28.  Seattle Seahawks (2-8).
29.  Oakland Raiders (2-8).
30.  Kansas City Chiefs  (1-9).
31.  Cincinnati Bengals (1-8-1).
32.  Detroit Lions (0-10).


  1. Carolina and Tampa are better than Pittsburgh? I suppose you can put Carolina above Pittsburgh.

  2. I would say that indy should get to knod over arizona for spot 6. Understandably the cards are a game up on indy, but we have all seen indy play lately and they are finally firing on all cylinders and when they are playing like they have been, an arizona team simply is not better.

  3. As a Panther fan, I must say you have them too high. They aren’t that good. I haven’t had the stomach to watch the tape of last weeks game yet, just watched it live in person, but I’m still not buying them. They are 8-2, but looking at the schedule and how they have played the last 3 games, they could end up 10-6. Put them in the 8-14 range.

  4. As a life long Eagles fan I’d have to say you ranked them way too high. I don’t see much of a case for putting them in the top 20.

  5. The Dolphins embarrassed the Patriots all the way back in Week 3… why are they still behind them in the rankings?

  6. I don’t understand why cincy and philly have three digits instead of two. I understand win-loss-? what is the thrird digit for?
    Donovan McNabb.

  7. I heard that the lions scrimmaged a high school basketball team…they one in the 3rd overtime…bret told the high school the lions secrets and culpepper didnt know about only one overtime….or anyone else for that matter…anyways it came down to an illegal forward pass call and they went to review it….turns out that the the kicker made to field goal but since dante was on the sidelines yawning and his arm was GOING FOWARD they had to rekick…on the next play HE missed it wide right but the wind blew the ball around the upright and back thru the wrong way and the ball happened to land on the one.high school ball and they run a five man option(all players just run left and hope) but get scacked in the end zone for a saftey. jermom hightower (the qb,hb,wr) was throwing the ball to avoid a sack but he was in the pocket and his foot was on the line but the reffs threw a flag for unsportman like conduct cuz the high school coach was eating a bannana on the side line and an un-mannly like manner. so the lions one 2-0 and the high school basketball team left the field in shame….the lions rejoiced at an after party were rudi johnson put his drink down then to find out that someone stole it…the only think left behind was a big TB sliced into the wall like zoro…the police are baffled…oh yeah he left his cash and credit cards in the drink …they were found two months later in a bathroom in denver…

  8. Tampa Bay gave Carolina a good old-fashioned 27-3 Steve Smith beatdown. And they just beat the other team that Carolina lost to. No way should the Panthers be ranked ahead of the Bucs (or even the Steelers).

  9. boy, that must’ve taken alot of time. “let’s see, now who has the best record? ok, now who’s next best? and the next? and after that? and so on and so on.” now i see how this thing works. must be pretty tough work to figure it out.

  10. Tampa slaughtered Carolina and has played a tougher schedule to date yet you rank them lower. Tampa gets no love from the “regular media”, at least you put them in the top 5.

  11. I think the dolphins still don’t get any credit…..they already crushed the pats once 38-13 and they are still ranked behind them.

  12. Yes the Chargers are bad but they’d beat Buffalo and Cleveland any and every Sunday. They didn’t allow a touchdown and nearly beat the your #5 team.

  13. I don’t understand why the Cardinals are ranked ahead of the Jets, the Jets beat them badly in week 4. They led 34-0 at the hals and beat them 56-35. The game was never close, it’s not sensible to rank them ahead of the Jets. Aside from the fact that the overall record of teams the Cardinals beat is 27-43, whereas the Jets overall record of teams they beat is 28-41-1. It does not make sense, and it needs to be changed.

  14. No way should the vikings be above the Bills, Browns, and Chargers.
    If you saw the Saints play the vikings it was obvious the Saints were the better team.
    The Cardinals are a bit high also as they play in the weakest division.

  15. The Patriots should be behind the Dolphins since they were blown out by them and have the same record. The same goes for the Cardinals being beaten by the Jets, they have the same record.. The Jets should be ahead of them.

  16. BUCS should be ranked ahead of the Panthers. The BUCS destroyed the Panthers in their first game and consider the Panthers “School for the Blind” schedule.

  17. sorted the league by won lost records, costas? (what an insult to bob).
    looks like the browns have a worse record than the bills but are ranked higher.
    i suggest that perhaps you look at the list PRIOR to commenting. just a suggestion.

  18. Well going solely by the logic of the majority of posters….

  19. Joke joke…The Redskins and Cowboys are both better than the Pats..I don’t care. Last week he had the Jets in the high teens when everyone else had them rated a lot higher. Did the Patriots even drop after that loss. Its so sweet…the Pats dynasty is done…and a Jets Giants Super Bowl is a distinct possibility. I hope all the NY haters LOOOOVE that.

  20. Are you kidding me? You have Tampa and Carolina ranked ahead of Pittsburgh. On what planet is that ranking. Pittsburgh would kill an allstar team made up of those two teams combined!
    who does these raankings? Romeo Crennel?

  21. Tampa should definitely be ahead of the Panthers. Aside from the 27-3 whipping the Bucs gave a clearly overmatched Panther team, the Bucs have only lost 3 games and in each of the 3 games they had a shot to win in their last drive. The Panthers on the other hand, have nearly lost to the two worst teams the last two weeks. Playing in Oakland, Jake Delhomme looked like he belonged back in NFL Europe and last week they struggled to beat a terrible Lion team at home. The Bucs are a far superior team, even with Earnest Graham on IR… hopefully, that bum Williams can carry some of the load in the near future, though I doubt it.

  22. It wouldn’t necessarily hurt my feelings if the Giants were ahead of the Titans. It would really make the Giants fans happy and besides its just some stupid rankings.

  23. NoWearMan,
    I’m not sure if you know this but the Browns did just beat the Bills. In Buffalo. Its kinda hard to say the Bills are a better team just because the have one more win.

  24. the thing thats awesome about this ranking is that it takes the substantial facts ahead of opinions. nobody can say this list is that far off

    How does the detroit lions even belong on this list! Ridiculous who does these rankings? Matt Millen?
    GO FINS!

  26. C’mon, Florio,,,,, you really can’t be serious about the Raiders. they should be 31 or 32…..They lost to the DOLPHINS.

  27. Mike,
    I think for the most part your rankings are spot on. The only thing I would do is move the Jets up two places, and the Cards & Colts down one.
    The Jets absolutely destroyed the Cards. Jets and Colts had a good common opponent in the Pats, and the Colts won a close game. Meanwhile the Jets dominated the Pats in the first half of their most recent encounter, but just ended up winning what turned into a close game. Defensively I think you’ve got to go with the Jets over the Colts. Offensively, it’s probably a wash. Special teams, Jets.

  28. tampa number 4 <???? did they kil carolina at home ? tampa is at 3 carolina is at 7 they sucs lucky azzzz . and u guys dont hate tampa live with it

  29. I love the Panthers but they should always be underdogs, so therefore, that lofty 3 spot scares the hell out of me. However, the Bucs do not. Jake Delhomme needs big opponents to have big games. Coach Foxy is ready to put the heel to the neck of the NFC South. Here come the Panthers! Believe it!

  30. Your power rankings can’t be taken seriously, because of obvious bias against the Jets, who properly beat the Cardinals and the Pats. I came in here expecting they would be the lowest ranked 7-3, just as they were the lowest rated 6-3 team a week ago.
    Everyone here is pointing out this obvious snub, as you lose credibility for your bias against Favre/Packers. I’m sure if they lose to Tennessee by even a point, they will freefall down your pathetic excuse for ‘I’m a football analyst too!’

  31. mjmahon
    The Chargers would beat the Bills any and every Sunday?
    What about Sunday, 10/19/08, when the Bills beat the Chargers 23-14?

  32. Still not giving the fins the respect they deserve. Why in the hell are the pats, skins, and the cowgirls ranked ahead?

  33. You keep the Colts wherever you want them – but it’s just asinine to even suggest:
    – Arizona is better than Indy – yeah right, weed must be great wherever you are. (Side note – Edge wants out of the desert sure wish he could come back home to Indy.)
    – Pittsburgh, I guess it wasn’t enought owning both O and D lines in there house – on that “field” not to mention ummm the Colts won???
    Hell – put the Colts down 20th and every week just keep saying they suck.
    The Boys in Blue are clicking at the right time.
    It’s time to spank SD – put the stake in there heart.
    Get that wildcard – and just wait to play Tenn again – I can’t freaking wait – Tenn isn’t going to want any of Indy – they know they were lucky to win the first time.
    That was without the HITMAN knocking snot bubbles out of Gage, Jones, McCareins, and Davis’s mouth.
    It’s on – you all keep dreaming that the Indy D isn’t getting better – that we don’t shut down teams in the red zone – that Reggie Wayne isn’t a freak of nature.
    That Peyton isn’t hitting Gonzalez and Clark busting seams all over NFL fields.
    The Colts are right where we need to be…

  34. Titans Fan, if you actually READ my comment, i was specifically addressing bobcostas (and others) comments that stated that florio just sorted this list by win/loss records, which…if you’d just look at the damn list and the records simply is not the case.
    yes, i know the browns beat the bills. that was not my point. my point was that those who say that florio just ranked them by their records are ignorant fools who apparantly cannot read or think.
    the one good thing about florio adding comments to the site is that by reading many/most of these, i feel much smarter than i probably am. thanks to many of you for the inadvertant ego boost.

  35. lionfan419 says:
    “we are better than the Raiders. ”
    That is like saying horse dung is better than cow dung. At that point, does it really make a difference?

  36. I know they have the worst record in the NFL but I don’t think the lions are the worst team. I think if they played a team like Oakland they would beat them.
    To the people bitching that the Panthers are ahead of the Bucs … You’ll get to prove your point on Dec. 8th. I don’t think the way the Panthers have played they deserve to be ranked 3rd, but they are FOR SURE a better team then the Tampa Bay SUCS!!!!

  37. jaxdolfan says:
    November 19th, 2008 at 8:30 pm
    In case anyone missed it..
    The Patriots are still cheating bastards.
    Awe…aren’t you cute.

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