Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chad Johnson won’t play in Thursday night’s game against the Steelers, according to Geoff Hobson of
Johnson is being deactivated for violating a team rule.
Chris Henry or Glenn Holt will start in place of Johnson, across from T.J. Houshmandzadeh.
After Johnson’s offseason antics, which included a near-continuous attempt to finagle a trade, Johnson was told that, if he behaves during the 2008 season, the team will consider giving him yet another contract extension.  His most recent misdeed, whatever it was, could be enough to get the team to refuse to give him more money.
Coincidentally, agent Drew Rosenhaus addressed Johnson’s subpar performance during a visit with Joe Rose of WQAM in Miami. 
“Tonight’s a big game for Chad, because it’s a national TV game,” Rosenhaus said.  “It’s been a tough year for Chad.  It went south really when Carson Palmer got injured. . . .  As far as Chad getting a new contract or being traded, you know, the bottom line is this:  I can’t objectively look at Chad’s season this year and say that he can be held responsible for the fact that he hasn’t had the kind of production that he’s had in the past, because of the quarterback play.”
But, frankly, Chad can and will be held responsible for whatever he did that prompted the team to sit him down for Thursday night’s game.    

24 responses to “BENGALS BENCH CHAD

  1. Thanks for screwing up my Fantasy team this week…o wait…you have been doing that all season! What a waste of oxygen.

  2. The Bengals have team rules? Who knew.
    Well since he didnt get suspended for punching coaches in the face it has to be something like murder. Hey you called a guy Chad, sit on the bench for a game!

  3. the bungals may actually be better now. of course, they will still have their ass handed to them tonight, but they still may be better.

  4. is Drew retarded? The game is on NFL network; how can you have a nationally televised game when only 5% of the viewing public is able to see it.

  5. Really Drew? Tell that to T.J who still leads the league in receptions. WITHOUT Carson. Now that is a number 1 receiver for ya.

  6. First of all, to oigetit:
    Why would you start Ocho Cinco in fantasy in the first place? He has been a horrible fantasy player so far.
    Thank God Florio can actually report on a football-related story. I thought he only reported on McNabb’s lack of football knowledge anymore.

  7. The Bengals should have traded this primadonna before the season started. What an ass! Hey Marvin Lewis, you might want to work on extending Houshmandzadeh ASAP…

  8. How bad does it have to get when you need to replace Chad Johnson for poor conduct with Chris Henry, not exactly above reproach either!

  9. No Drew, why would anyone want to be held responsible for anything they did. I guess it isn’t Chad that waited to have surgery on an ankle that was bad at the end of last season, or Chad that has developed a case of alligator arms, or Chad that forgot how to run routes. TJ may not be happy with his situation, but he knows how to keep his mouth shut and play hard and he will be rewarded by someone. Maybe it’s just because he doesn’t have rosenpuke for an agent.

  10. Oh come on now guys. This is just Chad being Chad. He’s just tryin to have some fun. He’s not like T.O. or Keyshawn Johnson. (Sarcasm off)

  11. The Steelers have some magic going this season in terms of opposing teams not having key players. Not that it mattered in this case anyway, because CIN didn’t stand a chance.

  12. I’d like to think that Chad hurt his Ocho Cinco or something to that effect, but he probably did a “Pacman” to someone.
    As for Drew “Gravy Ladles” Rosenhaus – Fork Him!

  13. RE: shiver
    Because our league has too many teams so the talent pool is watered down. Essentially, what you get at the beginning of the season is what you are stuck with, unless someone unknown has a breakout season and you can pick him up on waivers.

  14. This whole situation could have been avoided if Mike Brown hadn’t had his head firmly planted up his ass. He could have traded Chad early this year for top dollar but because he wanted to teach this turd a lesson he refused to do it. Now he’ll be lucky to get a sack of fava beans for the guy.

  15. And now Chris Henry, (insert giggle here) is starting in Stinko’s place? God you gotta love the irony.

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