Cleveland Browns quarterback Brady Quinn expects to be in the starting lineup on Sunday despite a broken finger on his throwing hand.
Browns coach Romeo Crennel said Quinn complained of hand pain after Wednesday’s practice. X-rays were conducted, and a break in Quinn’s right index finger was discovered. A hand specialist has cleared Quinn to play.
This is a small fracture,” Crennel said.
Quinn will wear a splint on the finger when he’s not on the field but will apparently not have any protection on his hand while he’s playing.
In two games as the Browns’ starter, Quinn has completed just 52.1 percent of his passes, but he has no fumbles or interceptions.


  1. Are we absolutely sure he didn’t break his finger while angrily replying to a Pittsburgh radio station masquerading as a disgruntled Cleveland fan? C’mon Florio, is anyone can connect the dots here, it’s you.

  2. You hear that Tony Romo? That’s the sound of your manhood being trumped by a kid who likes to be seen shirtless with other dudes. Your move, Vince Young.

  3. “but he has no fumbles or interceptions”
    one of the KEY points in the DA/BQ debate.
    Anderson will be the answer to an obscure trivia question 3 years from now. Not sure what the question will be though.

  4. You only need a pinky to throw the ball more then 10 yards anyway so its useless to Quinn. May as well just cut it off.

  5. @NoWearMan
    Q: This flavor of the month QB came from the same hometown in Oregon as a Playboy Bunny.
    A: Who is Derrick Anderson?

  6. didn’t a certain over-hyped qb of an over-hyped team from texas sit out for what, 3-4 games with a broken pinkie?? and now this kid is going to play with an actual broken finger on his throwing hand?? yeah dallas made right choice by passing on quinn and keeping homo

  7. Is it going to impair his ability to be photographed shirtless, making that famous circular motion with his hand while pushing his cheek out with his tongue?

  8. Yeeeeah, like the Browns are the team that all other teams should emulate. Maybe you think the Cowboys should introduce staph bacteria into their jacuzzis, too. Idiots. Especially you, vincelombardi. Wasn’t that long ago that you characterized the Browns as idiots for mishandling Winslow’s medical issues… I have to ask you… do you have a vagina or are you just really good at pretending that you have one?

  9. “You hear that Tony Romo? That’s the sound of your manhood being trumped by a kid who likes to be seen shirtless with other dudes. Your move, Vince Young. ”
    Redskins lost, man. Get over it.

  10. How many times you think Favre played through this injury? I remember Bledsoe in 97 played with a pin in his finger.
    This is not a big deal. Brady will be more then fine. Anderson is never sniffing the field in Cleveland again.

  11. Romo is a homo. But if the Cowgirls lost two games because he is a big pussy, so much the better. The Cowgirls are lacking heart and Homo’s broken pinky is just Exhibit A in a long list of shortcomings.

  12. “Romo is a homo.”
    Takes one to know one, Jimmy. He’s from Wisconsin, so you may be right. No heart, homo QB, but they sure whipped the hell out of the Packers in LameBlow Field didn’t they?

  13. It’s like… like the world has all of a sudden become black and white. A place where all things with any degree of similarity are considered the same exact thing.
    You guys let me know when Brady Quinn takes a shot to the chin that requires 13 stitches to close and doesn’t miss a play because of it. In fact let me know when anybody does it. I remember Ironman Brett Favre leaving a blowout loss to the Patriots a couple of years ago because he got hit on the funnybone.

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