The career of Bengals receiver Chad Johnson began to diminish nearly three years ago, when word broke of his halftime antics during halftime of a playoff game against the Steelers.  As we initially heard it, Johnson got into a physical altercation with receivers coach Hue Jackson, and head coach Marvin Lewis.
And so perhaps it’s fitting that the catalyst for the final collapse of Chad’s career in Cincinnati could be another scuffle.
Per Adam Schefter of NFL Network, Johnson “got into it last night with someone in the Cincinnati organization,” apparently at a team function.
Stay tuned.

42 responses to “CHAD GOT INTO A FIGHT?

  1. Florio, are you nuts?
    Chad had 1440 yds and 8 TDs last year. Now if you mean his TD dances got boring… yer right.

  2. Good thing he doesn’t play for Dallas. He would be gone for the season after something like that.

  3. Hopefully he took another run at Marvin Lewis. That would be the classy move by a player that is all heart. The Bengals are a joke and have been for years. They need to tear that whole organization down and start over. It’s the only way to stop these antics from happening over and over again.

  4. Shocking…he’s such a douche.
    I had heard about Johnson of course for years, but never really got the chance to watch him closely until I moved to Cincinnati last year.
    He is not a money player…I’ve watched him consistently fail in the clutch…does great against lesser talents in lesser games…the Bengals need to say bye bye to Peter Pan Johnson Ocho Cinco Doucho.

  5. If by “diminish,” you mean, got better, had the best years of his career (until 2008, injuries), and made first team all pro except for last year (Randy Moss), then by all means, he “diminished” over the past three years.

  6. Come on, now. We all know Ocho Cinco is a Jackass, but he never stopped lobbying for a trade. His poor play is a result of him not caring about the team, and hoping that a so-so season will usher him out of town in the offseason. This fight was probably his way of attempting to seal the deal.

  7. He was de-activated for tonite’s game in the Burgh, for instance.
    Sounds like he’s up to his old bullshit.

  8. Wow,This guy is committing career suicide..I used to think he was funny now I think he is a cancer..That Pitt game he started that crap in a game they were winning…

  9. there is a new music video with Anthony B, Wyclef, and Bonecrusher called “Lighter” that has a guest appearance by one Mr. Ocho Cinco acting like a hilarious drunken rapscallion at a party or club..
    He is obviously portraying the “drunk fightstarter” at this party and I give the performance 3.5 stars. When the stars of the video realize what he’s doing they promptly tackle his ass.
    Some of you will probably use this against him. If so you have forgotten how to have fun, and therefore are irrelevant to us.
    either way…

  10. He ought to jack up the equipment guy who can’t sew his correct name on the back of his jersey.

  11. He took a swing at owner Mike Brown after he learned that the Rolex that Brown sold him was, in fact, a fake.

  12. As a long time fan, I’ve always forgiven his antics because he was so talented. Now I have to admit that his greatest talent is being a jackass. I agree with the earlier comment that he has never really come through when it mattered. He’s making me recall fondly the days of Carl Pickens, and that’s just downright depressing.
    I’m taking suggestions on ways to use my Chad Johnson jersey, since from this point forward I am never wearing it again. I already have enough toilet paper.

  13. Everyone in the Bengals’ front office from the HC to the owner needs their behinds whooped!

  14. “Doesn’t make sense to keep a guy that doesn’t want to be there.”
    That’s Mike Brown. See Pickens, Carl.

  15. maybe that fight had something to do with him running
    in the eagles warm-up drills and catching passes from
    donovan “i puke and dont know there are ties” mcnabb

  16. The sad part is that because he is talented some stupid team will sign this cancer. In case anyone thinks that characted doesn’t matter should see the budding disaster that is the Dallas Cowboys this year. You need guys who want to win and want to be there and put the team above personal stats.
    Think im wrong? Take a look at Tennessee and the NY Giants this year. Two teams that value wins above individual accomplishments. You dont see Brandon Jacobs or Lendale White crying about sharing carries. you just see two teams made up of guys who work hard and care only about winning. You get a guy like Chad Johnson or T.O. on the team and it goes out the window. The Giants unloaded the cancer that is Shockey and basically shut Plaxico up anytime he gets out of line. Was it any coincidence that team won once Tiki Barber retired and Shockey got hurt? I think not

  17. bengals4ever – use it to start a fire, change the oil on your car or as a newborn’s diaper (although, I’d watch out for diaper rash and chafing).
    Question – Why is it that the problem players in the NFL (regardless of race) embrace the thug/gangster lifestyle off the field, and try to bring it into the locker room or onto the field? Is the NFL just a glorified babysitting service for these people? I’d like to see some of them try this crap with some of the old school players – a few of them would be picking their asses up off the floor or getting them handed to them on the field.

  18. bengals4ever, you could turn it into an Isaac Curtis jersey, since he is the REAL #85. Alternatively, Tim McGee would suffice.

  19. “His career diminished three years ago? Really? ”
    I think that Florio was implying that his career as a Bengal was starting to diminish because he was turning into such a locker room cancer. Not because of his production. At least that’s the way I interpreted it.

  20. was an erroneous story years back when it was reported. if you are going to dig up an ancient story, base it on facts.

  21. Who cares if he really got into a fight? He violated team rules. The problem is his me first attitude and disregard for his teammates and coaches. When one thinks its ok to do it then everyone else starts to question why they have to follow any rules.
    Apply it to your job everyday. What if you have to be in at 9am and the guy next to you decides to stroll in at 11am everyday and not get in trouble? Wouldnt you start saying to yourself “F this why should I get up on time if they dont?” you can’t let people just violate rules and this guy has been doing it for years. He doesn’t care or respect anyone. Just release its not worth it and can’t be good for the team

  22. Bunglemania says:
    He is not a money player…I’ve watched him consistently fail in the clutch…does great against lesser talents in lesser games…
    Sounds like you’re describing the QB he’s worked with most of his career.

  23. “The Giants unloaded the cancer that is Shockey and basically shut Plaxico up anytime he gets out of line.”
    Yeah, he’s such a quiet guy.

  24. “Frank Burns says:
    November 20th, 2008 at 3:59 pm
    Bunglemania says:
    He is not a money player…I’ve watched him consistently fail in the clutch…does great against lesser talents in lesser games…
    Sounds like you’re describing the QB he’s worked with most of his career.”
    From what I’ve seen directly, I can’t dispute that Carson is over-rated as well; however, Palmer is truly the Bengals best current hope for putting together a winning season. This season is perfect witness to that.
    Now go give Hawkeye his sponge bath…

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