Cleveland Browns coach Romeo Crennel seemed to confirm today that General Manager Phil Savage did indeed respond to a hostile e-mail by writing, “Go root for Buffalo-f#@* you-.”

Asked about the e-mail today, Crennel said, ”It’s unfortunate that it slipped out.”

”We all get frustrated at times,” Crennel added, noting that ”sometimes things slip out.”

Savage did not speak with reporters today, but Crennel said he talked to Savage this morning.


  1. This did not slip out. The jackass had to type it and then hit send. Does Crennel think anyone will buy this.

  2. i pictur the whole scene/conversation of those two as following…. crennel eating donuts like homer simpson, crumbs flying out of his mouth, talking to savage, he probably wasn’t even listening to what savage was saying he was so busy shoveling the morning donuts into his pie hole.

  3. Romeo is a neophyte with dealing with the press.
    Next time someone asks you ANYTHING, say “i have no comment on that”. It will make you and the organization look much beetter.
    He’s done.

  4. i sent this link in but you left out a more important section:
    “WKNR’s Tony Rizzo said on his radio show that he talked to the fan, and the fan thought he deserved it. The fan told Rizzo he apologized to Savage after hearing from the GM.”

  5. If this is such a HUGE story, how come no one else has said *bleep* about it? Gotta love “reporters” who try to give their own “stories” legs by continuing to fan the flames of absurdity.

  6. Wow…looks my first impression of this one was way off. Not really sure what to say or that there is any kind of defense you can really make for sending an email like that. Deadspin and PFT don’t always get it right — looks like they were on the money with this one.

  7. I thought it was established that the so-called offended party was not actually a fan but a wise-ass radio guy. So my question is…. who cares?

  8. I love it. F-ing fickle Clown fans need to get used to the Charlie Brown luck. Try rooting for the Bills dawg, and shut up soldja with a staph in the trap. Bench the Qb for not playing any defense. Brilliant, but at least you are way better than Detroi.

  9. I have actually talked to people that say they are starting to feel the same way about the NFL as they do the NBA.The owners / GMs need to take a close look at what they are doing with the likes of Stinko , T.O etc and what they actually do for the sport.

  10. Mike Vick was vilified for giving the bird to the fans after that one game. Savage should be vilified every bit as much.

  11. GM’s have an impact no doubt, but OWNERSHIP is where it is at. The Steelers (BOOOOOOOOOOOOO) and the Ravens have good OWNERSHIP. They have a franchise blueprint that starts at the very top and is seen throughout the team from President to the assistant coaches.
    Bengals and Browns have nothing; and you can’t trade your owner!!!!

  12. Paging Randy Lerner…
    It’s time to take care of your football team.
    If you’re not willing to set the right tone for your organization, sell it to somebody who will!

  13. If the Winslow saga is any indication, we should expect Savage to hold a presser announcing that someone in the PR department was responsible for the email, followed by a later announcement that the Browns never received the email from WXDX.

  14. To all of those who say “so what” or “who cares”… it’s not a big deal that he would use language like that. It’s a big deal that somebody who leads an organization–one of only 32 of these jobs in the entire world–would behave so unprofessionally.
    If you are an NFL GM, or have achieved similar level of success, then forgive me. If you have not, and you find this acceptable or don’t understand what the problem is, then that is one key reason you will never reach those heights.

  15. Savage, ” Mr Goodell, is this a violation of the personal conduct policy? ”
    Goodell, ” Nope, because I cant suspend you for 4 games, so I guess you are good. ”
    Savage, ” F_ck yeah!!!!!!!”

  16. Slip out??? He must not proof read his e-mails. Or maybe he signed the e-mail, Phil Savage, dictated but not read.

  17. kardiac says:
    November 20th, 2008 at 12:56 pm
    If this is such a HUGE story, how come no one else has said *bleep* about it? Gotta love “reporters” who try to give their own “stories” legs by continuing to fan the flames of absurdity.
    I don’t understand posts like this. Kardiac you are reading an NFL rumor website. If you want actually mainstream NFL news stick with I have been coming here for 4 years for exactly this type of entertaining junk. That’s what this site is all about Mr. Florio will post stuff that mainstream media either can’t report or doesnt find important enough to package up into a little sportcenter nugget and deliver to you. By the way, I didn’t Florio was a “reporter”.

  18. I, for one, am shocked! Shocked, I tells you. Who would’ve thought such a fine, upstanding, Christian gentleman would stoop to such behavior? I’ll never be able to watch reruns of Opie on the Andy Griffith Show again without the stain of such blue language.
    Why do all child actors have to be bad?

  19. I have to admit that when I first read this story, I thought it was just a joke. But, now Savage and Crennel are actually confirming it. So, I have to agree with BarkingTuna’s last 2 posts in this thread. I knew that Savage needed to work on his PR skills after the Winslow incident but, this is actually more sad than it is funny. I am not going to sit here and act like I’m perfect but, an NFL GM doesn’t make adolescent mistakes like that. I have been on Savage’s side since he was hired, and I’m not saying that I’m against him now, but if he’s fired now, he can’t blame anyone but himself.

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