Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter, perhaps trying to get himself in position to be the next Warren “This Job Is Easy; Just Say Crazy Sh-t” Sapp, is pontificating on imprisoned Falcons quaterback Mike Vick, who is doing time for dog fighting. 
Regarding Vick’s potential reinstatement to the NFL, Porter said (per’s Tim Graham), “All it was was dogs. They act like they don’t even like pit bulls anyway.  That’s the funny thing about it if you want to get back on that topic.  I got pit bulls, I got to put them under a different breed just to travel.  So you can’t even fly pit bulls nowhere.”
So, Joey, you’re lying to aviation officials?  And admitting it?   
“It’s a breed they don’t care about,” Porter said.  “It’s not like he was fighting cocker spaniels or something that they like.  They don’t really care too much about pit bulls.”
Joey cares enough about his own pit bull to let it get loose, and then it killed a miniature horse.  But, hey, all it was was a miniature horse.  It’s not like it was a real horse or something that we like.


  1. He makes a valid point….albeit a stupid one. A lot of people do hate pitbulls. But just because a lot of people don’t think pitbulls should be bred as pets (myself being one of those people….I know two people with babies, BABIES, who think they are a terrific family pet….rednecks, rrrrgh)…..that still doesn’t mean they should be tortured.

  2. i have 2 pit bulls and they are the best dogs i have ever had…they wouldnt hurt a fly. its the assholes that train them to fight that should be put down. porter has a point that nobody likes pits but he just made himself sound like a pompas ass

  3. In all fairness to the dogs, that miniature horse was disrespecting them and showing up and grazing on their side of the field.

  4. Dammit Joey! You couldn’t just shut the hell up and bask in a MVP-type season could you? Can’t just go out there and play… no, that would make way too much sense. Well I can’t wait to see what you say next, you ignorant ass.
    I wish I could take back my Pro Bowl vote…

  5. “They don’t really care too much about pit bulls.”
    Umm, Joey apparently they do. More importantly, most of us care about English. We have to assume the English language disrespected you at an early age, and you have vowed to “show it what” for the rest of your life.
    So, thanks….sort of.
    Keep hatin!

  6. He was an idiot when he was a Steeler and he is an idiot as a Fin, and he always will be an idiot. WHat else is new?

  7. Thanks Joey. more proof that anyone and everyone that supports Vick is as ignorant and dumb as he is.

  8. Joey frequently has a case of “mouth overriding brain” syndrome. Joey, why can’t you just enjoy your career year and do ALL of your talking on the field?

  9. Hey Joey, looks like you are another member of the thug/gangster community…BTW, cocker spaniels are hu ting dogs, not bread for maiming and killing other animals.

  10. Porter is an f’ing idoit. I agree that there are a ton of restrictions on so called “aggressive breeds” and that is a load of crap, however that doesn’t mean the dog is any different than another dog. Joey you are an ignorant asshole and you don’t even deserve to own dogs or any other pet.

  11. He’s as dumb as I thought. “All it was was dogs”. Read it again:
    “All it was was dogs”.
    And all you are, Mr. Porter, is a slightly above average football
    player. Sweet Lord, indeed.

  12. Joey just crossed the line from slightly annoying dipshit into full blown, loud mouthed asshole. I don’t know why I feel the least bit surprised.
    The only thing I wonder about now is, why didn’t he use the same excuse in Vegas? “Hey, it was only Levi Jones. It’s not like I hit Joe Thomas or Orlando Pace circa 2000.”

  13. Wait a second. I was so shocked about, “All it was was a dog” I didn’t even get to the miniature
    murder. Do you know that a Pit Bull, bred specifically to be killers, has a unique
    jaw? It’s the only jaw in nature that can clench and chew at the same time. The old
    adage, “it’s not the dog, it’s the owners” has become a whole lot less true with
    Pit Bulls. (say this with a dumb slang:) “He’s never done anything like that before!”.
    And worse, there’s never any humility, never a hint of contrition with Pit Bull people.
    Hey! FAA! You guys keep lots of lists, especially since 9/11: keep your eye out
    for Joe Porter, aka Joseph Porter, aka Joey Porter: he lies about flying his dogs
    (and he’s pondscum).
    Sweet Lord, indeed, again.

  14. Just another of the idiots who worship at the Deion Sanders “Turn a Blind Eye” Church of Morality.

  15. i’m a very dedicated miami dolphins fan – but even i have trouble with some of the crap that comes out of porter’s mouth!

  16. The NFL Network should have Chris Collinsworth and Deion Sanders
    fight to keep their jobs.
    Both were rediciously brutal on tonight’s telecast.
    Just a quick question about the Bengals: Is it true they banned
    the sale of razor blades in Cincinnati ?

  17. Good thing we’re spending 7 billion a year on airport security so a rocket scientist like Porter can fool the TSA over what kind of animal he’s shipping – apparently repeatedly! Think about it – if Porter can fool them, then, technically, there is no security. Why try to bring something onto the plane when they will allow anything into the cargo hold, no questions asked.

  18. I thought Mike Vick was arrested/sentenced for gambling and the financing of dog fights, not the actual mistreatment of animals. Or at least, the bulk of his sentence came from those charges, and not the mistreatment ones…

  19. for the TSA hater (and I am not a TSA lover). Your comment is probably tongue in cheek. However, when was the last time a commercial airliner was hijacked in the US? 9-11? You should give TSA a little credit.
    As to the fooling them with the breed of dog thing, who cares? Is a pitbull more likely to hijack a plane from the cargo compartment than a doberman? I’m kind of thinking that dog breed checks are not the focus of TSA’s interest. I for one hope not.
    But yes. Peezy is certainly a maroon.

  20. this stuff is hilarious…it’s an nfl player minus filters gained thru the years….a true look into a lot of NFL players/idiots…inadvertantley

  21. @ PhinInCanada
    Deion is a joke. Collinsworth not so much.
    I can’t beleive there’s not a quote option on this blog.

  22. (lol) Yall know who “they” are. Oh, sorry, in writing “yall” I mean you people posting here…. wait, no, not “you people”, I mean, um……. uh….
    Free Mike Vick?
    Anyway, Joey Porter is great!! I love when athletes speak their minds, tell it like it is, and the “they” he’s talking about get pretend to get upset (and people will once this story gets the dead horse beat out of it). Whats funny is that people arent really mad, especially Fins fans, because as long as the team is winning and he’s making plays, he’ll be considered “their loudmouth” and as long as the team is even remotely successful (or he is individually), he’ll be tolerated. Im sure PETA will be trying to set him up though (kill a couple of dogs and plant them in his yard or living room or something).
    Then again, Im sure within the next couple of days he’ll back down from these comments like he did with Matt Jones, and I’ll be disappointed at him again (as opposed to IN him since I dont REALLY care either way).

  23. as a black man i get what peezy saying, homeboy is just keeping
    it real, its nosey white people, especially media hacks
    like florio that gotta blow everything outta proportion. Pit
    bull aint go big deal, its just another breed, vick got played
    by the feds and money hungry media, also those ambulance
    chasing fake charities like humane society and peta messed
    up vick’s case. Peezy is the man, he can talk all he wants,
    he hits like a mack truck and has racked a whole lotta sacks.

  24. Pit Bulls are not in any way more dangerous to society, or any other animal if it is simply trained correctly. That’s a fact, so whatever you guys want to bring up to say that Pit Bulls are more dangerous, shut up. It depends on the person raising that animal, that’s all that matters.

  25. Porter is nothing more then a half-wit who has a thug mentality. Everytime he opens his big gaping piehole he makes himself look more and more ignorant. Some people like Porter just don’t have the brains to know when to shut their mouth. Maybe Porter needs to get in the ring in the UFC and get his head beat in. Then when his carcass is being carted away, we can say “well he’s just a football player, no big loss”

  26. There’s a reason, Mr. Porter, why they are a restrictive breed, and why “They don’t care too much about Pit Bulls”- It’s because you really can’t trust them. Pit Bulls don’t need to be bred to be mean and go on the attack. They are notorious for just flipping out without cause, and we hear stories every year of the “family pet” mauling someone. Often times it winds up being a family member.
    A quick search of google took me to a page that outlined all of the dog attacks for 2007. There were 22 fatalities due to pit bulls in 2007. Rottweilers came in second with like 4 or 5. Here’s an excerpt:
    “In San Antonio, TX, 10-year-old Amber Jones was fatally attacked by a neighbor’s pit bull on January 12, 2007. She previously had played with the dog.”
    “April 2007- In Charleston, South Carolina, 2-year-old Brian Palmer was mauled to death by the family pit bull. The boy had been left alone in the house with the dog and the boy’s brothers, the oldest of whom was 16.”
    Here’s the link, if Florio will allow it. If not, he can edit it out:

  27. I know allot of you Hate Joey but his point is Valid. Good Ole Boys all over the country have been fighting dogs for yrs, its nothing new. Someone just decide to make an example out of Vick. It actually had nothing to do with the breed of dogs involved. Pits are and have been aggressive in nature. People choose to train them and use them as fighting dogs for that very reason.
    If Vick wasn’t involved this would have been forgotten about A, or B never gotten to the point were it was national news. Know why, because No One Cares just like Joey said. If it was really a concern allot more people would be prosecuted on a yearly basis and that my friends just doesn’t happen!!!!

  28. Sometimes Peezy is funny, but this is not one of those times.
    I have 3 Pit mixes, one is nearly pure pit. They are all awesome dogs, and the one that is 7/8’s pit plays with the neighbor’s cats for crying out loud.
    Yes, it is mostly the owners…

  29. I was going to post but my Shih Tzu just attacked my wife. He has vever done that before. With shis tzu’s its the owners not the breed. I taught mine to be a vicious killer. reap what you sow he just chewed my wifes favotite sock. Lulu stop stop lulu stop

  30. asbaumga says:
    November 20th, 2008 at 10:12 pm
    What the hell is a miniature horse????
    In Joey’s world they’re dog food.
    josereyes0 says:
    November 21st, 2008 at 12:51 am
    I can’t believe Parcells will let this idiot play for his team.
    He let Lawrence Taylor play for him. Joey just acts like he’s coked up.
    The Q-man says:
    November 21st, 2008 at 12:41 am
    Sounds like he is saying “Yes we can”!
    Look, the Klan meeting got out early tonight.

  31. Somebody better check that guy for post-concussion syndrome. So aside from the liklihood that “they” could potentially be a substitute for white people, he is saying it is okay to kill a breed of dog if people don’t like particularly like that breed.

  32. I am surprised by the depth of stupidity in Porter’s comments. I would have never assumed he was a Rhodes Scholar but I had no idea that the man could be that dumb, it boggles the mind.
    And for all you Vick apologists, just remember, Vick was largely convicted for bankrolling a criminal gambling enterprise. It just happened to involve pit bulls but the killing and torture of the dogs would not have been possible without Vick’s half million dollar investment. So to say it was only dogs is missing the point.

  33. With all you arrogant idiots looking down your noses at Joey, now I know how B.O. got the win for the oval office. And just like B.O., all you fools have poor judgement.
    You’re flaming a guy that excels in his career and actually understands the injustice of putting a dog’s life before the life of a man.

  34. Porter “let” his dogs get loose?
    You’ve never had a dog get loose Mike? Cmon. Seriously, that’s a pretty weak shot. The link you provided even says there’s a six-foot fence around Porter’s property.
    Yeah he’s a jerk, but he doesn’t need bogus potshots to advance that reputation.

  35. Does Porter need to change his name to get on planes too? Is there a loud-mouth jerk watch list? If not, maybe there should be.

  36. BTW, it isn’t a pitbull thing. It is a cruelty to animals thing. It doesn’t matter if it was pitbulls or poodles, Vick is in jail for torturing and killing animals and forcing them to fight for illegal gambling. The breed of the animal is irrelevant.
    Then again, no one is going to expect Porter to actually grasp the subtilty of an argument.

  37. “beselfish says:
    November 21st, 2008 at 8:28 am
    With all you arrogant idiots looking down your noses at Joey, now I know how B.O. got the win for the oval office. And just like B.O., all you fools have poor judgement.
    You’re flaming a guy that excels in his career and actually understands the injustice of putting a dog’s life before the life of a man. ”
    Ok so this guy is no brighter than Porter. Since when was a dog’s life put before a human’s? Not in the Vick case for sure he broke multiple federal laws. I don’t think he was even tried for animal cruelty.
    Who cares if he excels in his career if he can’t function in society (were we being racist when he attacked Levi Jones in the casino) or were we the ones with poor judgement? You lost the election get over it.

  38. playmaker says:
    November 21st, 2008 at 1:25 am
    as a black man i get what peezy saying, homeboy is just keeping
    it real, its nosey white people, especially media hacks
    like florio that gotta blow everything outta proportion. Pit
    bull aint go big deal, its just another breed, vick got played
    by the feds and money hungry media, also those ambulance
    chasing fake charities like humane society and peta messed
    up vick’s case. Peezy is the man, he can talk all he wants,
    he hits like a mack truck and has racked a whole lotta sacks.
    Let me guess, playmaker – the MAN be holdin’ you down too, huh?
    Gimme a break with that pile of crap you posted.

  39. @NinerNation – You’re half right. However, some animals are, in fact, predisposed to certain temperments. Pitbulls, for example, were bred to have a bad temperment, just like Collies were bred to herd sheep, and spaniels for hunting. You can’t deny that.
    As for Porter, well, he’s a moron. I liked when the Dolphins lost every game because more of these stupid articles slipped past Florio. Porter needs to just play the game, he’s a great player. Nobody can deny that, but his value sinks every single time he opens up his mouth. He’s a liability. I also wonder if the TSA is going to turn a blind eye to Porter next time he tries to bring his dogs aboard.

  40. I have to admit. A year ago if you would of told me that I would be in contact with a pit bull on a regular basis, I would say you’re crazy. Just like a lot of us I have read and watched numerous things on TV depicting these dog as heartless beasts, and other myths that surround them.
    But having been around a pit bull now, they are one of the most loyal, and loving dogs there are IF the owners train and accept them into their respective families the RIGHT WAY. My buddies 65 lb. pit bull is better around children than my parents 20lb. Jack Russell. Seriously.
    As for Peezy, I wonder how he raises his pit bulls because mauling a “minature horse” is not normal unless it’s being chained/couped up on a property.

  41. It’s sad when Porters dogs are smarter then he is. If they could talk they’d tell him to shut the hell up.

  42. “DarthJay says:
    November 20th, 2008 at 11:53 pm
    This is a future Darwin award winner right here folks. How this idiot functions on a daily basis is beyond me… ”
    I thought he was an honorary annual winner. If not, he certainly should be.
    Also, cocker spaniels are awesome.

  43. Florio is so biased in his reporting its sick. He hates porter because he was an ex steeler. your making urself look like an a$$. The story you did on roethlisberger, when he was sticking up for mcnabb and then you twist it to big ben not knowing about over time either. yeah i think u were the only one in the industry to run that one buddy. now you sound like a 3rd grader talking about “aviation officials” come on man you look like an ammature.

  44. the NFL is littered with POSs like J. Porter.
    in a perfect world one of his Pits would bite him on the
    ass and then run far far away and live happily ever after.
    porter is a schmuck a loser
    maybe someone from new england will chopblock his ass this weekend
    and we can say
    ‘well it was only his knees and his career’

  45. Wow, what an asshole!!!! I happen to have known the miniature horse in question that his dogs killed. It was a devastating carnage. Too bad there aren’t pictures that could be posted of exactly how that poor animal died. It was grotesque to say the least. It’s also
    too bad you couldn’t get footage of where the horse was killed. He lived in a beautiful tranquil setting that was never exposed to violence until Joey Porter’s dogs came a calling.
    His disgusting arrogance is only superceded by his incredible stupidity and complete inability to master the english language. You are one pathetic excuse as a role model.
    p.s. NO ONE in Pittsburgh misses you. We got a real good idea of what kind of person you were when you got shot in the ass. Whoever was responsible for that had bad aim as far as I’m concerned.

  46. ask mr porter if he would let michael vick watch his pitbulls while he is on vacation. joey, you should be on the turd watch just for the stupid comment

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