Cleveland Browns General Manager Phil Savage has acknowledged that he sent an e-mail to a fan telling him — in colorful language — that he should go root for the Bills.
It happened,” Savage said of the e-mail to the fan. “We have both apologized to each other since. Browns fans have overwhelmingly been positive towards me since 2005 and I appreciate that greatly.”
The exchange began when someone sent Savage an e-mail calling him “easily the worst GM in the NFL” and saying “this is officially a regime that is worse than Butch Davis.”
Savage replied by saying, “Go root for Buffalo-f#@* you-“.


  1. “The exchange began when someone sent Savage an e-mail calling him “easily the worst GM in the NFL” and saying “this is officially a regime that is worse than Butch Davis.”
    The dude might be on to something… I mean Savage did extend Anderson and Crennel after a season where the Browns missed the playoffs. Maybe that was jumping the gun a little bit? (of course the Bills extending Dick Jauron after a 5-1 start was jumping the gun a lot)

  2. Phil, did you send that email?
    F_ck yeah!!! responded Phil Savage
    And it wasnt that big of a deal, says Romeo Crennel

  3. Really Cleveland has gotten better. I remember when Phil Savage told me to go *!ck myself except at that time there wasn’t a worse team to tell me to be a fan of. Go Browns.
    Come to think of it Buffalo must be feeling pretty low.

  4. Now that Matt Millen is gone, Savage moved up a notch but with the Raiders in a state of disrepair, its hard to argue he is the worst.
    As if that’s any consolation to the Brown’s fans.

  5. I don’t understand — Did the fan want a cookie? I applaud Savage’s honesty.
    Look at that scoundrel fan, trying desparately to get 15 minutes of fame for his e-mail exchange with a powerful man. What a fan he must be; he likes his team so much that he took his little debacle to the press, and ruined the rest of his beloved team’s season! What a great fan!

  6. “easily the worst GM in the NFL”
    That’s a little harsh. Maybe like 27th outta 32. Give him a little cred. He did bring in 3 or 4 good players.

  7. Come on Phil, you see any message that says that you right click and click delete.
    Though I don’t think its too bad of an idea for Phil to make an Outlook message rule that automatically places any messages with the words “Butch Davis” in the trash bin.

  8. Is this even a “fan,” or is it what we refer to on the internets as a “troll”? From what I’ve read, the emails to PS either originated at WXDX (Pittsburgh), or they were sent to WXDX after the fan got his intended response (and after the Browns won).
    This strikes me as the behavior of someone who is a fan of another team. I encourage you to investigate, Florio

  9. Upon hearing the full story, I immediately felt that the response by Mr. Savage was unprofessional. But after I thought about it, I said, this guy just recieved an Email, which is personal, not public, so the comment was not supposed to be open to the public.
    Then I felt differently about Phil’s commet altogether. He had just been called the worst GM in the NFL along with other nasty comments, and if I were in his shoes, I may have responded with much more harsh comments.
    Now that I think about it, I am proud that Phil Savage used enough restraint to make the response so clear and to the point as he did. And I believe he spoke for a lot of us Browns Fans when he typed those few CHOICE WORDS.

  10. “Is this even a “fan,” or is it what we refer to on the internets as a “troll”?”
    He’s a fan. Was on two of the local radio shows today. 32yo Clevelander who moved to Pittsburgh several years ago for a job transfer.

  11. I take great offense to this!
    There is no comparison of who is the worst GM in the league. Any owner who styles himself a GM, let alone one that is doing a good job after 17 of 18 seasons at .500 or worse, is not only the worst GM in football, but the worst GM in SPORTS. Step down, Mike Brown!
    And let’s not forget that last year the majority of Browns fans were saying Savage is a genius. When we won the division in 2005, not one single Bengal fan who ever spoke ill of Mike Brown thought any different of him. We just assumed that either Marvin was given more power than we’d figured he would, or possibly Mike was giving more power to his daughter. Now it seems more likely that hell had received a temporary cold-front.

  12. Phil,
    There may be a job opening up in Cincinnati. There is talk of hiring a GM there.
    You would be the perfect fit for the “Mike Brown System.”
    Hop a plane or drive down I-71 A.S.A.P. !!!
    Open interviews at the Speedway by the Montgomery Inn.

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