In response to Wednesday night’s report from Deadspin that Browns G.M. Phil Savage responded to an nasty e-mail from a fan by saying “f–k you” (without actually saying “f–k you”), a league insider with knowledge of Savage’s ways has expressed to us a belief that such conduct would be out of character.
“I can’t believe it’s true.  I’d be shocked.  It’s funny as hell but I think it’s a ruse.  If it is true, he should be fired or at least apologize,” the source said.
“I’d bet it’s fake though.  He doesn’t use ‘f–k’ that much.  Almost never.  He’s a Southern Baptist.  Now me, on the other hand, it’s all I use.”
We’ve got no reason to doubt the accuracy of the Deadspin report; our goal here is to merely offer up the perspective of someone who knows Savage. 
Presumably, Savage will have a chance to address the issue at some point; if we recall correctly he does a radio spot every Thursday morning.


  1. After all, we all know how much he cares for his Staph. Seriously though, it probably was some intern who got ahold of it.

  2. “I’d bet it’s fake though. He doesn’t use ‘f–k’ that much. Almost never. He’s a Southern Baptist. Now me, on the other hand, it’s all I use.”
    …I don’t get it, what the f-k does Jon Gruden have to do with this situation?

  3. “I’d bet it’s fake though. He doesn’t use ‘f–k’ that much. Almost never. He’s a Southern Baptist. Now me, on the other hand, it’s all I use.”
    So, the source is Jon Gruden?

  4. I swear, Florio, you do more to blowed up and debacle franchises than anyone else. If i wasn’t so damn addicted to this site, i’d quit reading it.

  5. Seriously, who the f-k cares about this? Why are curse words such a big story all of a sudden? I love this site but I don’t like the direction it’s heading right now.
    It reminds me of Drudge; I check that site somewhat often but he goes overboard by trying to make fake or fabricated stories just to drive up traffic or appeal to a different crowd (e.g., showing somebody during a speech scratching their face with the middle finger and claiming they are flippin’ the bird).
    I can’t wait to hear about the next employee of the NFL say a dirty word!!!!

  6. myopinionisrighterthanyours says:
    November 20th, 2008 at 9:40 am
    “Seriously though, it probably was some intern who got ahold of it.”
    No way someone in that position allows an intern access to send e-mails on his behalf.

  7. Deadspin? You are aware of how many things that site gets flat out wrong? They came under fire recently for doing absolutely no research to validate a story and being one of the easiest sites to send in fake scoops, citing fake sources.
    If this trend of TMZ reporting (citing Deadspin all of things) continues, might as well change the name of the site to

  8. fooseballfan says:
    November 20th, 2008 at 9:54 am
    Florio this site is getting as bad as TMZ. How about reporting news instead of crap.
    Hey Fooseballfan, lighten up on MJF.
    I used to be one of his most critical readers on PFT…correction, I am his most critical reader on PFT…now that I am going down this route, step your F–king game up, Florio.

  9. What is with these “sourcs” who supposedly give credibility to a rumor by saying “if it’s true, he should be fired”? What is the point of that?
    BTW, Bill Clinton is a Southern Baptist.

  10. You’re right, deymond. So he must not have had an affair with that woman. Just like Nick Saban isn’t going to be the Alabama coach.
    On a serious note, Phil Savage does seem like a good guy from what I’ve read, so we’ll see about this one.

  11. I think that more GMs should tell fans to shut the F-up. ADs in college as well.
    Look what happened at Auburn because the AD and coach caved to the fan’s wishes for a “spread O”. A top 20 program reduced to no O – all because winning 10 or 11 games a year wasn’t enough for them.
    IF the fans truly knew what they were talking about, they would be coaches.

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