Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive lineman Jeremy Trueblood has drawn quite a few fines in his three-year career. He might be on his way to another one, for publicly criticizing league officials.
In an interview with the Tampa Tribune, Trueblood said of NFL referees, “There’s no winning with those guys and I understand that, but those guys have attitude problems. I don’t, but they do.”
Trueblood, who was fined $15,000 last year for impermissible contact with a game official, also said fines don’t bother him nearly as much as 15-yard penalties. According to Trueblood, since the fines are withheld from his paychecks, he doesn’t give them much thought.
“The money, and this is probably not the most correct way to look at it, I never see it because it’s taken out of my check,” Trueblood said. “I basically don’t see it, so I don’t pay too much attention to it. Believe me, I’m not making enough money to do that, but it makes me feel better in the back of my head.”
Perhaps the league office will decide to take enough out of Trueblood’s check that he does pay attention to it.


  1. I agree about fines not having that big of an impact on players behavior. It would be interesting to have a penalty box, where players would have to sit out a number of plays (e.g. defensive players sit out plays when their teams defense is on the field) for personal fouls/un-sportsmanlike conduct penalties. I think that would improve the player behavior and improve player safety.

  2. Sheriff Goodell says…
    ” freedom of speech? ”
    ” mwuhaha! not on my watch! ”
    lets start playing games in russia and china… maybe the iraq bowl or something…

  3. I doubt Trueblood (or any other HBO series for that matter) will be fined for this. His comments do not call into question the integrity of the officiating. He may have a few extra flags thrown his way though.

  4. Maybe he’s got a point though? Ed Hoculi sure does seem to be kind of self absorbed, and refs seem these days to be choosing who they want to win if the game is close….

  5. Trueblood is an idiot. Or no maybe he’s right and the entire world is against him. Anyone that has seen him play knows he doesn’t know when to shut up.

  6. I can’t help but think of a Curt Schilling blog from the NBA Finals where he sat courtside after Kevin Garnett got called for a technical foul, and the referee told Paul Pierce “I can’t have him talking to me that way.”
    Schilling’s point at the time was “who the hell are you? This isn’t about you.” I know these are two different sports but it’s all the same thing. These refs think it is all about them, and it’s not.

  7. No way he should get fined for that particular comment. He should be a man and say it to their faces though.

  8. The NFL can’t fine True anymore than they can suspend those steriod fueled punks from New Orleans and Minnesota.
    The suspensions should come first.

  9. Perhaps the league office will decide to take enough out of Trueblood’s check that he does pay attention to it.
    When did you start working directly for the front office Mike?

  10. Trueblood is right. Many officials have been accused of yelling/cursing out players. They do have chips on their shoulders, but they kind of have to. They’re trying to regulate 300+ pound man-beasts all day, they have to maintain some kind of control, and they must command respect.
    Trueblood is also the most penalized offensive lineman Tampa has seen since good ol “hands to the face” Kenyatta Walker. If he weren’t incredibly talented, he’dve been benched/cut already. He’s gotta learn to control himself better, or talent or not, Gruden will replace him.

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