Cadillac is back.
Adam Schefter of NFL Network is reporting that Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Cadillac Williams is active today at Detroit.
Williams had been listed as questionable. Bucs coach Jon Gruden was coy in discussing Williams this week, saying, “Carnell has done some good things and I think he’d be ready to play.  There’s a chance.”
When he takes the field today, Williams will play for the first time since he ruptured a patellar tendon against the Panthers  in Week 4 of last season. Williams showed a lot of promise as a rookie, rushing for 1,178 yards in 2005. But he has a total of just 1,006 yards since then.

2 responses to “CADILLAC WILL GO TODAY

  1. We’re gonna pull our Caddy out of the garage, polish it up real nice and then… put it back in after a quick spin around the block.
    We don’t need Cadillac to beat the Lions or Jermaine Phillips and Alex Smith. If we do, then we’re in serious trouble.
    Hey Gru, save Caddy for the NO/CAR/ATL stretch starting next Sunday. He’ll be needed desperately.

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