Back in April, Peter King of SI.com raised the possibility of NFL games being shown in 3D, via a company owned in part by David Modell, son of former Browns/Ravens owner Art Modell.
Next week’s Thursday night game between the Chargers and the Raiders will be presented via 3ality Digital’s technology at theaters in three different cities — L.A., New York, and Boston.
“We want to demonstrate this and let people get excited about it and see what the future holds,” said Howard Katz, the NFL’s senior V.P. of broadcasting and media operations.
The future could be so bright that everyone will be wearing 3D shades. 
As we observed in April, not longer after seeing 3ality Digital’s production of U23D:  “Forget Europe; this could be the next frontier for the NFL — on 17 Sundays (and Monday nights) in the fall and four more in January and February, theaters throughout the U. S. of A. could be flooded by football fans anxious to plunk down money to see NFL football in a far more intimate and specific way than they could, even if they were actually at the game.”


  1. 3D great, just what the greatest sport in america needs. Hey MODELL stick where the sun don’t shine. When are you moving the ravens to los angeles. Thats where the money is. Go for it Fool

  2. “Next week’s Thursday night game between the Chargers and the Raiders will be presented via 3ality Digital’s technology at theaters in three different cities — L.A., New York, and Boston”
    That would almost make that game watchable. Almost.

  3. Awww sweet! This is awesome! 3-D? No way!
    I can’t wait to watch Eric Dickerson and Dan Fouts play in 3-D!

  4. Ah! I was hoping someone would mention that! I almost thought I was going crazy, but I did notice the silence before cutting to commercial right afterwards. And they also made a joke about him not “being angry” anymore or something.

  5. “ya i like to see the game so its not all red and blue unless they changed the glasses?”
    There’s a couple different ways to produce 3D images that don’t require the old red/blue glasses. I believe the latest 3D theater tech doesn’t require any kind of glasses (they already make 3D computer monitors which don’t require any glasses).
    My worry is that people are going to complain about headaches like they always do. I love technology and 3D displays, but different people react differently, so there will invariably be a lot of complaints and some people who don’t see any kind of pronounced 3D effect at all. There’s such a stigma with 3D display technology that I think it’ll be a while before people stop bitching and just try to enjoy it, no matter how good it currently is.

  6. Behold, the marketing genius which is.
    It is only fitting that one of the worlds greatest brands (and also greatest game) would have first dibs with this “breakthrough technology”.
    I mean why take the NFL to Europe when you can wacth a game in London in a plush Theater with 3D view? David Modell must have been drooling at a chance to invest in this or for the vision to say the least.
    Whats next Madden1.0?
    I wonder if its in high definition…

  7. If the game is between the Chargers and Raiders, then why isn’t it being shown in theaters in Oakland and SD? Nice market research.
    Also, 3D stuff always give me a headache after about 2 minutes, and I know several people that get nauseous from it, so it would definitely be interesting…

  8. Around 2013 Televisions will start rendering in 3D as well. The light scheme in the televisions that are being worked on right now will change the way people watch sports and everything.
    LG is the current company who is putting the most money into this research but it will likely be around 15,000 for a 40 inch fl;atscreen 3d television.
    You are technically right, they display the red/blue light in the rendering of the picture which causes the picture to jump out at you. It is really cool.

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