Donovan McNabb will remain the Philadelphia Eagles’ starting quarterback, coach Andy Reid said today.
At his Monday press conference, Reid announced that McNabb — not Kevin Kolb — will start against the Cardinals on Thanksgiving. Reid benched McNabb for Kolb at halftime of the Eagles’ loss to the Ravens on Sunday.
Reid called the way the offense has been playing, with nine turnovers in the last two games, “absolutely ridiculous.” But he said he will stick with McNabb as the starter.
“Donovan McNabb will be our starting quarterback for the Arizona game on Thursday,” Reid said. “Sometimes you have to take a step back to step forward in a positive way and Donovan will do that. This has nothing to do with Kolb’s performance or Donovan’s performance. I think it was the right thing to do. I would not change my decision on what I did yesterday.”
Added Reid, “As much as we all want to dwell on this game, it’s not going to happen. We’re going to learn from it and move on.”
Asked if McNabb would be the starter for the rest of the season, Reid said, “Yeah, as I sit here right now he’s my quarterback. I’m telling you, he’s the starting quarterback. If I thought different then I’d start the other guy.”


  1. wtf does Reid think he’s doing? How can anyone take this guy seriously?
    Even for Reid, this is bizarre.

  2. Andy Reid is a jackass, way to beat your starting qb’s confidence into the ground, but wait, im sorry way to have your qb coach beat your starting qb’s confidence into the ground, and then have the balls to say he’s my quarterback?
    get a grip big red!

  3. Reid is a joke. He’s being called “The Coach with the Insane Gameplan” on Philadelphia radio.

  4. Hey MDS,
    Reid’s seat must have been hot today.
    He sat there less than 10 minutes
    before retreating from the questions
    of an aggressive press…..

  5. E-girls do suck, and I enjoy watching them suck.
    As for the Eagles…man they’re just bad at football.

  6. Cleveland – Didn’t the Eagles beat the Steelers? That’s what I thought. Don’t be mad because you’re stuck on the boring, racist, poor side of PA…And please, don’t turn into Vox, where you get all loud and cocky when your team does well, and then disappear when they start losing games. I’d be more worried about the Ravens, Patriots, and Colts than the Eagles if I were you.

  7. ClevelandSucks:
    Well, we did beat the Steelers…so if we suck…How would the Steelers do in the NFC East? They seem to lose to us.
    Now, we’re 5-5-1. We don’t suck, we’re not good, we’r enot bad, we’re a .500 football team. And if you’re a Steelers fan, why do you hate the Eagles? That doesn’t make any sense. I go to PSU and I am happy to say most Steelers fans don’t hate the Eagles, they feel the same way Eagles fans feel about the Steelers: If we’re notplaying the Steelers, then go Steelers! You’re in the damned AFC, why are you even concerned?

  8. People are going talk about this forever, but the reality is there are so many other things wrong with this team. The QB is only as good as the team around him. Nobody ever talks about how Jim Johnson’s defense has been a paper tiger for the last 5 years. When does he get some blame? Our defense has been as much of a problem as the offense.

  9. Think about this Mr. Steeler mental midget. The Eagles beat you this season and they do suck. So what does that make the Steelers? Pretty bad…LOL

  10. sucks for you Eagle fans….
    Hope you get things back on track…McSoup is a good qb but has never been given any WR’s to work with and that has to be frustrating.
    I’ll see you EAGLE fans this Thursday as I’m flying out for the game.

  11. Even though these same E-Girls laid the smack down on your beloved Stillers.. totally dominated them..

  12. the eagles should just have john Dorenbos put on a magic show at halftime thurs to entertain the fans, so they get there $$$ worth.

  13. Is there any way McNabb digs deep and puts together a good fantasy day after embarrassing himself the last 2 weeks. I’m in a 12 man league and my two QB’s are McNabb and Orton. I know it’s not the best 2 choices but I’m stacked everywhere else.(rb= gore,jackson,dunn, wiliams, wr= white,wayne,smith(car), te=Keller, Ravens D, Crosby) So my big problem is QB and I want opinions on whether or not to give McNabb one last chance to save his ass. Or will he choke again and be benched. It’s the last week before our playoffs and if I win I’m in, lose I’m out. Even though I’m 10 points behind the points leader and may still win that. I just end up playing the hot team every week and losing by less than 5.

  14. Thank god. I’m 10-2 in my fantasy league with McNabb as my starting QB and Shawn Hill as my backup. I need McNabb to bounce back over the next 4 weeks.

  15. Hey ClevelandSucks, Dont you have anything better to do than hate on everyone else all the time? How about worrying about your own team? Its quite pathetic. Were you not loved enough as a child?

  16. At some point you have to start planning for the future and admit this season is done. Starting McNabb is desperation by Reid in my opinion. The correct move (if he wasn’t on the hot seat) would be to start Kolb. If this kid is your future, give him some playing time.

  17. ClevelandSucks has reported in, now we’re just waiting on VoxVeritas…
    As a Philly fan, I’m tired of hearing excuses week after week. I’m tired of hearing “we’ll learn” or “we have to do better” or “we need to run the ball more.” It’s all bullsh!t. Clearly nothing changes. Here’s an idea: Get a head coach that’ll call a balanced game.

  18. Why are pittsburgh fans always so bitter? Could it be that the ghost town they live in has been insignificant ever since they let their steel industry fail?

  19. 1) Its sad that people from Pittsburgh are so insecure that they have to attack Philly at every opportunity.
    Dear Pittsburgh,
    We don’t care about you one way or another.
    Best of Luck,
    2) Does anyone else get the feeling that Reid was just trying to sabotage Kolb on Sunday by putting him in a terrible situation?

  20. Reid called the way the offense has been playing, with nine turnovers in the last two games, “absolutely ridiculous.” But he said he will stick with McNabb as the starter.
    As the head coach and offensive mastermind, the blame falls entirely on Reid. His coaching is “absolutely ridiculous”. Pro-Bowl QB’s don’t suddenly become dogs**t. The fact that Andy seems to be clueless as to the cause of the dropoff in play says far more about him than it does Cunningha—er, McNabb.

  21. The Eagles are going to the Super Bowl. Didn’t anyone hear Jeff Lurie? Petal to the metal…
    Only I didn’t realize that said “metal” was at the bottom of a bucket.

  22. Why would you throw on 3rd and inches? and throw LONG? Westbrook was standing 3 yards past the marker WITH NO ONE AROUND HIM and McNabb still heaves it downfield for an INT. Now, should he have thrown the ball? No, but I don’t put the blame SOLELY on Donovan. Why would you call a 50 yard bomb on 3rd and inches? With a guy wide open for the 1st down right in front of you. Its just ridiculous. And McNabb has historically underthrown people. The past 4 or 5 weeks, he’s been WAY overthrowing people. Is there some phantom injury no one is disclosing or something? Or is his knee/ankle finally healed to the point he can firmly plant and is just putting too much zip on the ball? Or whats the deal?

  23. Wow typical Eagles fans, we beat you earlier in the season, so did the Giants and Colts. Have fun watching us in the playoffs Greaseballs!!! Looks like you’re going to have to wait another 5 years or so till you have a chance at the playoffs. Blow Me

  24. I’m beginning to think Eagles quarterbacks think the object of the game is to throw it to the guy in the other uniform.

  25. It’s just bad right now –
    Based on the early season performance, this team has talent –
    They lost to the cowboys/giants/bears all by less than a score –
    I think you have to start looking at it with the understandign that this team has given up – or at least tuned out the message from Redi – Replacing 5 next yr will save cap space, but the real issue is from the top – Sad to say it, but Big Red needs to go –

  26. i agree the water is poisoned now for kolb. but mcn likely wont get much more done against az or the giants.
    the way things are going in philly, kolb will be the starter dec 15.
    if the defense doesnt play well, the eagles lose. mcnabb and the play calls arent getting them there.

  27. I love the body laguage guys. Did you see McNabb do this or react like this. You guys are like high school girls. You didn’t say it like you meant it…. Come one guys – YAWN:
    Interesting yawning facts[11]
    1. The average yawn lasts about six seconds.
    2. Your heart rate can rise as much as 30 percent during a yawn.
    3. 55 percent of people will yawn within five minutes of seeing someone else yawn.
    4. Blind people yawn more after hearing an audio tape of people yawning.
    5. Reading about yawning will make you yawn.
    6. Olympic athletes often yawn before competition.

  28. Remember early this year when some Eagles fans were saying how much better off Randy Moss would be in Philly this year, HA

  29. Snif, snif, “That’s my quarterback”.
    I think Reid has finally lost any semblance of control/competence.

  30. Dear ClevelandSucks,
    While everyone in the PFT community realizes that being from Pittsburgh, you likely did not have an education that allows you to engage in reasonable discourse with other people, I am sure you can make an effort to not be a belligerent retard. Exhibition games do not count as wins, so no, the Steelers did not beat the Eagles earlier in the season.
    Can’t wait to see your boys in Black & Gold at M&T Bank stadium in a few weeks.

  31. Roethlisberger has been playing like McNabb’s last game all season long….
    the only difference is the defense bails him out repeatedly. It’s a matter of time before Pittsburghs delusional fanbase realizes what the rest of the world already knows:
    Roethlisberger is a fraud.
    8-18, 2ints….those numbers are a lock for Fat Ben every weekend.
    when other QB’s have a day like that, they get benched. It’s no wonder when Leftwich stepped in, the offense shined, and Fat Ben got nervous.
    ClevelandSucks and other new fans of professional football will need a little time to come around to this.

  32. mcnabb has a better OL in front of him then ben does.
    of course, quinn has an even better OL…
    all i can say is, reid said donovan’s my starter, sniff, sniff…
    he didnt say who the finisher would be!

  33. Whomever the quarterback is, Reid will still be the one calling the plays…
    What happens if Reid gets the urge to pull Donovan…again
    Andy – do you know where your children are…

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