The NFL wants to make the Pro Bowl relevant, and it has a surprising way of doing it: Move it to the week before the Super Bowl.
Peter King of reports that this will probably be the last season that the Pro Bowl is played the week after the Super Bowl.
Per King, the league likely will announce the moving of the game to the weekend before the Super Bowl, either on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday night, and make the Pro Bowl part of the week of hype leading up to the Super Bowl. The Pro Bowl will also most likely be played in the same stadium as the Super Bowl most years, instead of in Honolulu.
That means that the 2010 Pro Bowl will be played on either January 30, January 31 or February 1 at Dolphins Stadium. It also means that no players from the two teams in the Super Bowl will play in the Pro Bowl, which means less star power for the league’s all-star game.

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  1. Wouldn’t having the Pro Bowl players from the two SB teams not playing make the Pro Bowl *less* relevant? (If that’s possible.)

  2. Does the conference who wins the pro-bowl get home field advantage in the Super Bowl? And can we rain delay the Super Bowl after 3 quarters and resume it on a Tuesday??
    Bud Selig

  3. Dumbest idea i’ve ever heard of. Naturally there are going to be some star talent that will miss the game due to the superbowl. He Goodell , stick to fining players and leave the system alone

  4. Great move. Now I’ll watch it. Besides the guys playing in the Super Bowl won’t mind not playing in the Pro Bowl and it won’t stop them from being honored. Now there will be even more Pro Bowlers because some alternates will have to be added for those missing because of the Super Bowl.

  5. So they make it even less relevant? Nine times out of ten the best players are on the Super Bowl teams. And what guys want to play after just losing in the AFC/NFC Championship game.
    Keep it the way it is, move it to Miami. No one wants to sit on that 8 hour flight is the problem.

  6. don’t agree with this one bit and haven’t wanted it since talk of it started, yes after the super bowl, players from the losing team tend not to play anyway but it was always a big thing to go to hawaii because many people hadn’t been there before and the weather and stuff…i just don’t like this move

  7. What about moving it to a couple of 2-3 weeks before the season kicks off? Get rid of the preseason. Add in 2 extra games and a Pro-Bowl. The Pro-Bowl should just be a fun game anyways. It will get all the fans hyped up for the game and you can see all the stars from the past year compete in a pick-up game.

  8. Chris from MD nailed it. cincyeaglefan, I disagree, there are a lot of great players whose teams don’t make it to the Super Bowl but they make the Pro Bowl. I think this will generate more interest in it since it will be tied in with the Super Bowl.

  9. The pro Bowl is a joke. No one watches it any way’s I’m sure that the league could just cancel it and no one would notice. Besides the players getting a check that would equal 5 years of my pay. Just to screw off for a quarter and bath in the sun. God my life is lame.

  10. What a terrible idea. If they want to make it relevant, have one pro bowl team play the superbowl winner. That way, everyone will have something to prove.

  11. real nice idea here…if you’ve ever looked up a pro bowl vacation package it is surprisingly cheap in comparison to any regular vacation to hawaii, so instead of allowing for an affordable means of seeing most of the best in the game, lets move it to a place that undoubtedly already contains 20lbs of $hit in a 3 lb bag and a hotel room will cost 4 bills a night MINIMUM…nice job NFL.

  12. Great idea. I think it generates way more interest and it’s rare that SB players play in the Pro Bowl nowadays anyway…they’re usually too tired from the week before to give a damn about practice.
    Make it a primetime game cause we hate to have 2 weeks between the playoffs and SB. I really hope they do this cause once the SB is over, I shut down until draft time.

  13. Good idea. The Pro Bowl is less relevant now than the NBA and MLB all-star games. I support trying anything to generate interest. There is nothing to lose at this point.
    Plus it will give the media something else to focus on to break up the two weeks prior to the SB.

  14. Great. I only wish that could’ve gotten this done sooner so we would have had a Pro Bowl in Detroit?!

  15. Actually, I think this is a good idea. After the super bowl I don’t even bother watching football, and the week inbetween of nothing but hype drives me nuts.
    While I was at first reading, I was thinking “Hey, what if one of the players from the SB teams gets hurt?” but then I saw they won’t be in the PB game, which also makes sense. Most of the players who play in the SB don’t even bother playing in the probowl afterwards anyways, especially if they lose.

  16. Take the fan vote out of the Pro Bowl and it will might make it relevant. If it’s played before the SB I’ll watch it. Because after to SB I’m out until the combine.

  17. “It also means that no players from the two teams in the Super Bowl will play in the Pro Bowl, which means less star power for the league’s all-star game.”
    So basically, nothing will change??

  18. FWIW…I like JuicyMelon’s idea…do it like a “pick up game” the last week of the preseason at a neutral site(keep HI as an option).

  19. How does this change anything? Does the NFL really think that moving a game, that’s boring as all get up to another week will add viewers? Really? C’mon.

  20. ParkerFly,
    While that’s true. There is a three week gap currently in what you’re talking about. Now your talking about a one week gap. I think that would make a huge difference. And again, the biggest draw is the guys just celebrating a Super Bowl win, showing up for the game.
    Not to mention…what coach wants 7 days to do that game. Remember the coaches of the losing AFC/NFC Championship games coach those games. There is a 3 week gap for that. Now down to 7 days.

  21. Jerry Jones but be wanting to move the Pro Bowl into his stadium? How long till that annoucement is made?

  22. It won’t be the Pro-Bowl, it’ll be the best players from the 30 defeated teams. I suppose I’m fine with that.
    Pro-Bowl sucks anyways, it can’t get any worse.

  23. terrible idea, injruies sustained in the pro bowl would drasticly affect the outcome of the superbowl. this notion will cause players to hate the probowl even more. this is just a bad idea. this is a bad idea, this is a bad idea.

  24. ok so this is such a bad idea, that i stopped reading the article half way through, i realize now that it says players from the SB teams would not play. i would like to revise my previous post.
    i would now like to offer a suggestion that is almost garaunteed to boost ratings. mkae the probowl a contest between groups of women, selected by hotness-of course, that will represent a player/team and make them play on a muddy field for 100,000 dollars. hot women love money, and they will do anything(usually) to get it including fighting other hot women in a field of mud.
    anyone who thinks this is a bad idea either is a hippie liberal douche. obama said change is coming, maybe this is what he meant….

  25. Great, and all those players that get bonuses in their contracts if they make the probowl will now get screwed

  26. I have a suggestion for the NFL.
    Get rid of it entirely. Seriously.
    No one cares, no one watches. Unless you’re playing for Andy Reid, pro football is a sport that you play balls to the wall , or you don’t play at all. Preseason games aren’t games, neither is the Pro Bowl.

  27. I personally think they should go back to what the Pro Bowl used to be when it was first introduced which was a game between the Super Bowl Champs and All Stars from the rest of the league.

  28. it’s a bad idea, the players said so the last time this came up. the players like taking their families to an exotic locale for the game… Honolulu fits the bill, Miami, Phoenix or Dallas do not.
    they the told commish then that they would opt out instead of attending the pro bowl if it meant taking their families to Atlanta, Detroit or any other city that the NFL wanted as host.
    otherwise, the game sucks, and it’s island local limits fan attendance, the stadium is non-nfl, and the current commish is dreaming of somehow making the game interesting.

  29. This is about the most ridiculous idea I have heard in quite a while. How could moving it up before the Super Bowl (thus, eliminating some of the most deserving players) really make it a beter watch? It can’t and won’t is the answer. I understand them wanting more fan appeal but how about making the game meaningful for the upcoming season (the following year) – – which would be somewhat ridiculous unto itself – – or something that will make it a hard-fought, balls-to-the-wall football game? The violent nature of the game of football makes for a tough sell in a meaningless game where the players’ future earning power & careers are on the line. The Probowl just does not work the same in football as it can in baseball, basketball, or hockey. Just a different animal. I probably will not watch it EVER again if it removes players from the two Super Bowl squads. It just does not make good sense for many reasons. The greed of the NFL and sports in general is getting way out of hand.

  30. Yea , so lets get this straight,m you wot have any superbowl players, guys like Manning or Brady or whoever and you probably wont get any guys from teams who lost the conf championships either…sounds like more of a snooze fest than normal

  31. Makes no sense. They should at least move it to that week between the Superbowl and the AFC/NFC Championship. I hate not having a week of football. Plus, with all of the media crap they have before the Superbowl there wouldn’t be any room for the probowl.

  32. At least Redskins and Cowboys fans won’t have to worry. They can still stuff the ballot box without having to worry about the pesky super bowl. It’s not as if either team have a chance in going. Heck, the Cowboys are just trying to win a playoff game.

  33. They should play it the day BEFORE the super bowl, in the same city. Add to the Super Bowl Circus. YOu get MORE people into the area to participate in the super bowl aura, but the tickets would be cheaper!

  34. WorldChampionBears2008 said: “Makes no sense. They should at least move it to that week between the Superbowl and the AFC/NFC Championship. I hate not having a week of football”
    Can you read, you muppet?!

  35. rotate it between the non-nfl cities that are trying to lure a team there, ie, LA, san antone… detroit…

  36. The Pro Bowl is like playing poker for no money… a vicious sport like football needs to count for something or else it loses any appeal. Scrap it.

  37. Almost as stoopid an idea as this ‘going international’ experiment! Friggin’ London? Everyone hates theses ideas except GODdell – power/$$$.

  38. The Pro Bowl should be the weekend of the World Series either on Sunday or Monday Night if there is no Baseball. This would allow half the NFL season to be over. ALL NFL Teams should have a BYE that weekend also helping NFL Fantasy Football. We all know it sucks when your players have Byes. Who’s With Me?….

  39. “That means that the 2010 Pro Bowl will be played on either January 30, January 31 or February 1 at Dolphins Stadium. It also means that no players from the two teams in the Super Bowl will play in the Pro Bowl, which means less star power for the league’s all-star game.”
    The good news is all those Cowboys players that get voted to the Pro Bowl will all get to play. Every year.

  40. Yes!
    Finally a real answer to the age old question of “How can the NFL make this boring game even more unattractive?”
    We now have the solution!
    Water down the rosters! Maybe they can move the game to Detroit while they are at it.
    I have not watched a Pro Bowl game in decades.

  41. Stoopid idea. The Pro Bowl sucks anyway and I never watch it. If they (Goodell and other NFL officials) want to be dumb why not just have a Pro Bowl either at midseason or before the playoffs but make it a “Madden NFL” game where all the players work the controls? Playing regular season games in Europe is also totally stoopid. Didn’t they learn anything from the “NFL Europe” fiasco?

  42. It may get more viewers since people don’t like that week off before the super bowl. And it will only help guys in the super bowl because it should take some of the media distractions away for a little bit. But how many players will back out since its not a trip to Hawaii? And who will coach? Are the conference championship losers gonna pick up the next day and get ready for a meaningless game?

  43. Don’t move it too far East or the Chargers will complain about having to fly there and play in it.

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