A league source tells PFT that the December 7 game between the Washington Redskins and Baltimore Ravens has been moved to the prime time slot on NBC.
The tentative schedule released by the NFL had the Patriots at the Seahawks in the prime time Week 14 slot, but that’s a relatively unattractive game, so the NFL is taking advantage of the flexible schedule to put a better game in prime time. Patriots-Seahawks will be played in the afternoon.
The league uses flexible scheduling on Sundays from Week 11 to Week 17 in an effort to ensure that the best games get the best time slots. The game at Baltimore will match two teams fighting for playoff spots.
The other big Week 14 game is Cowboys at Steelers, which will be on Fox at 4:15 p.m. Eastern.


  1. Makes sense, and I hate staying up to watch Pats games, so I say it was a good move.
    How about next year putting all PATS games at 1pm so I don’t have to stay up till 10:30 (Central time of course) on sun and mon nights to watch my team.

  2. Hopefully we end the streak of failing in prime time(ravens, anyway)
    also, shuxion, are you like…60?
    for real? not trying to be a dick but…for real?

  3. Great, the powers that be are against the Skins. The Skins are 0-3 in prime time 7-1 not in prime time. Put all your money on the Ravens, the Skins can not win at night. Damnit

  4. Fox would protect Cowboys/Steelers. That’s a GIGANTIC game. They’d much rather have that than the Redskins/Ravens (even though that is a great game as well). And I’m happy cos now I get to see both!

  5. Damn, I was taking my 11 year old to this game for his BD. He’ll be disappointed. I would have rather this game be moved to 415 & the following Sunday game moved to SNF vs. Pittsburgh.

  6. Well, at least one of these teams have to win… the Ravens are on a primetime losing streak that’s lasted since 2005.

  7. It will be interesting having two teams who have sucked in prime time recently, playing in prime time. I have a theory as to why the Ravens haven’t been good in prime time the last 2 years but it only accounts for some games.
    McNair was awful in the rain. I’m not sure why, but whenever it rained he wasn’t the same. QBs like Palmer and others barely miss a beat but McNair’s performance dropped significantly. I can think of 3-4 prime time games right now where it rained, and McNair wasn’t the same.

  8. @ Volkof52
    I don’t see how you draw such a broad generalization…. Remember the Pats game last year??? We brought it harder against the Pats than anyone else the entire year. And earlier this year?? We outplayed the Steelers at Pitt for our QB’s first away game, but barely lost in a great game. There’s a difference between playing bad and losing, the team that plays the best does not always win, actually it happens more often than one would think (Saints/Vikings; Ravens/Titans; Ravens/Steelers, just to name a few recent ones). But while we might lose, we usually bring it.

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