Jay Glazer of FOXSports.com reports that Browns quarterback Brady Quinn is done for the year.
Per Glazer, doctors determined on Tuesday that Quinn’s broken finger has gotten worse after he tried to play on Sunday against the Texans.
Quinn also suffered damage to tendons in the finger as a result of playing with the injury.  Doctors, including Dr. James Andrews, were concerned that the tendon would detach from the bone if Quinn didn’t shut it down.
So Derek Anderson will return to the starting lineup.  
And since Anderson won’t be feeling the pressure of having Quinn breathing down his neck or the weight of high expectations, Anderson will probably play well down the stretch.  The question then will be whether G.M. Phil Savage (if he doesn’t get fired) realizes that Anderson won’t be likely to repeat that performance if he receives a $5 million bonus in March and returns in 2009 as the opening-day starter.

37 responses to “QUINN OUT FOR THE SEASON

  1. This is the Browns–if DA plays well down the stretch, expect a big bonus and a new contract extension!

  2. Well, Quinn sure didn’t show much promise, unless you put a lot of stake in really short passes, so I doubt DA could lose any more effectively than Quinn. Tough question next year though- “Which QB do we want to lose with, Anderson or Quinn?”

  3. I wonder if the same people that were calling Romo weak minded for not playing with his broken finger think the same thing now. Boy, that would have done Dallas a lot of good… Romo out for the year, Brook Bollinger for the rest of the year. Quinn will be the starter next year.

  4. Ted Ginn and his family looks better and better every freaking day. Good job Cameron/Mueller.
    Quinn SUX

  5. So, I wonder if Brady’s still POed at RAC for yanking him, or if he’ll apologize since Crennel was actually right (for a change).

  6. jjared, the Cowboys are gonna realize real soon that they should have benched Tony Romo.
    they’d be better off with Bollinger.
    everyone seems to have forgotten the fact that he can’t win a playoff game.
    it’ll come back to bite them later in the season.
    they’ll be lucky to even make the playoffs.

  7. Kind of early to say Quinn sucks though he was not great in Big games at Notre Dame.
    However , the Browns do suck….they would have ruined Dan Marino.
    Sadly I enjoy the Browns’ misery.

  8. it’s rather incredible how low the IQ is for many of PFT’s readership.
    Quinn has dropped a lot of passes and given up on many of the routes he’s run right?
    my eyes rolled out of my head.
    Ted Ginn. I’ll just let that one slide away because just “wow”.
    Anyways, Brady Quinn will be just fine once his team decides to play football again. All I can ask for is a guy to hit his receivers in the numbers and make plays. He’s done both and the rest is up to the guys on the other end. I like how the “experts” weigh in on a QB’s performance based on less than 3 games under center with a team that is grossly under-performing.

  9. oh and if anyone wants to talk about short passes, let’s talk to Matt Cassel. Look at his YAC numbers then compare them to his pct of downfield completions. Barely 25%. So if the Browns WR’s could catch passes then what?
    Stick to channel surfing and The O’Reilly Factor little guy

  10. Well, what kind of medical staff do we have in cleveland!?! Letting quinn play and mess up his hand even worse is only the latest fubar to come out of the cleveland clinic. I mean who the hell is calling the shots? Staph infections abound for years. YEARS!!!! wtf!?! einstein says the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. we are insane. i will be checking into arkum until next august ;(

  11. Steelers fans are mad because we might take their boyfriend away.
    he played and coached her before he went to the Land Time Forgot, PA.

  12. well, um…, that didn’t last long.
    and i was so looking forward to his introduction to the steeler defense and specifically mr. james harrison. oh well, i can wait till next year.

  13. Yeah those “Romo is weak minded”, “Romo is a wuss” meatheads look really smart right about now, don’t they?
    “Take note Romo.” – whodey
    “You hear that Tony Romo? That’s the sound of your manhood being trumped by a kid who likes to be seen shirtless with other dudes.” – Rocky McIntosh is the Next Big Thing
    “didn’t a certain over-hyped qb of an over-hyped team from texas sit out for what, 3-4 games with a broken pinkie?? and now this kid is going to play with an actual broken finger on his throwing hand?? yeah dallas made right choice by passing on quinn and keeping homo ” – vincelombardi
    “Romo says, WOW he is a Tough Guy!!! ” – 7Steeler86
    “Brady Quinn = boy becoming man
    Tony Romo = man becoming girl” – Bigswifty
    “Romo is a homo. But if the Cowgirls lost two games because he is a big pussy, so much the better. The Cowgirls are lacking heart and Homo’s broken pinky is just Exhibit A in a long list of shortcomings. ” – JimmySmith
    “Brett Favre did it.
    Quinn is willing to try.
    Romo pussied out.” – Bob_Nelson
    “Shame on all of you who are calling Romo a wimp for not playing with a broken pinky. As it turns out he’s not playing this week because of a much more serious condition.
    They took a recent MRI and discovered that Romo has no heart. ” – JoeSixPack
    “How did sitting him work out guys? Real well in my opinion. Have a nice time watching the Giants win the division due to your QB’s being a pansy. ” – RevSkip

  14. “jjared, the Cowboys are gonna realize real soon that they should have benched Tony Romo.
    they’d be better off with Bollinger.”
    Assburgers much?

  15. “I mean who the hell is calling the shots?”
    They very well could be letting the clueless meatheads that infest PFT Planet call the shots in Cleveland, dingomandingo. You’re right about that staph business though. Clean that shit up! Hose the whole place down with boiliing alcohol or something wtf.

  16. Damn that sucks. I was looking forward to seeing James Harrison break him in half this season. Oh well, always next year.
    I’m sure after he has surgery he’ll get a staph infection.

  17. The people that say Quinn played well, but his teammates sucked are the same people that wouldn’t allow Anderson the same excuse. If Edwards was able to catch the ball, Anderson would still be the starter, and the Browns would still be in playoff contention. There are too many extenuating circumstances to really judge either player this season. I pity the poor SOB who takes over this mess next year.

  18. How can we be sure that Brady Quinn hurt his finger playing football? I mean, that finger could have been anywhere.

  19. The Browns were one year wonders last year and their dumbass fans bought into the media circus during preseason. Everyone had the Stain winning the AFC North.
    That said, Derek Anderson is the better QB. Brady Quinn is the next Kyle Boller. Was not impressed with Quinn. As for Courtney Love taking care of Quinn, he is probably using her to get to her brother.

  20. No worries to Harrison, he will take on all comers, Quinn, Anderson, his girlfriend, that dumb cleveland lowlife who ran onto the field that he slammed.
    If I was Anderson I’d ask for a trade and get the hell outa there before I got a staph infection or Braylon Edwards dropped 30 more of my passes. If I was Winslow I’d be out the door the minute FA hit. And if I were a Browns fan, I’d get comfortable in that AFC North Basement because between Pittsburgh and Baltimore, you will be there for a while…

  21. HAHAHAHA it doesnt who the quarterback is in cleveland cause THEY STILL SUCKED!!!
    If it’s brown flush it down!!!
    Kiss Steely McBeams ass losers!!!

  22. I think this shows just how right Romeo Crennell was — Charlie Frye should have been the starter all along!

  23. my only question is why? What else can go wrong? thank god for the cavs or I don’t know what I would do. the indians and brownies were both supposed to be good this year and both disappointed. if the cavs go doewn the tubes, i may just up and leave cleveland in the middle of the night. don’t worry though, i’ll leave my name and history so someone else can take it five years later and continue the misery.
    i’m in a bit of a funk, can you tell? thank god for bloggers, who somehow can rise above the sadness and produce little bits of humor that can break the cycle of sadness: hilarious top 10 list of candidates to replace brady. Their site is kind of lame overall, but this one made me laugh. Charlie Brown…seriously, he does embody browns football.

  24. “If Edwards was able to catch the ball, Anderson would still be the starter, and the Browns would still be in playoff contention.”
    Bit of a stretch don’t ya think? Edwards certainly played his part but he didn’t cause Quinn and DA to make alot of the bad decisions they made with the ball. Edwards also hasn’t caused your running game to go into the toilet. And your defense is terrible. You guys were WAY over-rated from the very beginning and thankfully the league won’t make the same mistake in giving the Browns primetime games in the future. Hope you guys enjoyed your 15 minutes because they’re just about up.

  25. LOL @ philgrek “the Cowboys are gonna realize real soon that they should have benched Tony Romo.
    they’d be better off with Bollinger.”
    Anyone reading that post loses 5 IQ posts it is so stupid.

  26. Anyone who is willing to judge what type of Quarterback Brady Quinn will be after 2.5 games experience is pure folly!
    Not to mention that 1.5 games was with a fractured index finger/damaged tendon.
    It’s time to “thin the herd”! The level of stupidity people exhibit in these blogs in incredible!

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