As expected, Falcons quarterback Mike Vick pleaded guilty in Virginia on Tuesday to one count of promoting dogfighting, in exchange for probation and a suspended sentence, per Kally Naqi of ESPN.
The presiding judge approved the deal, which included the dismissal of an animal cruelty charge.
Vick will be on unsupervised probation, and he must stay out of trouble for four years.
The resolution of the Virginia charges clears the way for Vick to enter a halfway house as early as January, six months before his release from federal custody in July.  If the state court charges were still pending, he would not have been eligible for finishing his term in a halfway house.
Vick is serving 23 months after pleading guilty last year on charges of conspiracy to engage in interstate gambling and interstate dogfighting.
Per Naqi, he’ll also now be eligible for home detention for the final three weeks of his sentence.


  1. piece. of. crap. welcome back turd. hope your balls are nawed off by a terrier. good luck with life, you sicko.

  2. LQQK out doggies. the great executioner is coming your way at a mausoleum near you!!! Stay tuned for more updates.

  3. “Vick will be on unsupervised probation, and he must stay out of trouble for four years.”
    Staying outta trouble? Does that include filing ones taxes?

  4. HORRAY VICK! Al Davis sign him! wr/qb/ticket seller. Vick would also probably get me more national games for the raiders… since i live in tennessee and all

  5. “he must stay out of trouble for four years.”
    why can’t he just say out of trouble [period]

  6. Does anyone else find it a little strange that someone can plead guilty to a crime and be rewarded with LESS prison time?
    Now, I’m no lawyer…far from it, but doesn’t that not add up?
    I mean, if you put lipstick on a pig it’s still Sarah Palin right?

  7. Is Vick, technically still a Falcon? If so, does this count toward Turd watch? Or is it retro active to last years standings, etc?
    I agree with Champ_Kind, why does it have to be, stay out of trouble for 4 years, why cant it just be stay out of trouble. I realize I’m not a Saint, but I have managed to “stay out of trouble” for all 28 years of my life, and yet some of these people cant stay out of trouble for 28 days. Is it that hard, to not cause a scene, is it that hard to not walk away before “sh_t goes down”, is it that hard to not go to places where “sh_t always goes down”, is it that hard to say “yes officer, I will be on my way peacefully, I respect your authority” even if you dont respect his authority (just pretend for the sake of not getting bused), is it that hard to not bring your dope to the air port, is it that hard to not shoot someone with a limited edition one of its kind swedish made pen- err, pistol, is it that hard to go out for a few beers (ok, get trashed) without causing a fight????? This is sort of joking, but really, IS IT, that hard? Any pro athletes reading PFT, contact me, I will be your life coach, and personal decision maker for you, for a small fee, lol

  8. I’m still amazed at how poorly the Virgina legal system has allowed this to play out. The DA, who has been in Vick’s back pocket from day 1, has bungled this case in Vick’s favor and has made the Durham/Duke DA look competent.
    He should have his own hearing for misconduct.
    How can a judge even sign off on this punishment.
    I’m just hopeful that I never see this POS in any NFL uniform again.

  9. After Obama is inaugurated, does this mean that I will have to help pay Vick’s back taxes?

  10. I personally hope the Browns make a play at Vick…the only thing we haven’t tried in cleveland is getting an extremely mobile quarterback…worth a shot anyway not to mention the comedy of Vick and the dog pound hahahahaha

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