Browns coach Romeo Crennel on Wednesday named Brady Quinn the team’s starting quarterback for 2009.
Of course, the guy who ends up coaching the Browns in 2009 might not appreciate that.
We’re kidding, sort of.  But for the same reason that it’s too early to presume that someone else will be coaching the Browns next season, it’s also too early for Crennel to assume he’ll be back.
Unless, of course, he’s trying to get fired.  If so, he’s doing a far better job in that regard than he’s done coaching the team.
G.M. Phil Savage apparently would agree.  Savage shifted blame for the team’s lackluster 2008 performance to Crennel during Savage’s most recent weekly radio appearance.
”Hey, my responsibility is the 53-man roster, and then it’s Romeo and the rest of the coaching staff’s decision how to utilize the 45 players that are dressed on Sunday,” Savage said.  “Who starts.  Who plays.  When they’re gonna play.  How they’re gonna be utilized.
”If I’m going to get involved in those decisions, then I may as well put a headset on and double my salary.”
It’s a common theme for all too many dysfunctional NFL franchises.  When the coaching staff and the front office have different standards of accountability, they’ll naturally look to blame each other when things go bad.
And so, as we’ve previously explained on numerous occasions, the coach and the G.M. should be joined at the hip.  Both should stay, or both should go.
In the Browns’ case, both should go.


  1. Browns were what, 10-6 last year? Probably shouldn’t have crowned his ass for putting out a slightly better than marginal team for one season. And no, he doesn’t get extra credit just because the Browns were overhyped in the offseason. Just face it, the experts made a mistake believing in the Browns.

  2. The Browns sure a flopped their 2008 season! I didn’t think they could follow up there 10-6 season from last year. When you get wins from STL, SEA HOU and CINx2 it’s not hard to look like your a top team.
    I didn’t think Brady Quinn did enough to straight up win next years starting role, but I guess if you insvest a 1st rounder…

  3. Oh, I get it, Phil.
    It was the other guy’s fault.
    You had to have a feeling this was coming down in the off-season when everyone was hyping how much the Browns improved themselves and how good they were gonna be. Let’s wait til they play a few, eh guys?

  4. Just in case Phil visits this site, here’s another biblical morsel for him:
    Proverbs 17:28(NIV)
    Even a fool is thought wise if he keeps silent, and discerning if he holds his tongue.
    Everytime he opens his mouth lately, something stupid comes out. He might be a great talent evaluator, but a GM he is not. While I agree with what he said, it would have served him much better to keep it to himself. It looks like Randy Lerner is giving him enough rope to hang himself.
    As far as Romeo’s comment about Quinn being the starter for next year, I think he’s just trying to do some damage control for the idiotic decision he made to pull him in the first place…like it really matters at this point. They are both history after this season. Phil is going to be great for someone’s personnel department tho. Romeo better hope the Pats take him back so Bill can make him look good again.

  5. Wow, between the F-Bomb and this nonsense (not to mention the Winslow debacle and the fact that we’re forced to watch every Browns game because they were 10-6 and the media darlings), Savage should definitely be shown the door, whether Crennel is or not (most likely goes Savage shown the door first, new GM wants his own HC and Crennel gets canned).

  6. They both should go. Savage for passing blame to the coaching staff (among other things) and Crennel for playing Quinn when he was hurt.

  7. How exactly is Phil wrong here? His job is the talent…Romeo’s is coaching them up.
    Braylon Edwards, Kellen Winslow, Derek Anderson, Kamerion Wimbley, Sean Jones, etc, etc, etc….all very talented but underachieving by not playing up to their level….and that is the coaches job to make sure they are.

  8. I’m a big Crennel fan, but what’s wrong with what Savage said. He IS the GM and he doesn’t (and shouldn’t) make coaching decisions – and he DOES have to take the blame for quite a few turdish players that are wearing the Browns uniform.
    What was he supposed to say?

  9. grid x you give them too much credit, they choked against cincy, in what was basically a playoff game. the coach sucks and is clueless, the owner is disengaged and just counts the money rolling in and they continue to lose. 2 winning seasons in 10 years. pathetic. absolutely pathetic.

  10. Is it not the GMs job to hire the coach? Then guess what…If the coach isn’t playing to the standards, then maybe the coach and the GM need to go. Pathetic attempt by Phil to save his job. However, Phil has proven in the past that he is right for this position. I don’t like the Quinn/Anderson situation and I believe Phil had a part in the switch. So if was in charge of the Browns…Crennel would be gone and Savage would be on a very short leash.

  11. If that’s the case, then Phil Savage should be held to the fire as much as Romeo. He has done a horrible job putting together the defense for Crennel. Look at the LB and CB situation. There is ONE starting caliber corner on the roster (he blew off countless chances to sign for FA help at the position) and there is just a mess at the LB’s…which is a HUGE problem considering it is a 3-4 scheme.

  12. Maybe you people should think about the QUESTION instead of focusing on just the answer before you go poppin’ off at the mouth.
    Here’s the question:
    “”I’m not sure if i know we are trying to accomplish as a team…jamal can run the ball, i thought he should have been running more…nobody looked inspired…your job is to give the coach the tools….all the national guys, all the experts i talk to say we have the tools, and thats your job as the gm…my concern then is on the field, now i know you have to be careful, and your not gonna call someone out, and i respect that, but thats what the fan is thinking…at least i think….”
    So next time you see an “ANSWER” you should find out what the “QUESTION” was before you make a statement. mmmmkay? :p
    Besides, do you actually trust FLORIO to present a fair side to this arguement? lol! He’s been on Savage’s arse forever, yet you’re going to let him lead you around by your noses.
    I certainly hope you’re not Browns fans, because some of those responses are an embarassment to sensible Browns fans. You know who you are (or maybe not lol).

  13. Mr. Melon brings up a valid point. The GM picks the coach, so if you stand by a crappy coach for years, shouldn’t you be held accountable for roster as well as the staff you assembled (not staph but staff)?

  14. What’s ridiculous about this is that the only way Crennel has even a remote chance of returning next season is if the Browns run the table and win all five remaining games. Were that to happen, it likely would involve Derek Anderson playing exceptionally down the stretch. Of course a coach can change his mind later, but a statement like this accomplishes nothing other than making Crennel look stupid now.

  15. Everyone needs to understand the job Savage has done as a GM (brining players in), there are now legit NFL players on a roster that was absent ANY when he got here (except Winslow). He did not hire the HC, that was the owner. Savage deserves more time. If a coaching staff was as inept as Crennel’s has been, then the GM SHOULD have the ability to fire them….since the owner hired the coach, the GM has little power to do so.

  16. Now the rest of you are starting to realize what we’ve been subjected to under the Savage regime.
    Good talent evaluator? I’d say so, though of course it’s debatable.
    Good GM? Not by a long shot. Completely unprofessional. Zero communications and PR skills.
    It’s like this every time he opens his mouth.
    We have a glorified scout who is in way over his head as GM.

  17. dragon2o00 says:
    November 27th, 2008 at 12:16 am
    Savage was hired AFTER Crennel.
    Wrong. Savage was hired shortly before Crennel, sat in on the interviews, and had a say in the hiring.
    He then proceeded to secure a contract extension for Romeo after 2007, endorsing him (and exercising poor judgment) a second time.

  18. DawgzLife says:
    November 27th, 2008 at 1:05 am
    Everyone needs to understand the job Savage has done as a GM (brining players in), there are now legit NFL players on a roster that was absent ANY when he got here (except Winslow). He did not hire the HC, that was the owner. Savage deserves more time. If a coaching staff was as inept as Crennel’s has been, then the GM SHOULD have the ability to fire them….since the owner hired the coach, the GM has little power to do so.
    I beg to differ. Savage is not the only NFL scout capable of identifying talent. While overall I think he’s done a good job, many would disagree, and not without good reason. For every Joe Thomas there is a Kamerion Wimbley. People laud him for bringing in Shaun Rogers, when if we hadn’t handed Haloti Ngata to Baltimore on a silver platter, we never would have had to give up a CB and a 3rd (or was it 2nd) round pick for a DT. Etc, etc… it’s not like this guy is infallible.
    The problem is he is a massive failure in every other single aspect of the job aside from scouting. He lacks the necessary skills to be an effective GM in the NFL, and needs to be replaced or demoted before bringing further embarrassment and shame to this once-proud franchise.
    And once again, Savage did interview and OK the hiring of Romeo, and he saw to it that Romeo was rewarded for missing the playoffs last year. If Savage had a problem with Romeo, RAC’s contract shouldn’t have been extended. This line about Savage not having hired RAC is absolute BS.

  19. dragon2o00 says:
    November 27th, 2008 at 12:16 am
    Savage was hired AFTER Crennel.
    Went back and checked the dates, so as to help you stop spreading misinformation:
    Phil Savage – hired January 6, 2005
    Romeo Crennel – hired February 8, 2005

  20. Maybe this has already been mentioned but Cleveland is dealing with two individuals who have reached the “peter principle”. Running a football team is like running any business. You have good management as well as bad…in this case both are not equipped. I could be overstating but we are entering into the intellectual era of football; just watch NFL films and the game has become so much more complex in 20 years…imagine 40. The money gets bigger with the players as such it gets harder to manage.

  21. I really don’t want to see Cowher in Cleveland. But like the great J. Cash said…”When the man comes around”…I hope like hell it’s not true, but only time will tell. Who knows, maybe it will take more than Bill to turn the Browns from Shitstains into a real team. But let’s take a moment to say a prayer for our troops overseas, that can’t be here with their families…may God bless them all…I’m not a religious man, but I will be saying a prayer tonight, and tomorrow, for our boys. F’in A right. May G Bless our troops.

  22. Wow.
    I’ll bet coaches are lining up to work for Savage. Quality guy there.
    Anyone notice how both Charlie Weis and Crennel are falling short as head coaches, meanwhile the ‘next’ great H/C is supposed to be Josh McDaniels in New England… hmmm

  23. Unless, of course, he’s trying to get fired. If so, he’s doing a far better job in that regard than he’s done coaching the team.
    I have been saying this since last year. Crennel knows he is in over his head. He knows he sucks and just wants to collect his kids inheritance. It should be criminal to get that much money and be that bad at what you do. SAD !

  24. Yes both Savage and Crennel should be fired. Moreover an
    example of what Florio indicated on having the Coach and
    G.M. joined at the hip is what Parcells did in Miami. He
    brought in two people from Dallas who had experienced a
    working relationship and trust. Miami had been one of the
    most dysfunctional franchises over the past eight years.
    In the Miami Dolphin example neither Jeff Ireland, G.M. or
    Tony Sporano, Coach had much experience at their respective
    jobs. However they will both grow more together with the
    direction of the V.P. of Football Operations Bill Parcells.

  25. As many as 12 teams will be looking for head coaches this year. This is a bad year to be looking for a head coach.
    Bengals, Browns, Jaguars, KC, Oakland, SD, Philly, Detroit, Minnesota, St Louis, SF, Seattle.
    Some of these jobs may be filled already, but there will still be a large number of brand new coaches in the league next year.

  26. Yup, Phil’s gone. I can’t believe he’s actually saying that stuff publicly. First off, whether or not he stays is up to ownership and no one else. They’ll have their own criteria and speaking to the press to get your side out isn’t gonna make a difference at all. Secondly, teams regularly fine players who say negative things about their teammates all the time. And rightfully so because it demoralizes the team and it’s a cancer. So what does Phil do? He starts talking crap about his own team. That’s great leadership. Guy needs to suck it up and shut up. He’s done anyway in Cleveland. If he keeps it up he might be done everywhere else.

  27. The only way Savage stays is with a new Coach (perhaps Cowher) that controls him. Puil has shown immaturity as a gm and is not a people skills person. I am afraid next we will hear the cupboard is bare routine again…. Crennel definately must be sent packing. His teams are never ready for big games (exception Giants). He was a top rate def coodinator, but it looks like our defense is never on the field and the opposing QB and receivers are just playing catch…. We have 1 def impact player Shaun Rogers, if he dont make the play no one is there to cover his backside. Our linebackers couldnt cover or tackle a one legged guy. Our corners and safeties have 5 guys around the ball but the recievers can catch the ball with ease. Crennel has shown absolutely a lack of discipline and is unable to manage the clock. I sorry but Savage knew we needed linebackers and secondary help and refused to address the needs…. my opinion…. the the axe swing wild and chop off the whole bunch…. finally, in my opinion… the 1 consist of the Browns since 1999…. is Lerner himself. His style of ownership is not working yet he does absolutely nothing to address it…. perrenial losers like the Lerner family and never change. They are not bold thinkers. They lack an understanding of the game and they expect a fan base to keep supporting them for a bad product… Sell the team and let an engerized owner come in and left the Lerner/Model loser programs go by the way side. The city has done there share and the Owner just does not care, and if he does, he just is a failure at football…. it’s like a blind squirrel looking for a nut, but he keeps digging under the same rocks for replacing coaches and gms…. and as far as Derek Anderson goes… fans by the thousands did not want this bust because hes uncoachable… he never learns from his mistake…. he’s got a rifle, but a rifle that keeps misfiring is worthless, unless you want to continously shoot yourself in the foot……. Mr. Lerner can you comprehend that?

  28. As soon as I watched Crennel’s first press conference almost 4 years ago I knew the guy was worthless. Turns out I was right

  29. I think of last season where I thought we won two more games but didn’t because of blown calls.One where Winslow was manhandled out of bounds I think against the Cards..and one other very simular.
    I placed alot of the blame then on our QB Anderson as it looked as if he was faultering down the stretch.How did we lose to Cincy?
    Anyways,when I see the schedule come out for this season I knew the Browns would have a real tough time with it.Our division is tough enough but to see the Super Bowl Champions, Dallas Cowboys and the rest, we only really got a couple of breaks in Cincy.
    I didn’t buy the media banter on our Browns.I knew we would have our hands full.
    When teams start to have the wheels come of the (Bandwagon) thier is plenty of blame to share everywhere. So I am amused that Savage and his foul mouthed would find it fitting to blame Romeo.
    My outlook is that Romeo, although a nice guy isn’t a head coach. His clock management is very bad and his plays are predictable. I know we have players that are very good. We also have players we inflate that aren’t as good as we may think.
    Savage has gotten us talent. I think too that he isn’t a GM kinda of guy. His job has been kinda like a scout. Now he is a GM and must be held ACCOUNTABLE.
    We all seem to think we have Romeo’s replacement already picked. We don’t. And the Job of replacing Savage won’t be easy. One should get more time with a bit more rope.The other needs to step off the curb NOW infront of a bus.

  30. All I know is this… I am a life long Browns fan. I will continue to cheer for my team, win or lose. We just need a coach that knows how to step on the throat of his opponent when we have them down. Romeo, in my opinion, just gets way too conservative when we are up. We have to play to win, not play not to lose. Is Bill Cowher the answer? Maybe. We deserve a winning team as loyal fans.

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