In a Tuesday interview with Adam Schein and John Riggins of Sirius NFL Radio, Jaguars running back Fred Taylor gave a candid assessment of the 2008 version of his long-time team.
“In my eleven years this is probably the worst team, emphasize the word ‘team,’ that I’ve been on,” Taylor said.  “We have some outstanding players but the mix is bad.  We can’t really find that chemistry that we need.  Usually, I think, if you have that chemistry good things just tend to happen to you just because.  But we don’t have that mix and it’s just tough right now.”
In reference to Sunday’s 30-12 loss to the Vikings, Taylor said that it “reminded me of the Bad News Bears.”
“Every phase is kind of not good right now,” Taylor said.  “Every single phase.”
Despite having high expectations at the outset of the season, the Jaguars are 4-7 and, for all practical purposes, out of the race for a postseason berth.


  1. I’ve heard stories that their locker room is a mess right now with selfish players running around collecting big checks.
    Jerry Porter, the King of overrated and cancerous players is one of those selfish players in that locker room that Taylor is talking about.

  2. I’m beginning to think that it’s not only players that slack off after getting big extensions…
    Charlie Weis
    Romeo Crennel
    Jack Del Rio.

  3. When are teams going to learn that big name free-agents typically ruin a team.
    Look at the Cowboys this year. They’re basically an all-star team of players, but can’t function together. One goes down, the whole team goes down.

  4. He should should play his last few years with the Bengals to learn more about ‘worse teams’…

  5. “If you want to take someone out, pal; don’t get yourself a good squad. Get yourself a team.” – Hannibal Smith.

  6. The Jaguars have two starting Guards on IR and a Tackle that was attacked and shot 14 times. I’d say THAT is the problem with Jacksonville, not “team chemistry” or whatever.

  7. the chemistry went south when the OL went south.
    the O may not be playing that well but the D is a bunch of quitters.
    which side of the line got the benchings…

  8. yeah I would agree with that, this team is garbage!!! this team has been overrated for years and now it finally shows.

  9. How come the media isn’t all over the Jags? They have more arrests in the last year than the Bengals. It isn’t surprising to me that they suck. Even the Fragile One got popped.

  10. Jags are a joke. The city doesn’t deserve a pro football team. It’s a disaster that there is not a single pro football team in nation’s 2nd largest city and there is one in a crappy city like Jax.
    They have had lowest attendance in the league for years and yet they continue to rip off a few fellow supporters.
    I hope Mr.Weaver can find a way to get rid of this mess so that LA can get a franchise.

  11. Hmmm…The Jacksonville Jaguars=The Los Angeles Wild Fires. I like the ring of that!!! Especially if it keeps the Vikings in Minnesota, so as to extend my agony of being a fan.

  12. Punisher – The 2nd largest city in the country had TWO NFL teams and wasn’t able to fill the stands. Hell, San Diego is having trouble selling out this week. Jags have the 2nd smallest market in the league, hence the 2nd lowest attendance. Duh. Your argument sucks.

  13. The jags suck this year but…….the guy that said they have sucked for years is retarded. In the past three years they have gone 12-4, 8-8 and 11-5 (resting their starters the last game of the season).
    As for moving to L.A., according to the Jaguars are 19th in average attendance in 2008, while being in the 2nd smallest market. Do that math on that before you start acting like L.A. is getting shafted. In case you forgot L.A. lost 2 teams in the mid 90’s. If it was so great there I can’t imagine why any team would leave for markets substantially smaller.

  14. Punisher.. How bout the Rams and Raiders jackass? Oh yeah.. you couldn’t support them. The Jags will be in Jax long after LA gets an undeserved team.

  15. F.Taylor just put his name on the benched/inactive list.
    JDR is on the soon to be unemployed list.
    Why would any team want to go to LA? No one there goes the games unless the team is winning and winning big. It is not cool to be seen with losers in LA.

  16. “I hope Mr.Weaver can find a way to get rid of this mess so that LA can get a franchise.”
    haha keep dreaming asspirate, it’s not gonna be the jags.

  17. Haven’t heard from “JagsSB” in awhile, guess he went with the rest of the jags loser bandwagon fan base and jumped ship to some college team.

  18. Who sir are you to determine who deserves a francise? How many teams has LA had?
    P.S. How is a man that has rushed for over 11,000 yards have the nickname of Fragile? You people are amazing!

  19. Chris from MD, please. Big name free agents don’t ruin teams. Poor front office moves and a lack of coaching knowledge is what ruins teams. This is the same Cowboy team that went 13 – 3 last year, the only big name we added was Pacman (Roy Williams came later). So please use another team to make your weak point.

  20. It happens.
    I think the team was effected-for better or worse-from the Collier incident more then what anyone has reported.
    They showed something locally where they haven’t moved a single thing from his locker yet. It sits right between Clint Ingram and Khalif Barnes, his 2 best friends on the team.
    Talk about a soberring reality each and every day you come to work………..
    I think the Jags season was in the bag when 4 Olineman went down before playing a half of football.
    Injuries happen.
    Some teams just get a bad vibe.

  21. I don’t thin firing Del Rio is necessarily the answer they need to turnover about 30 percent of the roster. Just cut some fat and keep the key young guys. Jettison the old guys that never won anything in the first place.

  22. Anyone else get the feeling that this Punisher guy isn’t old enough to remember the LA Raiders or the LA Rams?

  23. The NFL will not put a team in Los Angeles. LA serves as the league’s invaluable extortion card…whenever a franchise wants a new stadium, it threatens to relocate in Los Angeles and the local city officials capitulate. The Jaguars may leave Jacksonville, but if they do the team will end up in whichever city is willing to bankrupt itself for the “prestige” of having an NFL franchise.
    And that city will not be Los Angeles. LA sports fans love the Lakers and the Dodgers and SC football, but Angelino taxpayers won’t ante squat for an NFL team. Al Davis was willing to move back to the Coliseum several years ago for less than $100 million, and the City Council told him to stick it.
    The league office really doesn’t want a franchise in LA, and the locals don’t really care, so the Jaguars had better plan on moving to San Antonio or Birmingham.
    Or Detroit, which would dearly love to have a pro football team.

  24. “I’m beginning to think that it’s not only players that slack off after getting big extensions…
    Charlie Weis
    Romeo Crennel
    Jack Del Rio.”
    Don’t forget Dick Jauron
    And all I can say is I’m glad they play in our division.

  25. LA City/County leadership screwed themselves out of two NFL teams…wanting them to play in the Mausoleum in the middle of the hood, instead of building a stadium somewhere else. LA won’t get a team until the NFL sees that city/county leaders have extracted their collective heads out of their sphincters..

  26. “hahah the_punisher.. get ur facts straight before u say something.. lowest attendance in the league? i think not, the numbers dont lie .. dumbass!. o yeah and somehow i have a feeling u have never been to jacksonville ”
    Now uncover the 10000 seats you have a tarp over and look at the percentage of the crowd you are pulling. Kind of funny how that works, huh?

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