Per ESPN’s SportsCenter, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell told WFAN radio on Tuesday that, if the Jets and the Giants both host the championship games for their respective conferences, one game would be played on Sunday night, and the other game would be played on Monday night.
It makes senses; there’s no way that both games could be played on the same day.  And with two weeks until the Super Bowl, there’s no real advantage or disadvantage to playing on Sunday or on Monday.
What also makes sense, frankly, is adopting this format regardless of whether both games will be played in the same venue.  The league gradually has been nudging postseason games toward prime time; why not transform the AFC and NFC title games into a two-night extravaganza?
Our guess is that the league might be willing to put this possibility on the table when the time comes to renegotiate the broadcasting contracts.  Since the networks will be able to make more money via ad sales, they’d theoretically be willing to fork over more cash for the broader package.


  1. No way should they have it on Monday. In fact the double header Championship Sunday is sometime a lot better quality football then Super bowl sunday. I Look forward to championship sunday all year long.

  2. Yeah, I agree that Monday night seems stupid. Conference Championship games are almost an event as the Super Bowl. Everyone I know usually gets together and have AFC Championship parties at least if there is a team we have a vested interest in. Luckily in most recent years, my team have been in it. Even if the Patriots are in the AFC Championship game playing the their hated rivals the Jets, I am guessing I will be watching it at home like any other Monday Night game if it in fact ends up on Monday.

  3. Monday night? Come on most people have real jobs to go to during the week, not host blogs all day…

  4. Imagine that, New Yorkers getting ahead of themselves. Neither one of those squads will be in the title game, much less hosting it, so its a moot point.

  5. It’s too cold in New York that time of the year to be playing these games at night. It affects the quality of play. There’s a big difference between playing at 2pm and 9pm.
    Of course, that clueless corporate dolt Goodell would never think of that. All that jackass thinks about is $$$$$ and I guess more “casual fans” will tune in at 9pm on a Sunday.

  6. wow i cant believe how many people have their heads up their asses about this. yes, chris from md, people will too stay up to watch the game…there are people who stay up late to watch every freaking monday night game regardless of who is playing. i will stay up and watch it and yes i have a real job on tuesday morning, just like ill have to get up for work monday after all the sunday night games i watch. id be in favor of a two night championship. the more days i get to watch football the better. quit being such whiny pansies, drink a little coffee the wake up the next day.

  7. hell i have $ riding on every damn game but i cant stay up past 1030 on sunday or monday caus i work monday and tuesday.
    saturday afternoon/night + sunday afternoon games works fine.

  8. If they put it on Monday night in January, then they’re going to be up against 24. I, for one, would never want to go up against Jack Bauer lest he torture me with a lamp cord.
    Be smart, Goodell. Keep it on Sunday.

  9. gosox2673 says:
    November 26th, 2008 at 9:29 am
    Please don’t do this. Conference Championship Sunday is my favorite holiday of the year.
    Right there with ya, buddy. If they have to do this because of the shared stadium problem, fine. But please … I’m begging you here … please don’t make it permanent. Conference Championship Sunday is a sneaky-great day of sports.

  10. brianlion says:
    “Neither one of those squads will be in the title game, much less hosting it, so its a moot point.”
    Don’t be a punk. If you’re going to talk trash, state who YOU think will be there so we can call you on it when you’re wrong.

  11. We are getting a little ahead of ourselves here, don’t you think?
    As a Giants fan, I am aware that we first have to qualify for the playoffs (which hasn’t happened – yet), have the best record in the conference, then win a playoff game before this is an issue. Certainly no guarantee (right Dallas?)
    The Jets on the other hand (the team that lost to the Raiders, almost lost to the Chiefs and blew a 24-6 lead and a 31-24 lead – yet recovered in overtime to beat the Patriots). Great win against Tennessee, but we are getting way ahead of ourselves. For this scenario to happen, the Jets will have to win their division, get the best record in the conference and win a playoff game – or get the second best record in the conference, win a playoff game and hope that Tennessee gets eliminated in the playoffs.
    Since Tennessee still has a two game lead (10-1 vs 8-3) over the Jets in the win column, the Jets would have to win all 5 of their remining games – with the Titans winning only 3 to get the best record in the conference. I don’t see this happening.
    Once again, props to the Jets for a big win – but don’t get carried away with yourself. Worry about Denver this weekend first.

  12. I’ve got a great idea: why don’t they move the Championship games, the Super Bowl, and the NFL Draft all to 1 AM, after Leno and Conan? I mean, it’s not like us football fans have, you know, gainful employment or anything.
    Wouldn’t that be great? During NFL TV timeouts, you could be treated to commercials for “Call Now to Talk to Hot Girls Waiting For You” and “Girls Gone Wild”!

  13. Lets not mess up a good thing. This is just a one year fluke where both the Giants and Jets have a chance of hosting both conference championship games. Keep the games on Sunday, and if a fluke happens again in 20 years, let’s worry about it then.

  14. Yeah I say Sat Afternoon at 6pm and Sunday at 3pm.
    Why two night games. oh money…………nevermind I will just sit down now.

  15. Honestly, I don’t watch the night games unless my team is in them. Even then, I’m usually assing out by the 3rd. I do have a job to go to.
    I like the format now. First the pro-bowl, now this? STOP TRYING TO TURN THIS INTO BASEBALL!!!

  16. I think the guy that called me a whiney bitch is a moron.
    Does he not realize that the western side of the county is still at work at 8pm eastern time, or at least on their drive home?
    Saturday evening and Sunday mid-day are the best. Seriously. Everonye loves 1pm Sunday or even 4:15 Sunday games. A 6pm Saturday game would be very awesome.

  17. If they are going to go through with screwing the pooch on Championship Sunday why not have some good come out of it by fixing one of the minor flaws of the current playoff system. As it stands now the Wild Card Round and Divisional Round are played on Saturdays and Sundays. Sometimes a team that wins its Wild Card game on Sunday is forced to play the Divisional game the following Saturday, which results in a short week of preparation.
    To fix it, what if they had each conference play on the same day (for instance, the AFC plays both Wild Card games on Saturday and the NFC on Sunday, and the AFC’s Divisional games are played the following Saturday and NFC on Sunday). This way teams are assured of a full week of preparation for their games right up to the Championship games. With the two week break before the Super Bowl that extra day of rest comes out in the wash anyways.

  18. seatofmypants says:
    “We are getting a little ahead of ourselves here, don’t you think?”
    The reason they are planning for it now is that both games (IF they happened) would be nationally televised, therefore the networks needed to be on board. The logistics of two championship games being played in the SAME stadium, one after the other, are fairly daunting. It’s a scenario that has not happened before, so all the parties involved are merely being responsible and making sure they are ready SHOULD it happen. The NFL is planning for what would be, in logistical terms, a worse case scenario. Think of it this way, what would you and every other NFL fan say if it DID happen and the NFL announced that they hadn’t made plans for it because they didn’t think it could happen?

  19. That is a stooopid, stooopid idea Florio. To do this in kind of a one time thing, fine, but to do this on a regular basis…no chance Florio, no chance.
    Try again…

  20. What a waste of the League’s time and energy. Everybody knows that with the Cowboys’ 12-4 record and second place finish in the NFC, and a divisional round exit for the Giants, the road to the Super Bowl runs through Dallas.
    As for the Jets, um, they won’t need the field either.

  21. Sunday and Monday is dumb. They shold do Saturday and Sunday, although I know one of the Conferences will complain that likely at least one of their teams will have one day less to prepare for the game.

  22. Well, at least Goodell and the NFL won’t follow MLB’s lead and have the game in Milwaukee.

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