In the domestic dispute that will likely never end, the mother of Brian Urlacher’s son claims that the Bears middle linebacker is causing the young boy confusing regarding his gender.
By painting his toenails and equipping him with Cinderella diapers.
The charges were made in court on Tuesday, in connection with an effort by Urlacher to force the boy’s mother, Tyna Robertson, to allow Urlacher to spend time with his son.
Robertson said she’ll allow Urlacher to see the child if Urlacher stops painting the boy’s toenails and provides him with “gender-appropriate” protective undergarments.
After the hearing, Robertson held court with the media and launched various allegations at Urlacher.
“[He] pulls down his pants and says, ‘Mommy, look how pretty they are,'” Robertson said.
“Big boys paint their nails,” the boy told Robertson (according to Robertson).  “He’d say, ‘Mommy, I don’t want to get my nails wet.  I don’t want to mess them up,'” she said. “It took two hours to get him in the bath.”
Robertson said that Urlacher refused to change his ways.  “He says he can do whatever he wants,” Robertson said. “[Urlacher said], ‘It doesn’t make him feminine.  It doesn’t make him gay.’
“You’re confusing him, if he’s a boy or a girl,” Robertson said.
It appears, however, that Urlacher’s girlfriend might have been the one who painted the boy’s nails and/or purchased the pink Pull-Ups.  Urlacher didn’t attend the hearing, which was covered by his lawyer. 
This is the latest round in a war of words that last created a stir in 2007, when Robertson accused Urlacher of sending her hostile and profane text messages.  The irony here is that, in one of the messages, Urlachers allegedly accused Robertson of “raising a little p—y.”


  1. Give the guy a break. Maybe he wanted his son’s toenails and diapers/underwear to match his own.

  2. Do both these idiots realize what they’re doing to their son? Now they’re arguing in the media about what type of diapers the kid should be wearing. He’s gonna grow up with some serious mental issues if they keep it up. What a bunch of idiots. They’re spending more time with the media than they do with their son.

  3. I have a feeling that neither is going to win a Parent of the Year award anytime soon, but of the two, the wife is bat-shit crazy.

  4. this is horrible, but I especially hate to see a topic like this discussed by sports fans, 90% of whom seem to be genuine bigots.

  5. As the father of a daughter, I don’t see any problem with painting their nails or the pink diapers. What is everyone so worked…oh…its a boy…yep, that’s kind of weird.

  6. I painted my nails and wore girl diapers when I was a kid and I turned out just fine…In fact I was just accepted into the coolest cult in school.

  7. Cut the guy some slack, he is after all a Bear’s middle Linebacker, look at Singletary trying to fire up his team by showing them his bear ( no pun) ass! Confusing ideas must go with the position………

  8. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, ahhh. This made my day at work. You don’t even know how many people I will be emailing this to.

  9. He certainly has been playing as if he’s the one with gender confusion.
    Learn to go strong at the ball and get off a block.
    Urlacher, quit turning my defense into a little p___y.

  10. Oh, also, way to show you really care, by sending a lawyer to the deposition and skipping it.
    Really? You’ll fight for custody…but not in person? Yowza. This kid’s screwed.

  11. This all stems from the 2006 Bears/Pats game. Since being juked really, really badly by Tom Brady (!), Brian Urlacher continues to question his gender. (Him being tossed around at the goal line by the Packers didn’t help…)

  12. Urlacher… try painting Adrian Peterson’s toes as he runs over you and your teams’ ass on Sunday night as he always does!
    224 yards, 3 td’s
    78 yards, 2 td’s
    121 yards, 2 td’s
    423 yards & 7 td’s
    I would expect that total to grow to at least 500 yards and probably 10 Td’s

  13. “It doesn’t make him gay.’”
    According to Family Guy if the kid has an acidic compound instead of blood then he is gay.

  14. painting his kid’s toe nails, putting him in girls diapers . . wtf?
    Even if it is his girlfriend doing this . .where the hell is he to stop her?

  15. I always found it amazing that you had pass a test, have a licence, and get insurance in order to be allowed to drive, but any moron could be a parent, no questions asked.

  16. It was just a motion hearing. Absolutely no reason for him to be there unless he doesn’t have anything better to do. She can’t arbitrarily decide that she’s not gonna let Urlacher see his baby so it’s a slam dunk anyway. You can’t just sashay into court and start talking silly shit like this and expect a judge to assign it any credibility.
    Factoid: Mike Singletary’s mom used to put a dress on him when he was a baby. Many old school mothers did the same thing back in the day because it made diaper-changing easier. I doubt she ever put nail polish on him though. Girlfriend needs her ass whipped over that if for no other reason than the kid might chew on his toes or something.

  17. Vox Veritas: where DID you get that Singletary factoid?
    “They”, the media, some fans, were putting Urlacher in the HOF two years ago.
    Even IF he played at that level, even IF he hadn’t bitched about a contract extension
    and more money he didn’t deserve, he’s not worth the trouble.
    I have no idea about pretty underpants for the son of a Chicago Bear middle
    linebacker but when Singletary dropped his drawers a few weeks back, just
    get the same kind, Brian.
    BTW, google “Tyna Robertson” and you’ll see what he’s up against. She very much
    looks like a tough broad. Maybe 4 years in New Mexico made her seem “exotic”.

  18. Hey, I do that with ny son all the time. I don’t see anything wrong with that. Well I have to be skipping along now. Tra la la la la la la!!!

  19. If this is proven to be true…I’d say Urlacher should be referred to a good neurologist. Sounds like he has taken a few too many shots to the head.

  20. Another reason no NFL player should be allowed outside their team’s training complex unless they’re wrapped in latex.

  21. Would it sound to jaded to say
    that a bitter ex-girlfriend with a child
    might tell lies and try to hold the kid hostage
    to spite and hassle her filthy rich jock ex-boyfriend?
    the problem with a lot of women is
    they never fight fair
    after it’s all said and done.

  22. To me it sounds like complete BS and it seems she is trying anything possible to make Urlacher look bad. I think it’s a load of garbage.

  23. This same broad accused Michael Flatley of rape (the same guy who taught Ocho Cinco how to dance). Could there be a mix-up and this is really Flatley’s bastard love-child? Maybe the kid is a pussy after all.

  24. “Vox Veretus says:
    November 26th, 2008 at 12:55 pm
    i do that to my son ”
    I wouldn’t expect anything less coming from someone in Texas. What was that saying, “The only thing in Texas as Steers and Queers”

  25. If Urlacher did do this, it must’ve been before he started using Old Spice. No way he’d do it now. Unless he painted the kid’s nails black for a Criss Angel tribute party…

  26. Aside from the whole ridiculous allegation, I find it hard to read stories like these when one of the parties (tragically, the mom) uses the media to exact some sort of agenda on their ex with no consideration at all for their child. There should be some kinda law which ensures privacy in these matters and penalizes those who bring vexatious actions into court. There’s a real tragedy here. Sadly the child has that mom for the rest of his life.

  27. I have five kids. I would worry more about having to clean the mess than the fact that the diaper is pink/green/polka-dotted. We have accidentally purchased the wrong diaper. Who cares? Better to use them than toss them in the trash.
    Realistically, the new girlfriend probably purchased the girly diapers after she figured out it would piss off the ex. The ex needs some really good medication if she gets this pissed.

  28. Ralphie says:
    November 26th, 2008 at 1:48 pm
    This same broad accused Michael Flatley of rape (the same guy who taught Ocho Cinco how to dance). Could there be a mix-up and this is really Flatley’s bastard love-child? Maybe the kid is a pussy after all.
    haha! ralphie for comment of the year!

  29. I seriously doubt that any of these statements are true. The girlfriend sounds like a complete whackjob. I don’t know of any man who even wants his boy playing dolls even though most do so on their own. A dad certainly isn’t going to try and cause the kid to question his gender. That’s ridiculous. If the judge is a father, he would never buy into this.

  30. Yet another sad story of an innocent kid being treated like sh!t by two petty adults (posing as his parents who should be his support system) to get back at each other.

  31. This chick is a money grubbing whore. Her story has changed more times than the diapers the kid is wearing. Urlacher didn’t even attend court because he knows how bullshit the allegations are so he just sent his lawyer. In the end the chick will get nothing and Urlacher will get the boy because the mom is bat shit crazy.

  32. What’s wrong with you Brian? Don’t you know how to just pay for hookers/strippers and move on like all the other athletes and entertainers, lol.
    Checking out this psycho chick and the dummies who’ve gotten involved with her despite her reputation, she must have a snapper like Wonder Woman, lol.

  33. Look, Tyna Robertson has her own Wikepedia page.
    Google it.
    She made a career out of pursuing rich and famous men and then trying to get money from them. She is a celebrity stalker par execellence.
    She probably thought she struck a gold mine getting Urlacher into her bed and getting pregnant by him.
    Anybody taking her word for anything is so freaking stupid it must be a pain to actually know you.
    She holds court for reporters so she can make claims knowing full well Urlacher won’t be there to answer her. She has a history of making wild and unsubstantiated claims in the past, such as when she accused Flatley of rape in an attempt to extort money from him.
    I can’t think of a single more compelling story to show rookies entering the NFL about how they should act with groupies and strange women that pursue them than this one about Urlacher and Robertson.
    She’s gonna hound him for money for the rest of his freaking life, while doing everything she can to make him look as evil and twisted and sick as possible in the process. She is a profoundly negative person and it’s a shame Urlacher can’t get custody of this kid away from her.

  34. LOL..OMG I guess we get the underlining meaning and reason for his Old Spice Swagger commercial…he is trying to set then\ “manly example” for his son..
    “Stop ye and shut up”
    Seriously Brian…not mind everyone else…its perfectly fine for you to do that your son…after all he is a mirror image of you…I bet you LOVE FATHER/ SON day at the local YMCA right?
    Brian was that you in the front row of the Village People concert i saw on retro MTV?

  35. Maybe the BEARS as a whole can sit and worry about their nail colors and what color pull ups they have on as they take a MN Style whoopin…..

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