A friend of Jaguars receiver Mike Walker was stabbed and killed at an Orlando nightclub on Friday morning, and Walker was at the scene when the stabbing occurred.
Winfred Ezell, 23, had been involved in an argument that escalated to a fight at Club Whispers.  Ezell was found on the floor at the club, and employees were unable to revive him with CPR.
Authorities have not yet located the suspect.
“Mike came to me this morning prior to meetings to tell me that he was visiting friends in Orlando,’’ coach Jack Del Rio said.  “He explained that a friend was stabbed and died.  I excused him from practice today to deal with the situation.’’
The incident comes almost three months after Jaguars offensive lineman Richard Collier was shot multiple times, allegedly by a man with whom Collier had scuffled at a night club several months earlier.
Walker, a third-round pick in 2007, is originally from Orlando, and he attended college at Central Florida.  He has 14 catches for 176 yards in six appearances this season.  Walker started the Jags’ November 16 game against the Titans.
UPDATEThis link seems to suggest that Walker wasn’t at the scene at the moment when his friend was stabbed.


  1. My God what is it with the chicken shit cowards of today who have to carry knives and guns because they can’t put em’ up and fight like a man. Too afraid to take an ass whipping so they have to shoot and stab people.
    They just need to start taking violent criminals who kill people and execute them in the streets on live national TV and leave their bodies to rot where they lay as a message to those who would so the same.

  2. I don’t think this says anything bad about Walker. I’m tired of people referring to players as “thugs” just because they go to clubs or try to live a normal life. There are people out there that will shoot, stab, beat up, etc, even when there’s no merit to it. Maybe the guy bought a drink for somebody else’s GF? Does that make them thugs?
    Sometimes bad things happen to good (or at least decent) people.

  3. ALright!!
    Let’s condemn a guy for having a friend who gets stabbed to death!
    Classy move, PFT Nation!!

  4. Life is so easy in the NFL for a thug that they have to go to clubs and start fights just too feel like they representin’. They like to get cred’ for starting a fight, then sit back and watch their buddies do battle. That’s the risk involved with being a member of an NFL thugs posse- Gotta take care of bidness when the player runs his mouth, and hopefully you won’t run into any one with a gun or a knife.

  5. hesawinner, did you even bother to read the update about Walker? It appears he wasn’t even there when his friend was stabbed. Nice comment, I’ll bet you made your mama proud with that one, huh? Why don’t you tell us how you really feel?

  6. You have to excuse the slow people who make the crude comments for attention.
    As for the adults reading here, these players need to realize there is a different atmosphere when they mingle with the public these days.
    Whereas in the old days, players were worshipped and protected by the general public, there is an unsavory element into illegal activities with just as much illegal money, who are looking for just as much respect.
    At some point, our society needs to get back to emphasizing to these children a need to respect and cherish life more than the current sociological environment stresses.

  7. “My God what is it with the chicken shit cowards of today who have to carry knives and guns because they can’t put em’ up and fight like a man.”
    I’m not condoning weaponry whatsoever, but these “chicken shits” have been carrying switchblades, industrial chains and guns since at least the ’40s. The sad reality is that it’s nothing new — violence has been part of innercity culture for decades and, unfortunately, there’s no end in sight. Remember that thugs of today try to model their lifestyles after the glorified history of guys like Al Capone and John Gotti. We’ve only ourselves to blame. Sad but true.

  8. The club it occured at Parliament House Resort is actually a gay nightclub around a seedy area on Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando.

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