A source with knowledge of the situation tells us that running back Derrick Ward is the third Giants player who is believed to have been present when receiver Plaxico Burress accidentally created two new holes in his body.
To be clear, we’re reporting only that Ward is the person to whom media reports regarding a third Giants player are referring.  Ward is accused of no wrongdoing, and his role (if any) in the incident and its aftermath is unknown.
As to the second player, linebacker Antonio Pierce, Jay Glazer of FOX described his potential criminal charge as “obstruction of justice.”
But if (as reported by multiple media outlets) Pierce took possession of the gun in New York City in order to transport the gun out of New York City, he could face the same illegal possession charge that could send Plaxico away for a minimum of 3.5 years.
UPDATE:  We’re now hearing conflicting information as to whether Ward was the third guy.  Another source tells us that Ward wasn’t the third guy.  The police think it was Ward, but the team thinks it was someone else.


  1. If Plexi’s crime is a felony, wouldn’t Pierce be looking at charges relating to abetting (or some legal term) a felony after the fact? And knowingly taking a weapon used in the commission of said felony across state lines? That’s not cool. Man these guys all need Pacman style baby-sitters. Maybe they should keep hangin’ around with the dealers and such that protected them on the way up so that at the least, these guys could offer some advice (like, my cousin did that and then we did this…) and maybe be a fall guy instead of pro-bowl caliber players

  2. Antonio Pierce just got married, didn’t he? He was on Howard Stern about
    four months ago and said all that partying was behind him. Now he’s a gangster?
    What’s up with that?

  3. As a fine, Plaxico should be sentenced to watch the abysmal “five dollar footlong” commercial 50 times. 3.5 five years in prison cannot be worse. Waterboarding cannot be worse. That Toyota spot is gone, when will the five dollar crap be gone?

  4. A felony in NYS is a MUST arrest. Pierce’s attorney will be working out a deal with the Manhattan DA ( not the police). If the gun is an illegal handgun, it gets very ugly for both. As in federal, state line deal.
    Pierce was in the rock and hard place and did what anyone else would do. He was allegedly livid that Plax had a gun and very often that is taken into consideration. But isn’t he on probation for animal neglect?
    The Hospital is screwed for not notifying the Police as is the Club. I’ve never heard of a hospital not notifying the police before. A serious Bozo no-no. I’m sure PC Ray Kelly is a tad peeved about the non notification.
    Plax gets charged with Reckless Endangerment, CPW and pleads out to who knows what kind of big house time . Pierce pleads out to Obstruction and serves no time. Sad ending for Plax in NY. At least
    he didn’t hurt anyone nor himself.

  5. at least he didn’t hurt anyone or himself? He shot himself in the friggin’ leg, my guess would be that it hurt.
    when is goodell gonna make good on his word to clean up the nfl. get rid of plax, pacman, tank johnson, and for goodness sake don’t let vick back in the league. this is just getting stupid

  6. Welcome to thug life, NFL style
    Maybe the commish will step in and set the record straight. The league doesn’t have an image problem, and Tags, I mean Goodell, is firmly in charge.
    I just can’t wait to see what he does in this situation, being in the emerald city and all. Maybe Plaxico was really kidnapped and shot by aliens. Yeah, that’s the ticket

  7. It was pacman he could not stop him in the game so he figured he would shoot him in the leg
    Two rival punk thugs dukeing it out in the street of NY

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