In 2007, when New York City launched an extensive campaign aimed at making folks aware of the consequences of illegal firearms possession, Mayor Michael Bloomberg was unequivocal.
“[I]f you are convicted,” Bloomberg said, “you will serve a minimum of 3-1/2 years behind bars — no exceptions.”
Bloomberg displayed similar clarity on Monday, calling for the law to be applied as written to Giants receiver Plaxico Burress.
Described as “fuming” in media accounts, Bloomberg said Monday that Burress should be prosecuted “to the fullest extent of the law.”
“It’s pretty hard to argue the guy didn’t have a gun and that it wasn’t loaded,” Burress Bloomberg said.  “You’ve got bullet holes in and out to show that it was there.”
As to the crystal-clear contents of the relevant statute, Bloomberg said, “[Y]ou go automatically to three-and-a-half years in the slammer.  And I don’t think that anybody should be exempt from that.  And I think it would be an outrage if we don’t prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.
“Our children are getting killed with guns on the street.  Our police officers are getting killed with guns in the hands of criminals.”
As we pointed out earlier in the day, Plaxico’s profile could make him a target for aggressive prosecution.  The stream of news accounts arising from the court proceedings will do more to deter New Yorkers from taking loaded guns into public places than any amount of public service announcements.
Bloomberg addressed the role of Burress’ notoriety in the case, saying that “people who live in the public domain” should be held responsible for their conduct because “they are the role models for our kids.”  Not prosecuting those who “make their living because of their visibility” would, in Bloomberg’s opinion, make “a sham, a mockery of the law.”
Bloomberg also had choice words for the hospital that failed to alert police that the victim of a gunshot wound was receiving treatment.
“It’s a misdemeanor, it’s a chargeable offense, and I think that the district attorney should certainly go after the management of this hospital,” Bloomberg said.  “This is a world-class hospital in a city where we all know what goes on in the streets of our city and where all should be working to get guns off the street.”
And despite prior reports that the Giants had alerted police to the shooting, Bloomberg said that authorities learned of it only through the media, and that the team didn’t report the incident.
“The hospital didn’t call and the Giants didn’t call,” Bloomberg said.  “And the Giants should have picked up the phone right away as good corporate citizens.  I don’t care whether [there is] the legal responsibility for them to do it.”
Man, a politican who doesn’t mince words and tells it like he sees it.  That’s roughly as rare as seeing a polar bear sunbathing in South Florida.


  1. Oh, I see. Commrade Bloomberg passes some fascist unconstitutional ban on gun possession by law abiding citizens, and the Giants are supposed to narc out one of their players. Riiiiight.

  2. If he backs up his words he will be the first politician in a very long time that actually did do what he said he would. Also would mean his party would never let him run for president.

  3. is Bloomberg then implying that it would be a “shamockery”??!!! or better yet a “travashamockery”?!!!

  4. Best Mayor Ever!!! I’m not sure what will happen, but I’ve always been really impressed with Mayor Bloomberg, and I’m glad he’s going to get some time to continue improving everything around here!!!

  5. Didn’t bloomberg get in trouble a little while back for trampling on the 2nd amendment? Not to mention if I remember right he tried to make a judge gag a defendant (Gun Store owner) from even mentioning the 2nd amendment which of course would violate the 1st amendment. Bloomberg runs his anti-gun efforts like Spitzer ran against companies, in most parts of the world the word is extortion, in Florio world its political honesty. Scary.

  6. “Our children are getting killed with guns on the street. Our police officers are getting killed with guns in the hands of criminals.”

  7. Bloomberg usually has his head up his A$$ but he’s right wanting to make an example out of the thug Burress and the renegade hospital.

  8. From now on Plax’s new name = CHEDDAR BOB
    Cheddar Bob is known as Jimmy’s (Eminem’s) dumb friend in the movie 8 Mile, who is slightly retarded and ends up shooting himself in the crotch.
    I think its’ a perfect fit.

  9. I agree with Bloomberg, but isn’t this the same guy who had his buddies in the NYC council change the law so he could seek a 3RD term in office? Not exactly someone who respects the law now, is he?

  10. Basically the only way Plax doesn’t get 3 years in prison is if he can convince a judge (jury?) that SOMEBODY ELSE was carrying that gun.
    “So you see judge, my client was shot by a stranger. Then the stranger handed my client the gun, at which time, my client immediately handed it to Antonio Pierce, who transported it over state lines from NY to my clients home in NJ, in an attempt to … oh screw it, we give up.”

  11. “Oh, I see. Commrade Bloomberg passes some fascist unconstitutional ban on gun possession by law abiding citizens, and the Giants are supposed to narc out one of their players. Riiiiight.
    THE MAN DID NOT HAVE A PERMIT TO CARRY A GUN!!!!! How can you say he was law abiding? Plax is an overpaid punk just like several others who have done equally stupid things (i.e. Chad Johnson…Terrell Owens…Randy Moss…). Not to mention that this isn’t the first time Plaxico has acted stupid this season. I believe most teams want their players seen (on the field) and not heard (off the field).

  12. Fun fact: Michael Bloomberg is a Massachusetts native. Looks like he’s getting revenge for the Super Bowl.

  13. You’ve never seen a polar bear sunbathing in South Florida? Those Florio family vacations must amazing then… I bet Florio Jr. would loves Canada.

  14. No polar bears in FL? You haven’t seen me by the pool….
    But seriously, this is a MEGA-screwup by Plax (and maybe Pierce) when he should be focusing on helping his team repeat as SB Champs. Plax is the very epitome of a turd. Even Pacman wasn’t this stupid – yet.
    And Bloomberg is only the best mayor NYC has had in my lifetime, Rudy (who IMO was also very good) included. He’s about enforcing the law impartially. Who can deny the principle there?
    It’s tough enough to police a major city without letting people with money, power, or connections get off lightly – and even worse, to be seen as such. Every punk in NYC will say, if Plax can do it, why not me? Where is my constitutional right to equal protection? Where is the promise of the American legal ideal? Realizing that the legal ideal is not always upheld, visibly blowing it off for a prominent Baller makes the City little more than a banana republic.

  15. Just curious, but when did it become a felony to own a firearm in the United States? Doesn’t our consitution protect our rights to own firearms? And when did it become legal to force citizens to have to register their firearms with state authorities in order for a firearm to be legally owned/possessed. Doesn’t our constitution prevent the federal governement from enforcing such restrictions? And if it doesn’t, shouldn’t it? I mean, didn’t the National Socialist party in Germany make a law that forced all citizens to register their firearms with the state during the 1930’s? We all know where they went from there, right?
    (And remember, we’re taking away your freedoms for your own good.)

  16. The decision to charge or not charge Burress should be made in the same manner it is made for other defendants. If it is commonplace for first time offenders to plea to a lesser offense, then it should happen in this instance as well. Burress’s celebrity should not create a greater punishment than the non-celebs have received.

  17. Cheddar Bob needs to be put away for being an idiot. The Giants tell their players at the begininng of every year what the law is regarding loaded hand guns. He knew the law, why else would he spend 90 min. calling hospitals to find the one that wouldn’t report it. The law is the law, and when it is broken you should not get a pass because you are a “name.”

  18. Gotta love gun nuts. Gotta have a license to drive but be damned if you gotta have one to carry a device with the sole intetion of killing things.

  19. this would be good for the Giants wouldn’t it? They could then terminate this highly overpaid team cancer.

  20. This is a reply to an earlier post that I commented on that no Giants fans will go back to so I’m replying here: To the Giants fans who argued with me in an earlier post, “Police have Plax’s Gun”… Burress was a factor last time the Eagles and Giants played because the Eagles kept both safties over the top to stop that and NEVER loaded the box… but I guess I don’t know football. And to the idiot who said the Redskins secondary is better then the Eagles… you’re a fool. Plain and simple. With no Burress the safties will support the run and the rest of the mediocre recievers will not do much against the Eagles. Eli is not impressive. He was the MVP ONLY because his brother was the year before. Justin Tuck was the MVP of that game, and anyone who argues that doesn’t no football. I’d take Romo over She-li, McNabb over him, and even Campell over him. Hell, any quarterback would look good with that defense and handing off to Jacobs. Eagles win, 24-16, because they need to win to stay alive. MARK IT DOWN BITCHES

  21. Florio needs to go over to the city and help prosecute the guy… Maybe they’ll let him tighten the cuffs.
    Come on!!

  22. I fail to see why Burress should be condemned for violating an unjust, illegitimate, wrong, and null and void law that has no business being on the books and that therefore no one is under any legitimate obligation to obey.
    He should be praised.

  23. Burress will walk (er, make that limp). He’s not going to jail. Regardless of what people think, this will be a tough case to prove. Will the prosecution have the bullet so that they may tie it to his gun? Without that the defense will have some wiggle room. No matter what Plax has already said, the truth is that he didn’t make admissions to the police, did he? His defense may be able to get other witness statements thrown out and, believe me, his “homies” recollections will change to suit him. The prosecutor will plead this down to a non-jailable offense. I admire Bloomberg, but Plax won’t do time.

  24. @ZNorseman,
    Do you ever post anything that makes sense? Every time I read a post from you it is either delusional or it shows that you can’t read. You can own a gun in NY, but you can’t conceal and carry a loaded gun into public places. In your own home, fine. Outside your home, it must be unloaded and not concealed. That means stuffed in your jacket or your waistband.

  25. -Z:
    it’s not a felony if you own a gun, but it’s a felony when you carry a loaded, concealed weapon, without a carrier permit.

  26. “Just curious, but when did it become a felony to own a firearm in the United States? ”
    It isn’t. It’s against the law in a specific part of the United States to carry a conceal a loaded specific type of firearm and carry it around with you in public. If Plax wanted it for protection of his home then it’s well within his rights. He lives in Jersey anyway, different set of laws. Bloomberg has no say there.
    But this guy took a loaded gun out with him to a nightclub. That doesn’t seem like trouble in the making?
    Then he shot himself and his friend and teammate took possession of the gun. Plax clearly knew he was in deep sh!t because, with a gun wound in his leg, he waited around to find a hospital that wouldn’t report the incident to police. Big no-no.
    Look, I’m all for it if a town has lenient gun carrying laws. More power to them. But it’s simply not going to work in a huge metropolis like New York. If you take a group of young males drunk on their own inflated sense of self worth, put them in a confined space for a few hours, give them liquor and access to women…. then ARM them… I mean, is there a bigger recipe for disaster? This is just common sense, it’s a no brainer. You can’t have that crap going on.

  27. This is surely a lead in story for the UFL.
    Announcer: “Starting WR for your Bismark, North Dakota Larks, Plaxico Burress”
    Fan #1: Yaaaayyyyyy
    Fan #2: What is so exciting
    Fan #1: Plaxico Burress the former Giant turned Bismark Lark. You know the former NFL star turned UFL because he was an idiot?
    Fan #2: I thought this was a fall tractor pull? I am leaving.
    Crickets: chirp chirp.
    Another dumb ass. What is this turning into the NBA. Please make it stop.

  28. How would you feel if he actually shot someone else? I’m sure his friends and family would help cover it up because they have 35 million reasons to do so.

  29. As to all this silly talk about Plax having his constitutional rights violated by NYC, NY is not saying he can’t possess a gun, they’re just making him get a license to carry one. Big difference. There is a compelling state interest in regulating an individuals right to carry a gun due to guns being inherently dangerous. Just because you have a right, it doesn’t mean it is an unlimited right.

  30. I am a HUGE gun rights advocate, but YOU HAVE TO DO IT LEGALLY, FOLKS!
    If you see me in public, 99% of the time I have a fully loaded Glock 19 on my person. I also have a valid permit to carry and conceal said Glock. If you cannot legally carry a pistol, there is a very good reason for that. If you have a laundry list of arrests and legal issues, you probably shouldn’t carry a gun. If you are a hot-head or a drunkard, or spend a lot of time in bars, you probably should not carry a gun in public. If you are a multi-millionaire sports star, you should pay someone else who is licensed to carry the gun for you.
    If you live in a city that is not gun friendly, move. I have no sympathy for anyone who thumbs their noses at gun laws. You are making us law-abiding, gun toting citizens look bad.

  31. It’s the law. How hard is that to understand? You have freedom of speech, but you can’t shout fire in a crowded theater. You have the right to bear arms, but not the right to discharge a concealed weapon in a public place. What is so hard to understand about that? If you don’t like the law, take it to the Supreme Court or move to another country.
    I’ll take the over on Big Al. There is no one to implicate here except Plax himself, and The Rev is not going to go after him.

  32. No, you don’t.
    The whole point of private weapons ownership is to ensure that the populace can mount an effective revolt against the government, should it be necessary.
    Given that, then, any government restriction of private ownership of any weapons of any type at any level for any reason is absurd and illegitimate. It’s a massively unjustifiable conflict of interest.

  33. Pffft, yeah, yeah, yeah Bloomberg, all talk, no action. Plaxico and his high-price lawyer will loophole you to death on this one. Not a day jail will be served.

  34. Listen, I rarely make personal attacks, but I can’t hold it in any longer. Y’all who are saying “since when was it illegal to own a gun in the USA?”. You guys are morons and I’m pretty sure that you comprise the portion of the population that the rest of the population doesn’t want carrying loaded weapons!
    It’s not FRIGGIN’ illegal to own and possess a firearm. That being said, don’t you think there is a gigantic, compelling state interest in knowing who owns which firearm? Moreover, are you small-pecker, gun-lovers really advocating not having ANY sort of restrictions on who may own and possess what? See, the idea is that we collectively agree to give up some freedoms so that we may preserve more freedom for more people, and our state regulating who can carry a firearm, and knowing who it is that owns which firearm is a means to that end.

  35. Great! Make an example of him!
    Its pathetic how guys like Vick, Pacman, and now Burress are/were lucky enough to be in a place to play pro football and make millions and millions of dollars, and they throw it all away because they’d rather be thugs and commit crimes.

  36. “Plax is an overpaid punk just like several others who have done equally stupid things (i.e. Chad Johnson…Terrell Owens…Randy Moss…)”
    I must have missed the part where those guys shot themselves in a bar.

  37. “doesn’t no football”= know. And 25yrs ago when I was stationed at Ft. Hood, Texas, every bar I went into had a huge sign saying that it was against Texas law to carry a handgun into a place serving alcohol. This isn’t something new.

  38. Hey ZNorseman….it isn’t a felony to carry a gun (with a permit) but then again Obama isn’t in office just yet.

  39. There is a big difference between the right to bear arms and carrying a LOADED weapon, presumably without the use of a safety, while drinking alcohol. What if he accidentally shot someone and killed them, would that be considered fascist? Whether you agree or disagree, the law is the law. Strahan said this weekend that the team stresses this law every year to all the players and that Burress had to know it. Besides, if it is his god given right then why not just get a permit like the rest of the people in NY? Apparently Plaxico is either stupid, thinks he is above the law, and or both. Probably the later…..
    Plaxico, meet your new employer Mr. Al Davis.

  40. I’ll never buy the “I carry a gun for self-defense” arguement. If you are going someplace where you feel you need a gun for self-defense, STAY HOME!

  41. hahahahahahahahah… pause.. breath.. hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahah
    and you idiots who think he shouldnt do time are even more retarded we have laws for a reason.. just cuz this dope plays for the giants doesnt put him higher than any of us…

  42. whatthehellisgoingonoutthere,
    Thanks for clearing that up guys. I knew the law on the conceals weapons thing, but I was mislead due to Florio’s post which said:
    “the consequences of illegal firearms possession”
    Which mislead me to believe that NY had some kind of Washington DC gun law that prevented ownership of certain firearms without registration and approval by the state.

  43. Bloomberg is an idiot – isn’t he taking a chance that the NY Giants might move to say New jersey with comments like that?

  44. 1- Even if Plax went to the trouble to get a permit to carry, it’s illegal to carry a firearm in a bar. NYC isn’t unique in this respect.
    2- For those of you who are unfamiliar with Bloomberg, he’s a no-nonsense, hard working politician who would never compromise the integrity of the city for the sake of going easy on a celebrity. Agree or disagree with his policies, but admit that he’s one of the few genuine politicians out there who shoots from the hip and puts his job first.
    3- If you’re going to get on a soapbox for gun ownership rights, find another case to get behind. As a gun owner with a carry permit, I’m pretty surprised to see anyone get behind this guy. The Plaxico’s of this country give the wrong impression of what responsible gun ownership is about, and fuel the fire of anti-gun sentiments. Those of us who support gun ownership rights should be eager to point out the fact that the actions of those who disregard ownership and safety laws have little association with those of us who adhere to such standards. We should be in favor of legal prosecution of those who discredit gun rights, not look to defend them.

  45. God bless Bloomberg, wish we had laws like that in Chicago.
    Clearly, requiring someone to have a permit before they carry a loaded and concealed firearm into a nightclub with the intention of getting drunk was what the founding fathers wanted to protect us all against. Idiot.
    Have your guns in North Dakota or whatever redneck state your from, leave the rest of us who actually have to deal with gun violence alone. Oh, and maybe read the Constitution before you make constitutional arguments.
    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”

  46. If you don’t like the law you fight to change it or go where it doesn’t apply to you. If you break it you’ve got to be prepared to pay the consequences. I don’t like the NY gun laws, but you can’t have a bar full of people “packin heat” either. When I was in Arizona many years ago, you could check in your gun with the bartender and retrieve it when you were ready to leave.
    If you think your above the law sooner or later reality slaps you in the face. Bloomberg is an a-hole, but the law needs to apply to everyone the same way. Maybe Plaxico can plead diminished mental capacity ,apparently he ain’t too bright.
    ZNOrseman, They elected a slick talker with no experience who made promises he never meant to keep and took away rights, destroyed the middle class and killed millions. That could NEVER happen here. We got Hillary.
    $0.02 back at ya

  47. The reality is that Plax needs to go to jail, that’s the law in NYC, he broke it, it’s open and shut. That said, this should be an example of how absolutely absurd these gun laws are. Does anyone honestly think Plaxico Burress is a threat? Is anyone installing bars on their windows to keep Plaxico Burress out? Is anyone avoiding walking through the park at night because of their fear that Plaxico Burress might be lurking there? This is what happens when you blame inanimate objects for the actions of humans. I know it’s cliche, but guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Here in Chicago we have some of the most oppressive gun control laws in the country and despite that more people got murdered here last year than in Iraq.
    Celebrities have to be subject to the same laws as everyone else, there are tons of otherwise innocent individuals who are clogging up jails all over the country for breaking stupid counterproductive laws like this, we should recognize that this is absolutely ridiculous, but also recognize it’s ridiculous this crap happens to anyone.

  48. These posturing public officials need to stop with the whole “NFL players are role models for our kids” nonsense. I’m not a Plax fan, but it’s not his responsibility to raise anybody’s kids but his own (if he has any). If you’re a parent, raise your own kids and be a role model to your own kids. If you can’t do that, then it’s called birth control…..look into it. And given what’s happened to guys like Darrent Williams, Javon Walker, and Richard Collier I don’t think it’s far fetched for NFL players to want to carry weapons. Granted, Plax should’ve taken better care to make sure his permit was up to date instead of expired by 5 or 6 months.
    He won’t do any real time.

  49. Hmmm… I wonder if he’ll get house arrest or work-release? He can be out of the pokey for practice (Yeah, I’m talkin’ ’bout practice!!) and games (regular and post-season). In between, it’s back in the pokey. Maybe he can get out for good behavior.

  50. This controversy has nothing to do with Burress and everything to do with the political climate. Burress was unfortunate enough to have this accident happen at this particular time in history. His crime is essentially not being a good filer of paperwork. If he had been this wouldn’t be such a political football.

  51. WOW!!!! Mayor Bloomberg!!! That’s got to be the most brutally honest, common sense rant I have heard out of a politician’s mouth in quite some time……..Nice job:))

  52. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. You hearing me Bloomberg. I just want to make sure you are hearing me!

  53. With all the money the Giants are paying that clown,and the education he “earned” at Michigan State University,you would think he would have been smart enough to use some of that loot to hire a body guard.

  54. dumb thought on my part,he would have shot himself in the head if he’d have worn it like an earing,,,nevermind

  55. Osiris, you are an idiot. What is your basis for claiming that the NY gun ban is unconstitutional? It doesn’t completely ban gun possession, which would be unconstitutional. Rather, it requires people to a) register the firearm (this is pretty reasonable and simple to do, right? go fill out some paperwork and pay a fee?) and b) apply for and be approved for a conceal-carry permit before being allowed to carry the gun in public. Either way, in most states, the public discharge of a firearm in a building is illegal. And Plaxico was at a club where people had been drinking. Presumably, Plaxico was drinking. That’s pretty dangerous. And what was he doing carrying a LOADED firearm in a crowded building? Maybe the gun ban is excessive in its proportions, but I will have no problem with how it is applied to Plaxico. And before you go accusing me of being a liberal, I’m a criminal defense attorney, so I’m generally defendant friendly.
    “Osiris33 says:
    December 1st, 2008 at 4:18 pm
    Oh, I see. Commrade Bloomberg passes some fascist unconstitutional ban on gun possession by law abiding citizens, and the Giants are supposed to narc out one of their players. Riiiiight.”

  56. “Compelling state interest”. I guess this is the line was in a recent Fauxbama talking points memo?

  57. Kurt Weber – Go to law school. Law students need jackasses like you to pad the curve. Too bad you probably couldn’t even get into Widener.

  58. the beez:
    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
    That’s actually not the version of the amendment that was ratified by the states. The original version is:
    “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”
    The difference is that the lack of those extra commas more clearly illustrates what the amendment is saying: since a militia is necessary to provide security, the People shall always have the right to arm themselves.
    No sane person would attempt to argue, whichever version you choose, that the words have any connotation to imply that the right only applies to a person at certain times or places. That would be kind of like the “free speech zones” which our lovely government has decided to invent (funny, I thought the entire US was a “free speech zone”) which are also unconstitutional.
    The real problem is that the law doesn’t even do what it intends to do (obviously it didn’t stop Burress, a high profile celebrity, from bringing an illegal gun into a club). If you folks in New York have to have your gun prohibitions, then more power to you since I don’t live there. However, gun control doesn’t work, so eventually you will have to learn that the hard way. People who own and carry illegal weapons already do so in spite of the law, and anyone who thinks that Plaxico Burress shooting himself is going to deter criminals from breaking laws that they’re already knowingly breaking is suffering from delusions.
    I simply don’t see the problem with bringing a firearm into a place of business. Other states have concealed carry laws, and I would actually feel safer if my state did, too. Any place where guns are prohibited is a prime target for psychotic individuals who just want to inflict damage upon the lives of others. Why do you think school shootings happen at schools?
    But I digress. Burress broke the law. Either he pays the penalty or New York gets rid of a bad law. jcinstpete, galenrox, and CaptainFantastik hit on some good points and I think summed it up pretty well. It should be interesting to see what happens to him, in any case.

  59. Bloomberg is a blowhard.
    NY or NJ you cant carry concealed or otherwise. Further it is impossible to obtain a permit in these states without political influence. Therefore my right to self protection has been limited by the state.
    Driver’s licenses are issued to everyone who can pass only minor training. Maybe a state can/should license a handgun but they shouldn’t effectively deny me that right, either.

  60. Here is a clue: the constitution says nothing about the states or local governments banning guns. The only reason that the Supreme Court struck down DC was because there was no provision at all for ownership under any circumstance, they still concurred with allowing localities to determine what made sense for them. The ban in New York is limited and makes sense in a big city where there are more punks than responsible citizens. Call it like you want, but the ban wasn’t unconstitutional, and Plax will be serving more time than a convicted and confessed dog fighter and killer. You have got to love that! 3 1/2 years for shooting yourself in the leg, less than a year for killing how many dogs?!

  61. “The ban in New York is limited and makes sense in a big city where there are more punks than responsible citizens.”
    Did that somehow make sense in your head before you banged it out on the keyboard? If New York really had “more punks than responsible citizens” (which I seriously doubt), then I would want the law to allow me to carry everywhere! Otherwise (if I lived there), I’d be forced to break the law to protect myself because, well you know, I’d be surrounded by “punks” who obviously don’t hold themselves to the same standards as law-abiding citizens.
    Again, your comment makes me want to point out the fact that criminals are criminals because they, by definition, break the law. So no matter what the law says, you will not stop criminals from carrying concealed and illegal weapons. I simply cannot believe the ignorance of your “logic”.

  62. Oh, and also:
    “the constitution says nothing about the states or local governments banning guns.”
    That argument might work for the First Amendment, which begins with “Congress shall make no law…” but that qualifier is completely absent from the Second Amendment which states that “the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

  63. Rarson,
    The point isn’t that the ban failed to stop Plaxico Burress. Laws aren’t required to prevent criminal activity. They are merely designed to punish those who do. Some principles in criminal law are that of both general and specific deterrence. By punishing Plaxico, it will encourage him to follow the law in the future, and by punishing him, New York will see that the law applies equally to Mr. Burress as it would to you or I. That is if the prosecutor chooses not to offer Mr. Buress a plea bargain offer and he is convicted by a jury of his peers.

  64. Umm, rarson, that First Amendment idea of yours is grossly inaccurate. Most of the Bill of Rights have been incorporated through the 14th Amendment Due Process Clause to apply to the states.

  65. these sports stars get off so easy! if it was a regular citizen like me and you,we would be faced with execution or at the least on death row for the rest of our natural born lives! all this turd gets is 3 years in jail and the mayor of nyc holding a press conference about him 4 the world 2 c!!! outrageous!!! where is the justice?!!! LOL

  66. “They are merely designed to punish those who do.”
    But what is the point of punishing a person? Isn’t it to deter crime? How does punishing a high-profile celebrity who made the mistake of shooting himself deter criminals who knowingly disobey laws against carrying illegal weapons?
    “By punishing Plaxico, it will encourage him to follow the law in the future, and by punishing him, New York will see that the law applies equally to Mr. Burress as it would to you or I.”
    But people should not be encouraged to follow bad laws. Mr. Bloomberg apparently thinks that because he is mayor, he can dictate the whims of everyone else in his city. Well, thankfully for citizens of NYC, the concept of jury nullification exists.
    “Most of the Bill of Rights have been incorporated through the 14th Amendment Due Process Clause to apply to the states.”
    Well the 14th Amendment was ratified under military duress, so it’s debatable as to whether it really should be part of the Constitution, but my point wasn’t that it is or should be okay for a state to take away a person’s 1st Amendment right, only that it would be easier to argue that the Constitution allows for it, given the wording of it.

  67. [quote]
    renard says:
    December 1st, 2008 at 4:27 pm
    “Our children are getting killed with guns on the street. Our police officers are getting killed with guns in the hands of criminals.”
    Renard, you misspelled your name; you put down an “n” instead of a “t”

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