Dolphins cornerback Will Allen made some significant contributions to his team’s 16-12 win over the Rams on Sunday.
Specifically, Allen called out several plays before they happened.
How did you know that?” Allen said after the game, according to Dennis Dillon of Sporting News Today.
Reporters knew it because, during the Rams’ radio broadcast, sideline reporter Malcolm Briggs said that receiver Dane Looker came to the sideline and told the coaching staff it was happening.
But before anyone wonders whether Allen’s edge was the result of any Matt Walsh-style skullduggery, the reality is that Allen learned about the Rams’ tendencies from rolling up his sleeves and studying film.
“That’s what will does,” cornerback Andre Goodman said.  “Have you ever prepared with Will during the week?  He’s a film guy.  He gives me tips all the time.  He’s been doing it all year.”
The lesson for every team?  You need to scout your own tendencies, and you need to change things up enough on a week-to-week basis to prevent other teams from figuring out what you’re going to do by comparing down-and-distance to your formations and pre-snap adjustments.
Frankly, we’d like to think that Rams offensive coordinator Al Saunders has been in the league long enough to realize the importance of doing that.