This year, the Miami Dolphins have been surprisingly fortunate when it comes to avoiding injuries. 
On Sunday, their good fortune ran out.
Left guard Justin Smiley, a key free-agency pickup and mentor to left tackle Jake Long, is gone for the year after breaking a leg against the Rams on Sunday.
Per David Neal of the Miami Herald, Smiley might also have suffered ligament damage.
”Honestly, I broke my leg, but I can’t really elaborate on it more than that,” Smiley said.  “I’m really happy for my teammates.  I’m glad they won.  That makes me happy.  But, I’m depressed about the injury.  One of my worst fears in football is having that happen.
”I just got rolled up on,” he said.  “It’s one of those things where it happens occasionally.  A lot of times, you come out unscathed.  He caught me right.  I felt it pop.”
The injury occurred on the fourth offensive snap for Miami in a 16-12 win over the Rams in St. Louis.
Smiley was replaced by Andy Alleman.