The Atlanta Falcons have announced that they have been notified by that NFL that a decision on the appeal of Falcons defensive tackle Grady Jackson regarding a four-game suspension for a positive Bumetanide test has been “deferred pending additional information.”
The team made no further comment, citing the confidentiality of the steroids policy.
Frankly, even mentioning that the decision has been deferred would seem to constitute a technical violation of the confidentiality.
We’re not sure what the additional information might be; if Jackson tested positive for Bumetanide, he should be suspended, just like the other players.
And given the potential perception that the league is throwing the Falcons a bone, we think that the precise basis for the deferral should be disclosed.


  1. Here’s the out and the start of ‘Bumetanide Gate’
    If Jackson is the only deferred suspension, Williams won’t be the only lawsuit.

  2. “And given the potential perception that the league is throwing the Falcons a bone, we think that the precise basis for the deferral should be disclosed.”
    I may be dumb, but maybe they are just waiting on additional information. Now if it goes on for a couple of weeks, yeah I could see your point. Always so negative Florio…
    “The Atlanta Falcons will not be competitive for 5 years”
    -Mike Florio, preseason 2008

  3. This whole episode is the owners’ way of creating a bargaining chip in the next round of collective bare-knuckle brawling. The first step was voting to opt out of the agreement a year before it expires after the 2011 season.
    Expect more owner high-jinx over the next season and a half.
    That being said, I still think that “rules is rules”. If the players union doesn’t like it, maybe they should have spent more time and effort on that part of the last bargaining agreement and not so much time shafting former players!

  4. It sounds like Jackson’s appeal was based on him arguing that he was taking Starcaps for medical reasons. Sounds like between this appeal and the lawsuit, Jackson is geeting sound legal advice and is actually on the offensive.

    Glad to see Rich McKay is pulling those strings!
    We’ll see y’all in the playoffs, baby.

  6. thease guys should know what their putting into their bodies. they deserve to be suspended for stupidity if not anything else

  7. With the size of his belly, I’m sure this isn’t the scariest thing they’ll find in there.

  8. Grady got of it by convincing the NFL
    that he actually ate a person that was taking Star Caps.
    Thats all for me folks, I’ll be here all week.

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