Here’s our list of how we currently see the NFL, top to bottom. 
We post the order, you post the comments. 
1.  New York Giants (11-1). 
2.  Tennessee Titans (11-1).
3.  Pittsburgh Steelers (9-3).   
4A.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-3).
4B.  Carolina Panthers (9-3).
6.  Indianapolis Colts (8-4). 
7.  Atlanta Falcons (8-4).
8.  Dallas Cowboys (8-4).
9.  Baltimore Ravens (8-4).
10.  New York Jets (8-4).
11.  Miami Dolphins (7-5). 
12.  New England Patriots (7-5).
13.  Washington Redskins (7-5).
14.  Denver Broncos (7-5).
15.  Minnesota Vikings (7-5).
16.  Arizona Cardinals (7-5). 
17.  Chicago Bears (6-6). 
18.  Philadelphia Eagles (6-5-1). 
19.  New Orleans Saints (6-6).
20.  Houston Texans (5-7).
21.  Green Bay Packers (5-7). 
22.  San Francisco 49ers (4-8).
23.  Buffalo Bills (6-6).
24.  San Diego Chargers (4-8).
25.  Kansas City Chiefs  (2-10).
26.  Cleveland Browns (4-8).
27.  Oakland Raiders (3-9).
28.  St. Louis Rams (2-10).
29.  Seattle Seahawks (2-10).
30.  Cincinnati Bengals (1-10-1).
31.  Jacksonville Jaguars (4-8).
32.  Detroit Lions (0-12).


  1. I love how it starts out … I didnt go by record… then proceeds to put them in order of record until the 20’s. lmao

  2. How is that ignoring their records? The first 18 go exactly by record, or first 22 if there were no ties.
    I’m not 100% on board with it, but it’s better than a lot I’ve seen.

  3. I think it should be like this…
    29. Seattle Seahawks (2-10).
    30. Cincinnati Bengals (1-10-1).
    31. Jacksonville Jaguars (4-8).
    32. No opponent (0)
    33. Detroit Lions (0-12).

  4. 1. Tennessee Titans (11-1).
    2. Pittsburgh Steelers (9-3).
    3. New York Giants (11-1).
    4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-3).
    5. Indianapolis Colts (8-4).
    6. Carolina Panthers (9-3).
    7. Baltimore Ravens (8-4).
    8. Atlanta Falcons (8-4).
    9. New York Jets (8-4).
    10. Dallas Cowboys (8-4).
    11. Miami Dolphins (7-5).
    12. New England Patriots (7-5).
    13. Minnesota Vikings (7-5).
    14. Washington Redskins (7-5).
    15. Denver Broncos (7-5).
    16. Arizona Cardinals (7-5).
    17. Philadelphia Eagles (6-5-1).
    18. Chicago Bears (6-6).
    19. New Orleans Saints (6-6).
    20. Houston Texans (5-7).
    21. Buffalo Bills (6-6).
    22. Green Bay Packers (5-7).
    23. San Francisco 49ers (4-8).
    24. San Diego Chargers (4-8).
    25. Oakland Raiders (3-9).
    26. Kansas City Chiefs (2-10).
    27. Cleveland Browns (4-8).
    28. Jacksonville Jaguars (4-8).
    29. Seattle Seahawks (2-10).
    30. Cincinnati Bengals (1-10-1).
    31. St. Louis Rams (2-10).
    32. Detroit Lions (0-12).

  5. I think the ranking are completly fair.
    Now if you look todays New York Daily News you will see that Gary Meyers, who has a obvious hatred of the Giants and a love of the Jets, has the Jets ranked 4th. Its reasons like this you can’t take Daily Jets News serious when it comes to the Giants and Plaxico

  6. Healthy Westbrook puts the Eagles in the top 12. Injured Westbrook puts the Eagles in the bottom 12. I guess 18 is about right.

  7. my guess is you have the browns behind the chiefs because they don’t have a qb. if that’s the case then minnesota should definitely be lower without their two starting defensive tackles.

  8. If you’re hurtin’ so much that you can’t, you know, break a tie for fourth place in the power rankings, maybe try using some Vagisil.

  9. lol, the Lions are too high. I love it…
    I had the pleasure of flying in from Arizona to catch their Thanksgiving game against the Titans. It was exciting to see their defense with my very own eyes rather than just on TV. The gaping holes in their defense are much larger in person.

  10. By every measure, the Giants are #1. They’ve played and beaten the best competition, and they are currently playing better than every other team. Juicymelon put down the pipe.

  11. Jacksonville did beat the Colts in Indy
    They still have not fired their coach mid-season
    They will not fire their coach at the end of the season
    They have not benched their starting QB
    Those facts rank them above
    San Deigo
    St Louis
    And Florio if you think the Jags have givin’ up on the season, am i supposed to believe KC is in it to win it

  12. Oh how far the Jags have fallen, after seeing their awful performance the last 2 weeks, they deserve to be 31

  13. I was encouraged by the (misleading) advertisement that you were ranking teams by their current play, but then I see you have the Broncos 14th.
    They’ve won 3 of their last 4 (all on the road) including beating your #7 and #10 teams in their crib easily.
    Maybe they shouldn’t get off the plane this week…..

  14. how can the cardinals be ranked that much lower then the phins when they stuck it in them earlier in the year and they have the same record?

  15. 29. Seattle Seahawks (2-10).
    30. Cincinnati Bengals (1-10-1).
    31. St. Louis Rams (2-10).
    32. Your local high school Varsity team
    33. Your local J.V team
    34. 8th grade “A” team
    35. 8th grade “B” team
    36. Detroit Lions (0-12).

  16. The Jags are in a free fall, its not about one good early win…and they just lost their top secondary guy. The Jags will bounce back big next year though, you heard it here first…major chip on theior shoulders.

  17. Jags are AWEFUL. Thanks for recognizing that. Jeez, I woulda thought it was Fred Taylor that did these power rankings . . .

  18. 28. Jacksonville Jaguars (4-8).
    29. Seattle Seahawks (2-10).
    30. Cincinnati Bengals (1-10-1).
    31. St. Louis Rams (2-10).
    32. Local high school varsity team
    33. Local J.V. team
    34. 8th grade “A” team
    35. 8th grade “B” team
    36. Detroit Lions (0-12).

  19. 1. New York Giants (11-1).
    2. Tennessee Titans (11-1).
    3. Pittsburgh Steelers (9-3).
    4. Dallas Cowboys (8-4).
    5. Baltimore Ravens (8-4).
    6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-3).
    7. Indianapolis Colts (8-4).
    8. Atlanta Falcons (8-4).
    9. Carolina Panthers (9-3).
    10. Washington Redskins (7-5).
    11. New York Jets (8-4).
    12. New England Patriots (7-5).
    13. Minnesota Vikings (7-5).
    14. Arizona Cardinals (7-5).
    15. Green Bay Packers (5-7).
    16. Chicago Bears (6-6).
    17. Denver Broncos (7-5).
    18. Miami Dolphins (7-5).
    19. Philadelphia Eagles (6-5-1).
    20. New Orleans Saints (6-6).
    21. Houston Texans (5-7).
    22. San Diego Chargers (4-8).
    23. San Francisco 49ers (4-8).
    24. Buffalo Bills (6-6).
    25. Oakland Raiders (3-9).
    26. Jacksonville Jaguars (4-8).
    27. Kansas City Chiefs (2-10).
    28. St. Louis Rams (2-10).
    29. Seattle Seahawks (2-10).
    30. Cincinnati Bengals (1-10-1).
    31. Cleveland Browns (4-8).
    32. Detroit Lions (0-12).

  20. juicymelon are you insane? Giants have beaten the steelers, i wont even base it on that. Everyone waited for the “tough” part of their schedule and they are mashing teams. they are about to set a record for consecutive wins against teams with an over 500 record.

  21. “Jacksonville did beat the Colts in Indy
    They still have not fired their coach mid-season
    They will not fire their coach at the end of the season
    They have not benched their starting QB
    Those facts rank them above
    San Deigo
    St Louis
    First of all didn’t Cleveland beat the Jags? 2nd, I know the Chargers suck this year but at least they are competetive and their games are close… the Jags really can’t claim this so much. 3rd, I don’t see the Jags rebounding anytime soon. They need a whole new O-line, upgrades on D-line, pretty well a brand new secondary, the QB position is questionable, and its obvious the coach has lost the team. In other words its rebuilding time… again. Oh boy, I’m glad they’re in our division! Its gonna be like the late 90s, early 2000s all over again.

  22. even with a worse record and not as strong of a team .. shouldn’t the dolphins be ranked above the jets not just the patriots because they’re the only team in that division that can win out and take the division??

  23. u carolina fans what hapen in week 6 ? yea bucs are 4A and trusday they wil be 4 wile u gays go to mamas bed craying

  24. i’m a miami dolphins fan, and i think you have them ranked too high. even given New England’s meltdown last week, they would still beat us on a neutral field right now. ugh i hate to say that, but it’s true.

  25. I’m a life-long Seahawks fan, and I think they’re ranked too high. The only team worse than the Seahawks right now is the Detroit Lions, and even that is debatable.

  26. um…. juicy melon? Didn’t the Giants beat Pittsburgh? … In Pittsburgh?
    Btw, florio, since these rankings go mostly be record, the Bucs should be 4 and the Panthers should be 5, considering they beat them once this year.

  27. why all the the Steelers love??
    Oh wait its Florio’s list
    I seem to remember a weekend in November, when the Colts beat the Steelheads

  28. whats w all the “pause” giants at being #1 and whining they should be #3…this weekend if they win they will set a record for most consecutive wins against an over 500 team and they are also the only undefeated team in the NFL against quality teams. If they win their next 4, they will be the only team in NFL history to go undefeated against quality teams, best now are the 03 pats at 10-1. how do the giants still get no love?

  29. To all that think the Giants should be rated above the Steelers, These are power rankings, not season rankings. I didn’t find the Giants win over the Steelers convincing at all. Plus, the Giants schedule has been super easy. This is not saying the Steelers have the toughest schedule. Look for the Giants to stop dropping games and get dropped out of the playoffs right away.

  30. are you completely insane? facts are facts melon. giants are the ONLY team in the NFL undefeated against quality teams. they have a chance this week to set a record with wins in a row VS over 500 teams. so what more do you want from them? look at the numbers putz, giants beat the steelers in EVERY category imaginable in that game including the score. they could have hung 50 on baltimore in their blowout win. relax man, youre making yourself sound silly. if the giants hang on with these next 4 they will be the only team EVER to go undefeated against quality teams. nothing you can say makes sense. so the steelers should be ahead bc eventhough they LOST it wasnt convincing and it was in PITT..youre insane. easy schedule but 7-0 vs quality teams. they havent played a team under 500 in about 7 or 8 weeks..check your facts my man. they are on the verge of setting two records based on tough schedule alone. without osi, now plax, etc etc

  31. it’s also easy for you to say start dropping games when they are going to start sitting guys when they will have clinched with a few games to go. Youre right though, i take back my other post. steelers are better. giants only had more yards, more sacks, more interceptions and more pts. You fail to remember the steelers had a questionable goalline stance where they stopped jacobs. actually twice. half the game the giants spent in the steelers side of the field. so you rank them higher bc you dont like how they beat the steelers on the road? therefore they should be higher. youre right. dummy me. and like i said, facts are facts, they are going for records this yr due to schedule difficulty and teams over 500…but yeah, falcons over the giants in the second round

  32. Wow! These last few weeks should be fun. The 13, 14, 15th ranked teams will most likely make the playoffs, there will be some very good teams that don’t make it this year. Maybe the nfl should use the bcs system! ha-ha!

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