Jets defensive lineman Shaun Ellis was charged with possession of marijuana, driving without insurance and speeding after a traffic stop over the weekend, the Daily Record is reporting.
“I apologize to my family, the fans and the organization,” Ellis said in a statement printed by the Daily Record. “As a captain, I set a poor example for my teammates as well as all NFL players. Although this is a pending legal matter, I understand that I have to be responsible for my actions.”
The Jets said they were aware of the incident but would not say whether he has been disciplined.
Ellis has started all 12 games this year and has seven sacks.


  1. how does a guy who makes millions of dollars not have car insurance. does anyone else feel like the whole, “I apologize to my family, the fans and the organization” response is played out. I’d like to hear someone just say, “My bad, to be honest, I wouldn’t be sorry if i didn’t get caught, cause I do it all the time. Sorry if that’s not the response you’re looking for, but that’s the truth.” I’d respect that response a hell of a lot more than the crap he said.

  2. Smok’em if ya got’em! This is ridiculous, half the states let you use pot for medical purposes, a few states have decriminalized it and here we stand, a professional who is going to lose a lot of money for having just a bit of the stuff. We need to get over ourselves in this country and let people enjoy a little bit of smoke every once in a while. Oh yea, Favre is going to be P-I-Pissed!!!!!!

  3. Driving with marijuana and speeding I can understand. But making millions and driving without insurance? geez

  4. Ya know, smoking and possessing the chronic is a cultural thing, kinda like, wearing bling with sweat pants and staging dog-fights.
    The cops need to stop being so culturally biased.

  5. come on NFL players, boom 4th amendment “Officer I do not consent to any searches” if he keeps asking questions say u wont answer them without an attorney present or plead the fiiizzzzzif!

  6. Sean,
    You are a millionaire who plays football for a living. You are one of the few people in the world who grew up to be what you wanted to be when you were a kid. Please don’t jeoporadize that by driving around with weed on you. I have two solutions
    1) Hire one of your boys to be your designated weed holder. You grew up with him and since he probably leeches off of your money anyways, he might as well have a job right?
    2) Smoke in your mansion

  7. i’m sure he will take the league to court claiming they didn’t let him know that pot was bad for you…and they didn’t tell him he needed auto insurance either,i suppose

  8. The focus on this matter should be the NFL’s drug testing policy.
    That is, the policy does not deter players from using drugs.
    The reason for this seems to be that, once tested, a player knows he’s clear to use drugs for a certain period of time before the next test.
    It could also be that a player is tipped off as to the date they will be “randomly” tested. This way, a player knows when to go cold turkey and allow time for drugs to clear his system ahead of the test.
    But either way, absolute randomness does not exist or players would not use drugs out of fear of being tested tomorrow.

  9. To whoever above said that it is legal for medical purposes… I am sure that if Shaun Ellis provided the proper paperwork documenting his need for medical marijuana, he would not have been cited. I am also sure that if he was in fact in one of those states in which marijuana has been decriminalized, he would have gotten a ticket. However, it looks like he’s batting a big 0-2 on that one. So until either one of those changes, he’s up shits creak without a paddle.
    Oh and to the nitwit that said it is a “cultural thing,” hahahahaha…. that has to be the dumbest pro-marijuana argument I have ever heard. I mean, just tell the cops it is a cultural thing, by all means, I am sure that will make it OK. I mean, there are some cultures that sacrifice people to the gods and eat them afterwards, maybe we can get away with that too…

  10. As a Dolphin fan, I am holding my stomach laughing my arse off! How dumb can a millionaire be to not have car insurance and to tempt fate by not only carrying pot but speeding to boot! Hell, Ricky is even laughing at Ellis now…..

  11. Wow a bunch of middle aged, balding, suburban, sport freaks, commenting on marijuana use. If you think marijuana is worse for you than cigarettes, alcohol,or McDonalds you need to stop watchng television for for 5 minutes and believing everything you are being told. It’s so sad when the general sports fan populace tries to comment on a social issue…lets just stick to the sports people.
    I personally would rather sit in a stadium full of people high on pot than what we have now which is stadiums full of fat, foulmouthed, alcoholic lynch mobs…but to each his own
    Oh and Darthjay the nitwit who said it was a cultural thing agreed with you. He was just being sarcastic about it. Well you could say he was being sarcastic and racist but its not for me to judge.
    so funny

  12. “The Jets said they were aware of the incident but would not say whether he has been disciplined.”
    Meaning he hasn’t been. I think that completely coincides with the following,
    “Ellis has started all 12 games this year and has seven sacks.”
    A marginal player would have been cut.

  13. Author: Pea Tear Griffin
    “Ellis has started all 12 games this year and has seven sacks.”

    7 sacks of grass? wow! did any other jet have their fingerprints on the bags? did they know about it and when? did they move it across state lines? he must be a dealer? is bloomberg making sure he is persecuted by the prosecutor?

  14. Did Florio say he had 7 sacks of pot? I want to hang out with Ellis even though he plays for the Jets…

  15. @Bob S
    That is clearly not what I was implying. 7 QB sacks, duh.
    BTW if he had 7 bags of weed, he’d likely be charged with intent to distribute as well.

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