At a time when there was some confusion on the grapevine regarding whether had severed ties with Chris Landry because it believed he had committed plagiarism or because the company merely wanted to avoid being connected to a controversy even if its writer was in the right, along with the question of whether Landry’s work product had been removed from the Internet by or at the request of Landry, has announced that the relationship with Landry has ended due to plagiarism.
The following message currently appears at the top of the site’s “Columns” page:  “Portions of freelance writer Chris Landry’s columns published recently on contained verbatim passages from columns that were previously published on  Mr. Landry’s columns will no longer be published on our site. apologizes to our readers and to”
And so the three-day episode is over, at least from the perspective of  Though some might still be inclined to debate time stamps and other details, and its editors surely investigated this matter thoroughly before publicly accusing Landry of plagiarism.
Landry is scheduled to appear at 4:00 p.m. on Friday with Steve Dueming of WDAE radio.  We’ll post the link to the live stream tomorrow — even though it means that the stream will likely be so jammed up that we won’t be able to access it.


  1. Wow indeed. This certainly is looking pretty bad for Chris Landry. I wonder what impact (if any) this will have on his gig with FOX Sports Radio.

  2. I wonder if was aware of or even endorsed this practice, with the understanding that Landry would be the fall guy if/when someone noticed it.

  3. I had to read the first paragraph\sentence 15 times.
    Invest in an English class, if you want to be a (sortof)reporter.
    Vanna… I like to buy some punctuation.

  4. I’m all for journalistic integrity but i really don’t care about anything happening on a site that ends with .ca

  5. DumpPig got his big nose in the wringer this time. He tells
    all his listeners his has the inside story and is right 4 percent of the time.
    Maybe, only 3 percent.

  6. I’m curious to see what Duemig’s response will be, considering how he vigorously and unequivocally defended Landry..
    Florio, you gonna call in and have a chat with em? lol

  7. And more Deumig backpedalling now. He’s falling over himself trying to cover his ass. I will try to record his show tomorrow in case the stream screws up.

  8. wow… add Landry to your “list” Florio. First, Vick had no chance once you locked in, now Landry… Burress better watch out!!!! While some would be upset that you have essentially gotten a man fired – right before the Holidays – I think it should be used as an example to all English Classes (in High School and College) that plagiarism is no joke.

  9. Thank you Florio!! Thanx for following up on a tip and getting to the root of a real story. Your former friend’s podcast(Dec. 2) reminds me of a Bill O’Reilly rant. Defending the indefensible. CLASSIC.

  10. Mike, even though this incident resulted in Landry’s loosing a job, you should be proud of the work you have done. You found someone stealing – from another author, from his employer, and from his customers – and you reported it. Moreover, your reactions were fair and balanced in unearthing the facts.
    I’m shocked that people think this is no big deal…it’s no different than if you had seen someone breaking into someone’s house or skimming money from a store’s cash register.

  11. Thank you Florio for following up on a real story. (Bradshaw, anyone.) Your former pal has to be quite upset. The podcast from Dec. 2 has him sounding like Bill O’Reilly.(Defending the indefensible.) GREAT JOB!! (Not that I a m so callous to see someone lose their job, but no one should be rewarded for stealing.)

  12. Bring your popcorn! Steve Dueming of WDAE radio looks and acts like a big turd. If the video feed was scratch and sniff he would smell that way too. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Okay, there is. lol

  13. well, the other possibility is that Landry was lazy, and that he was actually paying (a pittance) to some stringer to actually write his columns–and THAT guy did the lifting
    “research assistant” is what this type of gofer is known as–it’s VERY common in the column bidness

  14. He will never show for that 4 PM interview, no way. He was nailed dead to rights on this one and he will figure its best to lie low.
    Maybe Bellicheat is looking for a PR guy, he already has the necessary credentials, no morals, no conscience, and no regard for right or wrong.

  15. Dude… you got a guy fired… There’s a recession going on, man… Have you no heart, sir?

  16. I guess Mr Florio is looking for a big pat on the back now.
    Who’s first to start researching ProFootballTalk’s archive to make sure they’ve never done such a thing???

  17. i hate to ask – but i wonder if Landry’s sick mom excuse for offering a real denial was even real?

  18. It’s really not that hard. Don’t copy off of someone else. If you want to use what someone else has to say, which is not all that uncommon in any form of media, then give the individual credit. Quote him or her when writing, or say according to …
    It’s very blatent and obvious if a person just copies what someone has written verbatim, especially with the Internet.

  19. Those who think Florio should feel guilty are off-base. Landry didn’t screw up once. He (seemingly) willfully lifted content others worked to produce and claimed it as his own, over an extended period of time, and used that content to further build up his own resume! It was a pattern, it was willful, and it was completely unjustified. Not even morally gray here.

  20. Congratulations Florio, this little trip was fun. Good job using the internet to combat plagirism, it was like a little detective story. Keep up the good work.

  21. I always thought Florio had a vendetta against Lombardi and Brandt. Good to see that his reporting on this was very fair and unbiased. Nice work sir.

  22. Landry should come clean and apologize… I’m thinking something along the lines of the apology in the middle of the night from the Blair Witch Project.

  23. Fat azz DumpPig is a turd and it shtick is getting old in Tampa Town.
    If not for hockey, he would be gone on his views of the BUCS alone.
    Terrible waste of radio air space.

  24. Nice work Florio. I can’t believe more people don’t take this very seriously. It’s a big deal. This is the same as stealing. It’s really sad that someone lost his job, but he did that to himself.
    I have more respect for PFT today than I did yesterday. Nice work.

  25. Landry got himself fired by putting his name on work that was not his own – he has no one to blame but himself.
    I’ve got no problem with Duemig having his buddy’s back before the verdict came in. Question is how does he handle himself now? The class act thing would be to recognize the mistake and give credit where it’s due.
    Keep up the great work Florio. I appreciate your integrity and ability to dig into stories that the mainstream media doesn’t have the stones to touch.

  26. Duemig did a little bit of backpedaling on his show yesterday but fell far short of actually admitting he was wrong about something. But that is his M.O., the second somebody contradicts him or his opinion, the listeners are rewarded by first, hearing him hang up on said person and second, hearing him yell and scream for the next few minutes. Reminds me of my stepdad, actually.

  27. I think the big loser here is Duemig. What a jerk! He is gonna have to eat all his words. To the fine people of Tampa and Saint Pete, I’m sorry you have this idiot on your air waves.
    Check out some of the quotes from Duemig’s 12/2/08 show.
    12-2-2008 From WDAE website “Eventually, the truth will come out and someone’s reputation will take a massive hit.”
    12-2-2008 Steve Duemig “Chris Deserves to be stuck up for here.”
    12-2-2008 Chris Laundry “Steve, thanks for making me aware, this is the first time I’ve heard of it. I just checked with my guys and they confirmed that some of my work has been lifted by another web site. My guys have confirmed that this other website post their stuff AFTER mine has been submitted.”
    12/2/2008 Steve Duemig “Quit frankly I’m disgusted that Chris’ name would even be brought up in something like this. They guy has an impeccable record. There isn’t a spot on it.”
    12/2/2008 Steve Duemig “Who has the reputation here? Its Chris Laundry.”

  28. Mike, No one will ever plagiarize the longest run on sentence in blog history at the beginning of your post.

  29. Steve Duemig is an American sports media personality. He was also a former host on The Golf Channel’s Grey Goose 19th hole. He still hosts Fox Sports Radio’s weekly call-in show College Game Time Warmup, and has had a daily local sports talk show on AM 620 WDAE in Tampa since the mid-1990s. The on air name given to himself is The Big Dog. During Buc camp in 2008, Steve was able to meet golfer Tiger Woods. When asked what the meeting was like, Steve respnded, “when I first shook his hand I nearly nutted on myself. He is the greatest athlete ever, next to Keyshawn Johnson and Michael Jordan”.
    DUImig was born in Pensacola, Florida but was raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He reportedly is a fan of the Philadelphia Phillies, Philadelphia Flyers, Philadelphia Eagles, and Philadelphia 76ers.
    He also played on the first The Big Break aired on The Golf Channel, and was one of the first players eliminated.

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