The Minneapolis Star-Tribune is reporting that the NFL succeeded today in getting its legal case with Vikings defensive tackles Kevin Williams and Pat Williams moved to federal court.
Yesterday Judge Gary Larson of the Hennepin County District Court issued a temporary restraining order that allowed Williams and Williams to return to the team. But that victory was expected to be short lived.
Now the case has been filed with U.S. District Court Judge David Doty, the same judge who’s presiding over issues related to the league’s Collective Bargaining Agreement.
Williams and Williams have the ability to file a motion to remand the case to state court.
As of right now, it’s still not clear whether Williams and Williams will be on the field when the Vikings play the Lions Sunday. Both players were on the practice field today.


  1. Wouldn’t it be sad if in trying to wiggle out, they get back to beat up Detroit, then it is upheld, and they miss out on the 1st play-off game, and say Carolina runs wild over them in their own dome.

  2. Suspend these cheaters already and lets move on. I mean lets say that they actually delay the suspension for a couple of weeks and the Vikings make the playoffs. Then they basically allowed these guys to cheat justice and rob a deserving team of a playoff spot this year. Of course the Vikings have no shot at winning a playoff game anyway even with the Williams but without them its laughable so why waste the spot and give their opponents a free pass to round two?
    A couple of years ago Shawn Merriman was in this exact same situation but he decided to drop his appeal so that he could serve his suspension during the regular season and be able to play in the playoffs. The Chargers went all the way to the AFC championship that year. These sorry Vikings cheaters are just trying to cheat their way into the playoffs just so they can be blown out in round one while a more deserving team gets left at home. I think the NFL should extend their suspension by 2 games if they do not serve it in the season in which it was handed down in. That would put an end to all of these BS appeals every year by cheaters who are trying to cheat the system again.

  3. I think they should have listed Roger Goodell personally as a co-defendant.
    I doubt any person on the planet (with an iq above 80) other than old Roger the dictator himself could rationalize the commish’s actions.
    State, federal, whatever. The players are going to win their injunction. And if their lawyer pulls it off, he should be the leading candidate for head of the NFLPA.

  4. No one knows whether or not these guys were actually trying to mask anything, but given that the league knew the pills were tainted and didn’t say anything none of them should be suspended. There are already enough problems with the league, they don’t need to come across as getting peole in trouble on purpose. That’s exactly what this looks like, they knew the pills were laced, the players called the hotline to see if they were ok to take, and all they heard was a reading of the ingredients, which did not include the banned substance. If the league wants to earn some good will and leverage when it comes to bargaining it would be smart to lift the suspension and put this crap on the banned list. Then make an adjustment to this rule to include that if the league has knowledge it will endeavor to inform the players. The sad thing is that the drug in question can have dangerous side effects and the league seemingly made no effort to ensure the safety of the players.

  5. if venus and serena miss the next 4 games…
    detroit 1-15. minnehaha wont win again.
    bears .500. packers repeat.

  6. I wished they would have hedged their bets. File the legal motion under Pat Williams’ behalf and have Kevin Williams forego legal action and serve his suspension immediately.
    Then, if the courts rule the NFL was in the wrong, have Kevin Williams petition the court (or whatever legal step is needed) to be immediately re-instated.
    That way, at worse it would guarentee one of the two for the rest of the regualr season and the other for the playoffs, and at best both finish the season and play in the playoffs.

  7. Ntrikit – First, without them – there are no playoff games to play in. And you want the reason your team has clawed it’s way into first place to sit down for four games to be ‘fresh’ for the playoffs? I’d rather have them coming in with a head of steam, personally. Late November to early January is a long time to be on the sidelines. These boys need to play.

  8. empty13–
    Pack should be AWESOME now that they have a new punter. Frosty must have been the reason the Packers are 3-7 in their last 10 games. You should be proud-Green Bay is by FAR the best of the worst teams in the NFL.

  9. ActionDan,
    Which team won the NFC North this year? Also, give me the scores of the remaining 4 Vikings games.
    If it’s not too much trouble, can you also give me the final results for the Bears and “pcakers”?
    Unless, of course…you are just guessing.

  10. I am pretty sure the Vikes can win 2 more games this year and make the tournament with or without the Williams Wall.

  11. GreyhoundSteve,
    I gather you’re not a Vikes fan? If they wion the division, they deserve to be in the playoffs. I love these people who think they have everything figured out and know who “deserves” be be in the playoffs. And as far as Merriman is concenred, the situation is not the same. He knowingly took steriods.

  12. I find it funny that these two “allegedly” were taking steroids because they used a masking agent due to a very shady supplement. But Matt Jones in Jacksonville has played the whole season after being caught with cocaine. Which is the bigger crime?
    I agree that they should have known what was in the bottles but come on now. Seems like they actually have a case but the Matt Jones deal is pretty cut and dry and he is playing out the season.

  13. GreyhoundSteve,
    Way to sound all noble and for the sport? Come on, Are you serious? They are robbing a deserving team of a playoff spot? Do you look behind closed doors? The NFL has about as serious as a drug plan as any other job! Meaning that it is very flawed and honest people get busted for complete nonsense. Take for instance the case here. Pat and Kevin Williams have never been in trouble for anything. They have been productive members of the community and have not used anything to give them an edge. Then they get busted using StarCaps. A diuretic, which CAN be used a masking agent for steroid use. Now let’s take a look at that GreyhoundSteve? They used it to lose some weight not to mask steroids. So the NFL is saying that they took a weight loss pill in order to hide steroids? Not only did StarCaps not have the ingredient on the bottle, but the NFL hotline was not working according to many talk shows/websites. Now you could use the argument, “They are responsible for putting that into their bodies.” Yes, valid argument, I agree. But you are also saying that if someone goes out to McDonalds and purchases a hamburger. Then let’s say that the burger contains tons of poison. That person eventually gets sick or worse. And you are saying it’s that person’s fault? Come on! America doesn’t work like that.
    I think the NFL should be embarrassed by this. Have your drug policy do what it’s supposed to do! Make sure everything is operational or just admit that you made a mistake! I am happy, not only as a Vikings fan, but as a fan of football and character that Kevin and Pat have decided to not lie down to Goodell and his goons. They are standing up and saying that they did no wrong. Oh and you bring up Merriman, I personally thought that was sad that Merriman dropped his case. In my opinion, that just admits guilt. You don’t fight something unfair just so you can play, you fight because you know your right.

  14. @Nitwit-
    No one has won the NFC North yet. As much as you like to think that it’s guaranteed to go to the Vikings, both the Bears and the Packers still have a chance still to clench the division. It’s not done until it’s done, so…

  15. “I hope they take their 4 games now and come back fresh for the playoffs.”
    Playoffs?! Don’t talk about playoffs! They’ll be lucky to win a game (without the sisters). Playoffs?!?!

  16. Alright enough of this BS on who deserves a playoff spot. If you guys could take a peak at the Vikings schedule ever since Gus Frerotte has become the Vikings QB they are 7-3 with a loss by 6 against Tampa Bay in Tampa. A 7 point loss at Chicago. The other loss was in Frerotte’s second game and on the road against Tennessee and they were down by 6 with less than 5 minutes to go. So how is this team not deserving of a playoff spot??? Didn’t Chicago just get buried in the Dome and also @ GB? Didn’t GB just lose at home against the Panthers? Didn’t the Vikings Beat the Panthers in Frerotte’s first game? I know the ones who are laughing now are the punks who root for these teams but respect must be given!!!
    Even with the improved play and pending what happens to both Williamses I hope this lights a fire up their @ss and it’s GO TIME BIATCH!!! Still pointing at previous games of this season with T Jack we lost by 4 @GB and by 3 against Colts in games we both had won until final minutes. Face it Fudge Pack and Dormant Bears the Vikes by far “deserve” actually I can’t even say that idiotic word if the season ended today The Vikings EARNED this North Title and none of the naysayers can say anything to that.

  17. Hey GreyhoundSteve, unless you actually read the facts of the case, I wouldn’t go around spouting out how they are cheaters. And this case is absolutely nothing like Merriman’s, because as the other guy said, he knowingly cheated.

  18. And by the way, I’m sure Packer fans clamoring for the Vikings DTs to be suspended (for “cheating justice”) would also agree that Johnny Jolly should be suspended immediately after a FELONY DRUG TRAFFICKING ARREST.

  19. Merriman claimed exactly what both Williams’ are claiming: that his supplement was tainted.
    Merriman’s situation is exactly the same as this one.

  20. Sparta Chris,
    It was Action_Dan, not I, who gave the results of the NFC North title race. I simply asked him to give specific scores.
    I know this thing is far from over. I sat there in 1998 at the Metrodome as half the stadium was wearing their NFC Champion Vikings T-shirts.
    I am simply saying the Vikings are in the cat-bird’s seat. Sure, the Packers can run the table. The Bears can, too. I will be surprised if the Vikings don’t wrap this thing up, but I won’t be shocked. Nothing is certain, as much as Action_Dan wants to think it is.

  21. @JoeMcRuby . . . .
    i beg to differ. merriman claimed he took a spiked supplement but wouldn’t name the supplement because he planned to sue. and of course he never sued.
    “venus and serena” took a supplement that was indeed spiked, they didn’t know, but the NFL knew it.

  22. Let me add an addendum:
    The only difference between this case and Merriman’s is that the Williams’ can prove that their supplement was tainted.
    That does not take away from the fact that the Williams’ – like Merriman – violated the very plainly stated rule that is in effect for every NFL player as agreed to through the Collective Bargaining Agreement:
    If you take any supplement that is not on the approved list, then you are strictly liable for what is in your body. It matters not one iota whether you intentionally or unintentionally took the banned substance.
    If NFL players don’t like the rule, then they better take it up with the NFLPA so that their union doesn’t agree to it for the next CBA.

  23. the packers have about as much chance of winning the division as one of their two-toothed fans has of bedding Megan Fox

  24. >>Ntrikit says:
    December 4th, 2008 at 3:46 pm
    Sparta Chris,
    It was Action_Dan, not I, who gave the results of the NFC North title race. I simply asked him to give specific scores.
    I know this thing is far from over. I sat there in 1998 at the Metrodome as half the stadium was wearing their NFC Champion Vikings T-shirts.
    I am simply saying the Vikings are in the cat-bird’s seat. Sure, the Packers can run the table. The Bears can, too. I will be surprised if the Vikings don’t wrap this thing up, but I won’t be shocked. Nothing is certain, as much as Action_Dan wants to think it is.<<
    My apologies to you then as I mis-read what you wrote.

  25. Greyhound Steve –
    Rambling, ranting, repetitive…moron. If this team isn’t “deserving” of their playoff spot, who is it, exactly, you’d like to give it to? Someone has to win the NFC North, and Minny has beaten Green Bay and Chicago in the last 4 weeks, so clearly they’re more deserving than those two. And who, exactly, is the opponent that gives the Vikings a merely “laughable” chance at winning? The Panthers, who the Vikings absolutely suffocated once this season already? Or is it that dominant Falcons team? Dallas might be tough IF the Vikes encounter them, but laughable? Free pass to round two? Really?
    Also, nice effect with the overuse of “cheater.” Yeah, these guys didn’t want to continue getting fined a hefty sum weekly for the few pounds they were overweight at the beginning of the season…they should be able to dole out the death penalty for that, right?
    Glad to have you making your voice heard, brah.

  26. “Alright enough of this BS on who deserves a playoff spot. If you guys could take a peak at the Vikings schedule ever since Gus Frerotte has become the Vikings QB they are 7-3 with a loss by 6 against Tampa Bay in Tampa. A 7 point loss at Chicago. The other loss was in Frerotte’s second game and on the road against Tennessee and they were down by 6 with less than 5 minutes to go.
    Don’t talk about close losses. Green Bay has lost four games by four points or less, and they have a better points scored/points allowed ratio than Minny. It all comes down to wins and losses, and you guys are better there, but don’t give me any crap about how some close losses mean you are better than you are.

  27. The “pcakers” can’t win the NFC North.
    The Falcons can’t win the 1998 NFC Championship.
    Nothing is certain.

  28. Ntrikit
    No problem.
    MIN 13 DET 9
    MIN 17 ARZ 31
    MIN 10 ATL 27
    MIN 21 NYG 28
    Bears 7-9 (Losses to GB, NO, HOU), Packers 8-8 (Loss to JAX)
    Green Bay wins tiebreaker.
    Ntrikit jumps into the St. Croix river in disgust.
    Vikings fans continue to wear ridiculous purple & gold dreadlocks and mardi gras beads. And we laugh.
    Obama dumps Hillary from his cabinet after three months, successfully removing her from government.
    Need any more predictions?

  29. sandibalz, the NFL provides a list of acceptable supplements. They don’t take the stance of “we’ll tell you what is banned”. The official stance of the league is (duh) that the players are responsible for what they take. To stay 100% safe in this regard, they can stick to the supplements on the league’s list of approved substances. I don’t care if the league knew that StarCaps contained heroin. The point is, if an NFL player wants to avoid failing a test, they should stick to the list of approved supplements.
    I agree that they may not have been masking steroids, but that’s not the point. The substance is banned because it CAN be used in that regard and the league can’t afford to get wishy-washy about it. Too bad you didn’t stick to the supplements the league told you were okay, guys….

  30. Just wanted to also say it’s just a disgrace that guys like Pacman and Matt Jones are playing on Sunday while the Williams have to go to federal court to defend a weight loss pill.
    Cheaters? Seriously? We have a guy that is involved in the paralyzing of a man, and another caught white-nosed in cocaine. Yet this is what Goodell is going to put his foot down on.
    Not exactly the leadership I was looking for when he was going to clean up the league…

  31. JoeMcRugby says:
    “December 4th, 2008 at 3:46 pm
    Merriman claimed exactly what both Williams’ are claiming: that his supplement was tainted.
    Merriman’s situation is exactly the same as this one. ”
    Same claim as J. Peppers claim as well. Yes Vike fans, It’s exactly the same claim.

  32. ActionDan.
    Are those scores your predictions, or are those the facts?
    If they are just your predictions, that is understandable. Everyone has predictions. I thought you actually had something worthwhile.
    I predict that John Randle will come out of retirement and start for the Vikes. See…making silly predictions is fun, but meaningless.
    There are thousands of bodies of water between me and the St. Croix river. I would not drive 18 hours to jump in a river. I’d expect someone who can see the future, like yourself, to be able to realize that I would not drive cross-country to jump into a river.

  33. Before you Viqueen fans get too excited about the play-offs, remember two things:
    1) You have NEVER won the NFC North.
    2) 2003. Week 17. Cardinals. Nathan Poole. Need I go on? I know you guys remember that game. I’ll never forget it. You better make sure you win your next three, cause I’ll take a Giants team resting some of their starters over you guys that game. Their run defense will contain AD, and they will run all over you, especially w/o venus and serena.

  34. Maybe someone can help me out on this:
    I missed the part of the collectively bargained rule where the strict liability standard does not apply when one can prove a supplement was tainted.
    Only the player himself knows how he actually ingested or injected himself with the banned substance. I’m sure that there have been players in the past (maybe or maybe not including Merriman) who concluded that “clearing their name” wasn’t worth it because they would be suspended regardless of whether they could prove that the supplement was tainted. They took a supplement that was not on the approved list; thus, they were strictly liable and subject to suspension. Accept the punishment, put it in the past and move forward was likely the mindset in many of the suspensions.
    The other part that I need help with is in pointing out the language in the CBA where the NFL has an affirmative duty to warn players about substances and products that the NFL has already warned the players not to ingest.
    Who knows, maybe there’s a similar standard in the CBA as Dean Wormer’s “double secret probation”:
    Standard 1: “You shouldn’t take any supplements not on the approved list.”
    Double Secret Probation Standard 2: “We’ve already told you that you shouldn’t take these supplements, but you really really really shouldn’t take Supplement X.”
    If it’s not in the current CBA, the NFLPA would be wise to hold out for a double secret probation standard in the next CBA negotiations. 😉

  35. Any self-respecting fan of an NFC North team knows that whichever team wins the division (including my crappy Bears) is bringing nothing but weak sauce to the playoffs. I don’t want to hear any Vikings, Packers, or Bears fans making noise about how any of those teams “deserves” the playoff spot more than the others. We all need to accept that we’re watching a painful struggle by three mediocre teams. It’s like watching three old, busted Chevy Novas lurch toward the finish line….

  36. If the league had performed tests on a particular supplement, they do have a duty to tell the players of the results of the particular test, because the players don’t have the expertise to test it on their own. And if the players contacted the hotline provided by the NFL and were told that the particular banned ingredient was not in the supplement, then the NFL is partially at fault and it would be a conflict of interest for them to punish the players, when it was through their assistance that the players were given false information.

  37. Ntrikit-
    Take it easy, don’t take everything so seriously. The comments section is designed for wise-ass banter. The serious discussion and journalism is done by Flori…..oh wait. Just kidding.

  38. swede700,
    Where in the CBA does it say that the league had/has a duty to tell the players the result of the test of a particular supplement?
    Morally, I’d agree with you and say yes. However, this is not a moral issue – it’s a legal issue.
    Unless you can point out language in the rule or anywhere in the CBA stating otherwise, the league did not / does not have a legal duty to provide the results of the test.
    Since the NFL had already warned the players not to take Starcaps – or any other supplement – via the already existing rule, that argument holds little to no legal validity. I don’t see the players winning on the legal merits of the case, but stranger things have happened in the US court-system.

  39. I love the fact that all of the Vikings haters say they have ZERO chance in the playoffs. Seems to me that is exactly what everyone said last year about a certain NY Giants team. I’m not going to say that the Vikes are 100 percent going to win the SB or even win a playoff game but to say they have ZERO chance to even win a game is ridiculous.
    Also I believe that when it comes down to the last game against the Giants people are not looking at the entire picture. By that time the Giants should have already locked in the #1 seed in the NFC thus not having much to play for in week 17. So not wanting to risk injury I believe that the Giants will probably want to play their starters for a quarter maybe a half and then sit them. This will then give the Vikings a great opportunity to steal a win if it all comes down to that. Just my two cents…

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