For those of you who didn’t follow the Live Blog of Chris Landry’s appearance on the Steve Duemig show and who don’t want to review it (though some of the reader comments were priceless), here’s the gist of it.
Landry denied everything.
Duemig asked Landry point blank whether he plagiarized content from Andrew Brandt and Mike Lombardi of, and Landry said that he did not.
The problem, however, is that Duemig delved into no detail with Landry.  For example, Duemig didn’t read quotes from Landry’s December 1 column and quotes from Lombardi’s December 1 column.  And Duemig didn’t read to Landry the virtually identical paragraphs contained in Landry’s December 1 column and Brandt’s of that same date.
Duemig also never mentioned at any time the real smoking gun — the close similarities between portions of Lombardi’s November 17 column, and Landry’s column from four days later.
Actually, Duemig never even mentioned, not a single time, never, the November 17/November 21 example that Brandt cited in publicly accusing Landry of plagiarism earlier this week.
As to his status with, the entity to whom Landry submitted his columns, Landry explained that ended its relationship with him because the company didn’t want to face litigation from NFP.  
Let’s think about this, and let’s apply a little common sense.  Landry says opted to take a path that would make litigation less likely — while at the same time announcing to the world on its own web site that Landry committed plagiarism.  So, if Landry is innocent, walked right through the front door of a lawsuit, in the process of trying to avoid one.
Meanwhile, NFP has posted the following statement regarding Landry’s three-days-and-several-dollars-short (in our opinion) attempt to explain the situation:  “We are disappointed that Chris Landry was given a forum to admit to plagiarizing our content and chose not to do so.  We have clear and unequivocal evidence of Mr. Landry publishing our material hours — and in one instance — days after our doing so. Landry’s decision to copy our material almost verbatim without our consent and without attribution to our writers has already resulted in his termination from following their inquiry and may further result in our pursuing legal action against him.”
After talking with some folks about the situation over the past few days, we feared that Landry’s public comments on the matter would make the situation worse for himself instead of better.  In our view, he made the situation worse.
Then again, the situation would have been made dramatically worse for Landry if Duemig had asked truly tough questions, with meaningful follow-up and appropriate incredulity.
And that’s likely why Landry chose to tell his side of the story to Duemig.


  1. Mike,
    Rather than going after Duemig, why not go after Fox Sports and see what they are going to do about it?
    Are you not going down that road because you work at Fox?

  2. Who cares? This whole thing is stupid. No one cars about either of the parties involved. There are much more important sports items to discuss beside this trite fued.

  3. I guess people nationwide are finding out what people in the Tampa Bay area have known for years. Duemig is a joke of a host who will give softball questions to his guests and if you call him out on it you get cut off. Truly a pathetic person and host who should not be on our airwaves and considering he has atleast 3 DUIs should not be on our roads.

  4. This is what doesn’t make sense to me, if Landry feels his innocent, why wasn’t he up in arms and talking about a law suit against for wrongful termination, defimation of character, punitive damages, and whatever other legal sounding terms he could sue them for?
    How many people would say they’ve been fired wrongly and then publically say ‘but I’m cool with that!’
    Also, his mom apparently made a swift recovery. Grats Mom.

  5. It’s nice to see you set aside your homoerotic hate towards Favre, and do some actual journalistic work, many may see this situation as boring, but I find it quite interesting, and I must congratulate you on a really great job, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but you can be great when you want to be!.

  6. The irony here is that not only has Landry been supposedly proven guilty of plagiarism, but Duemig has had the truth revealed about him as well. If the man is willing to only tell the side of the story he wants or manipulate the story to display what he wants…in something as serious as plagiarism…how can any of his listeners truly believe anything he has to say about any other topic? If you’ve been proven that your interests are not to share the news, but create or manipulate the news, then why bother tuning in? Sports fans want credibility when they seek the news. Landry’s credibility is shot because of this and so should Duemig’s as well.

  7. hate to pass judgment on someone i don’t know, but i tried giving this guy the benefit of the doubt and the more and the more i hear from him and about him the more he just looks like a turd.

  8. What’s the point of an interview…an in-depth, spot-on, point-by-point question
    and answer? It makes Steve Duemig (who?) ineffective.
    Anyone can kiss ass; that’s why you’ll see different stars on Leno, Letterman,
    Larry King and Howard Stern. You gotta ask the meaningful questions, dude.
    I’m sorry (if I’m supposed to be) but who is Steve Duemig?

  9. here is what sportsnet should have said:
    yer fired, landry. and dont let the door hit you in the ass on the way out – cause we dont want assprints on our door!

  10. “Duemig never even mentioned, not a single time, never”
    Hey Florio – nice usage of the Bill Clinton finger waving at the media comment he used when asked about Monica Lewinski !!!
    Of course HE was lying too !

  11. I am a fan of Duemig’s show. I have heard Landry on Duemig’s show many times. I have previously thought that Landry traveled on his resume and didn’t do the groundwork necessary to provide solid analysis.
    I heard today’s Duemig show. I am convinced that Landry plagiarized, and did so purely out of laziness (or taking on more than he can handle, blogging/radio gigs/pro and college scouting). He took a shortcut.
    Landry was evasive about his computer/internet proficiency, but knew about “cutting and pasting.” Sorry to say – unless Landry can provide some proof to support his denial, he should no longer work as an analyst of any kind.

  12. He might have made a denial at the end of the discussion but prior to that he danced around the whole thing, hiding behind the law and avoiding answering even the softballs Duemig tossed him.
    What might explain his stupidity (as to why he didn’t think he’d be caught) is his own admission that he’s clueless about technology. Perhaps he thought that because he was “writing” for a Canadian site, no one from the United States could have accessed his material.
    He also seemed to assert that his thoughts and writing are all over the news/press and that somehow his thoughts were misquoted. But if that’s the case, why didn’t he just come out and read some of the lines and state ‘ I wrote that, I did not steal it.’ ? There’s no way that would have hurt him legally.
    Landry, you were either wronged or caught. Clearly state it was one or the other. There’s nothing illegal about that.

  13. Florio, I’m interested in this story for some reason. Maybe I like to see people squirm and get fired. Keep up the good work.

  14. Dude, nobody cares.
    Now go back to taking your test with your head down, and your arm wrapped around the front of your desk, sighing audibly.

  15. Phil, why the hell would Florio talk about another sports site NOT talking about SOME WRITER plagarizing SOME WRITER?? You f–ckin’ idiot.
    Anyway, what a freaking douche Landry is. He must be thinking about what a dumbass he is all day since this started, unless he’s been using a ghostwriter and got hosed like that one guy in the live chat postulated (thanks Tiki).

  16. For all of you outside Tampa, Duemig is a douchebag sports talk host on the flagship of the Bucs, WDAE in Tampa. He also does some national talk show hosting for Fox, primarily on Saturday mornings.
    He’s a complete jock sniffer for the Bucs who have weekly shows with him, but especially Joey Galloway, Derrick Brooks, and Ronde Barber. They can do absolutely no wrong in his eyes. E.g. no matter that Barber has gotten burned more this year than all his other years combined, if you question his skills – which should be a legit question since he’s 33 now – he’ll simply scream at you and then hang up on you. He’s a complete moron and makes no sense in any of his arguments.
    He’s also the ringleader – along with Ian Beckles of the same station – of a group of media types here in Tampa who despise Gruden. No matter what Gruden does, it’s wrong. Never mind that he won a Super Bowl, has won the division 3 times (Dungy never won it once) and has his team at 8-3 and poised to win another division, he degrades him at every opportunity. The probable reason for this is that Gruden yells at his precious player-buddies and makes them accountable. Oh my.
    Anyway, he has NO journalistic talent at all. All he can do is scream and degrade any caller who disagrees with him. I could have told you he would never ask any difficult questions of Landry because he carries his jock, too, just like he does all the players he has man-crushes on. He’s a loser, and he proved it today. That’s the best thing that has come from this whole stupid episode.

  17. stadanko, ummmm hacks? If you are going to be critical of someone else’s writing, try being grammatically correct. It is “you’re”, not your. Besides, I enjoy the inside stuff of professional sports. The business of the NFL is not just 11 on 11, and go home. Everything we read and watch about the NFL is part of the sport. Keep up the great work Florio!

  18. This is very important and kudos to Florio for pointing this out. For the millions like me who read many football articles from various places, it’s extremely important that these writers are getting credit for what they’re putting out there. Plagarism shouldn’t be tolerated in any way and again kudos to Florio for bringing this to attention. If your local beat writer was stealing from someone, wouldn’t it be an issue?

  19. I know it is not necessarily football news, just of those who report the new, but great work Mr. Florio. I just wish the New York Times would have worked as hard with the Jason Blair case from several years ago. Keep up the solid reporting and great football analysis.

  20. Well come on. This is America. Nobody is ever wrong.
    The President just admitted we were in a recession for the first time.

  21. also re duemig, from wikipedia it says:
    “Duemig is a former PGA Head Professional and also briefly played on the PGA Tour.”
    i have never heard someone of that profession called a “head professional” before. live and learn.

  22. Why are we so intrigued by this??? Duemig does his “thing” Beckles also shows a dislike of Gruden no matter what the record(8-11). Poor Landry hasn’t commited a felony, misdemeanor?, or even jay walked. Why is it sooooo important. Did you know that Mat Bryant just spent time at a childrens hospitalto bring some happiness to kids that otherwise wouldn’t have any? Not too long after losing his own son to IDS. Please keep a realistic perspective on this whole debacle and realize that it is TRULY only words on ? paper? the web or whatever. Focus on real events. Please

  23. I can’t speak to the other things but regarding’s decision to terminate their relationship with Landry I can say pretty confidently that Landry is most likely telling the truth there. For starters he’s probably on a contract and not considered a full time employee. Most boilerplate contracts in Canada contain language allowing for quick termination of the agreement by both parties. So no risk of wrongful dismissal suits. He would have reason to sue if they made claims against Landry indicating that he’s plagiarized material. Rather their language indicated that the material was the same (a subtle difference that screams legal wrote it). Also, from experience I can tell you that companies here are very risk averse. I very much doubt that sportsnet would remain loyal (even if there was incontrovertible proof that Landry was being wronged). They would cut their losses and wait from the sidelines until the mess cleared itself up. That’s just how it works. Everything that Landry has said about sportsnet rings completely true to me.

  24. well, when you’ve got plaigarism on your resume (and have been fired for it) adding “LIAR” to the list doesn’t make much of a difference

  25. What’s really strange is that Landry went to the trouble of altering almost every sentence a tiny tiny bit, like one word, or short phrase, or a minor grammatical shift. So this was not mindless cut-and-paste plagiarism. This was pre-meditated i-can-cheat-and-fool-the-world plagiarism. Nothing’s dumber than an idiot who thinks he’s clever.

  26. Who cares. Let the news agencies administer their employees on their own. This site is suppose to be for football news.

  27. Being a lifelong Bucs fan living in VA, I had always heard about what a piece of garbage Duemig is without ever having any evidence to prove it or to the contrary. This recent news proves unequivocally that the guy is a complete douche nozzle.

  28. “if Landry feels he’s innocent, why wasn’t he up in arms and talking about a law suit against for wrongful termination?”
    Why stoke the flames? He’s busted, and no amount of squirming, backpedaling and/or lying will get him off the hook. If he tried taking to court over this he’d get owned. Then after the ruling he’d get owned again by the people he plagiarized in a separate lawsuit.
    zertrat summed it up perfectly. Landry is an insult to his profession and his latest denial is transparent and phony. He should’ve just used the radio interview to say he’s struggling with alcoholism and was just going througha rough patch. This is America, we would’ve forgiven him. But to come out and deny the blatantly obvious is pathetic, who does he think he’s going to convince!?
    Is Mike Florio becoming the Matt Drudge of the football world???

  29. This is a journalism story where the subjects happen to write about football, and not an actual story about football. With all your jabs at “real media”, it’s obvious someone here has a little bit of envy, so I guess it’s natural that Florio is interested in this topic. But the pontificating is ridiculous. These posts on this topic are looooooong – does anyone actually bother to read them all the way through?
    I only clicked on the comments to see if anyone else was bored by seeing this topic.

  30. “This is what doesn’t make sense to me, if Landry feels his innocent, why wasn’t he up in arms and talking about a law suit against for wrongful termination, defimation of character, punitive damages, and whatever other legal sounding terms he could sue them for?
    How many people would say they’ve been fired wrongly and then publically say ‘but I’m cool with that!’”
    He wasn’t fired wrongly, by his own admission he wasn’t an employee but a contractor. They canceled his contract which was probably pretty easy.
    And there was no defamation that occured as per Canadian law. What Sportsnet wrote on their website was fact, and as such any libel lawsuit would get dismissed. Even if it was heard, Landry would have to prove financial loss (outside of Sportsnet, so his release doesn’t matter) to be awarded any damages.

  31. Let me think for a moment… Did Chris Landry plagiarize three different peoples work, or did three different people plagiarize Chris Landry’s work? I do believe the other three people are STILL employed at the same venues where they have always been. But Chris Landry is NOT. Hmmm, coincidence, I think not. There was even a “poll” set up by Duemig, which he claimed to not know the results of during his broadcast… Here they are, I had no problem finding them…
    In light of the plagiarism allegations toward Chris Landry, should his weekly radio show remain on the air?
    Yes, Chris should remain on the air
    28.37 %28.37 % (280 votes out of 987 votes)
    No, Chris should be removed
    71.63 %71.63 % (707 votes out of 987 votes)

  32. Duemig has the highest rated sports show in the Tampa Bay area and has for years. He’s so good even the guys who hate him listen! Florio used to be on it once a week. Now Florio is on a local radio show with lower ratings instead, why, I don’t know. Duemig does not talk bad about Florio. Duemig likes to tweek the Gruden koolaid drinkers. Then they come here and snivel. All Duemig proved today was he won’t turn on a friend. Yes , this is America, where people are innocent until proven guilty. Why would Landry make any statements that could affect any future litigation ? All this provides a lot of traffic to this site and Mike Florio isn’t stupid.
    Is there an Italian connection between Florio and Lombardi ? Is there an ulterior motive to keep this story in the forefront ? Are all lawyers sleazy ? Is there going to be a new Mike and Mike ? Is this an important story for a football rumor site ?
    Is Mike Florio becoming the Jerry Springer of the football world ?

  33. Fine, Landry is guilty and doesn’t want to admit it on the air. To me, the bigger question is why Steve Duemig has a radio program when it is painfully obvious that he is a joke.
    The Tampa Bay radio listeners should be calling the station demanding his immediate removal. Failing that, they should boycott the advertisers until the station admits its mistake and sends Deumig packing.
    It is simply amazing to me that with all the talent waiting in the wings to get an on-air radio gig, that the station should have to settle for this clown. Fire him for being a dishonest, enabling douche bag.

  34. My friend and fellow PFT fan read my earlier comment in this thread and immediately called me to laugh at me for being such a condescending hypocrite. He had me dead-to-rights, he knows all about all the times I’ve cheated and either gotten away with it or talked my way out of it. So after I was through laughing at myself, I figured I’d make myself useful give Chris Landry some expert advice on how to dodge this bullet…
    Mr Landry, you’re doing it wrong. To your credit, this appears to be the first time you’ve ever had to talk your way out of a major jam, judging by the way you’re botching it, which is a good sign that you haven’t always been a sleazeball. You’ve got that much going for you, now listen carefully to the rest and you just might be able to save your career. Trust me, I’ve weaseled my way outta worse. Just follow these three simple steps:
    1) Admit to yourself what you did was wrong. Sounds cheesy, but it’ll make the rest a whole lot easier. Once you can admit it to yourself, you can admit it to others, which you’ll need do to in order to save long-term face.
    2) Go back on the radio or put out in writing a public apology/admission that reads thusly:
    “As you all may know, I was recently fired from for plagiarism. The truth is I’ve struggled with depression and alcohol throughout my adult life and the recent downturn in the market, along with a few private matters, has landed me back on my old crutch. I’m going through a very rough patch right now and altering Andrew Brandt’s work is all I’ve been able to manage, I haven’t even been eating. had no knowledge of this and makes clear that such practices are not tolerated. I apologize to those who I have harmed and offended by my actions and assure you it was not my intent to do so. Its especially regrettable that any doubts may have been originally cast on Andrew Brandt and Mike Lombardi, peers I hold in the highest regards. This embarrassing episode has prompted me to finally seek the treatment I need. It is my sincerest hope that time and effort can heal both myself and the relationships I’ve damaged. God willing, I can overcome my disorders and move on, thank you for your prayers.”
    3) Check yourself into some nice rehab for a couple weeks, walk out with your second chance ahead of you!
    Pacman Jones did it and he’s still got a job. Mel Gibson did it and didn’t get run out of Hollywood. That slutty mom who just got caught bangin’ strangers in the stadium bathroom did it and she’s still married. Its what you do when you get busted and have a LOT on the line. The path you’re taking is longer, harder, and shameless. Its way better to be known as a reckless drunk than a content thief, everyone can sorta sympathize with the guy struggling to overcome his personal issues; but leeches are universally despised. Plagiarists are to the blogosphere what child molesters are to prison populations. Don’t be a child molester Chris…

  35. ClevelandsOwn12,
    sure it is about integrity.
    Once a news site loses that integrity, it loses visitors, and loses advertising money. I hate to see someoine getting into a pissing match but in this case, the people who view Sportsnet were getting a copy of NFP. The owners of sportsnet where not getting what they paid for. as an author, I am constantly looking at my work to make sure that the ideas I have aren’t coming from something else I read.

  36. “Plagiarists are to the blogosphere what child molesters are to prison populations. Don’t be a child molester Chris…”
    Sir Super Southern ya need to be writing for this site! Good stuff hehe
    “AwwwwwGaaaaawd 8-3 please leave it beeeeee As most have said …. Who CaReS????? ”
    Actually if you take the time to actually pay attention it is quite the opposite. Only a selct few of you are whining about it being a menaingless or boring or overplayed story. the vast majority of people respo0nding do care quite a bit. This particular issue goes to the heart of the problems that arise on the internet. People think it’s the wild wild west and anything goes dolts like Landry NEED to have their heads cracked as a lesson to all of the other douchebags who steal intellectual property online and see nothing wrong with it.
    Finally for about the 1000th time.,…if you don’t care then why are you commenting?? The truth is you DO care enough to comment. All of you geniuses who keep adding your whiny two cents take the time and go buy a clue…every single time you post you add to the page views of the content in question and encourage Florio to keep posting it. If you REALLY don’t care then the simnple solution and actually effective one is don’t click, don’t read and don’ty comment! Rocket Science aint it?
    Florio…don’t let go of that bit, keep running with it! Outside of the Vick analysis, this might your finest moment since starting all this stuff with NFLtalk. Good freakin job Mike.

  37. FOX Sports Radio apparently doesn’t care–I’m listening to Landry right now on their college gameday show.

  38. He should have been interviewed by David Frost…maybe he would have said that when he does it…it’s not illegal.

  39. Do people really listen to this douche. I accidentally clicked on the podcast before this one and he went off on what sounded like a young kid at another station for 5 minutes.

  40. Steve Duemig is so old news as far as a sports talk show hosts in Tampa. The guy has been rolling out the same tired guests the last 8-10 years. If anyone is in the Tampa/ St. Pete area and wants to listen to a kick ass sports talk show host listen to Marc Bednarczyk (sp?) from 12:00 Noon to 3:00 PM M-F. He is awesome! He gets it and has the best guests of anyone I’ve ever heard and that includes Colin Cowherd.

  41. jcinstpete wrote:
    “Duemig has the highest rated sports show in the Tampa Bay area and has for years. He’s so good even the guys who hate him listen!”
    We listen because WDAE comes in twice as strong as any other station in the bay area. Most other stations barely carry outside downtown Tampa/St. Pete. Also, it’s still interesting to listen to his Bucs guests and Scott Reynolds of Pewter Report. Irrespective his ratings, he’s still a hack and a douche.

  42. mikebrownlovesmattmillen- ESPN 1460 is now ESPN 1040 and has just as strong a signal as WDAE. The 12:00 Noon – 3:00 PM show called the Killer b’s hosted by Bednarczyk is BY FAR THE BEST SHOW IN the Tampa/St. Pete area HANDS DOWN. He has better guests in one day than Duemig does in a month. One day week he had Chris Mortenson, Dick Vitale, Sid Rosenberg and Michael Irvin on. Has Duemig ever had guest like that on in a single day? I think not. Your right Duemig is now a total hack. He fumbles over words non stop and is just plain lazy. I don’t even think he attends any games live. All I ever hear about is how people see him all over town getting trashed. One DUI is bad luck. Two DUI’s and you gotta think he might have a problem. Three DUI’s like he’s got and this guy should be locked up. If this was me knowing my luck a judge would have given me a 5 year sentence. Have you ever listened to the Killer B’s show on ESPN 1040? what’s your thought’s on that show?

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