Multiple sources with knowledge of the situation tell us that Vikings defensive end Jared Allen will be fine after taking a low hit on Sunday from tackle Gosder Cherilus of the Lions.
As we hear it, Allen suffered a hyperextension of his left knee, and he possibly has a mild MCL sprain.
There’s a strong chance Allen will be available to play next weekend, when the Vikings travel to Arizona.
Per one source, however, Allen believed after the hit that he was out for the year, and he insisted on playing so that he could go out in a blaze of glory.
He was back on the field the very next drive, and he continued to be a force even with the injury.
On the day, Allen had five tackles, two sacks, and a forced fumble.

47 responses to “ALLEN WILL BE FINE

  1. Thank the good lord. He’s one of the toughest players i’ve ever seen and I’m glad he’s on our team and not going against us because he’s an animal and plays his ass off every play.

  2. I saw him do an interview on NFL Network.
    Allen is a really funny guy to listen to.
    Great on the field. Great sense of humor.
    Doesn’t take himself too seriously either…

  3. Speaking of Jared Allen, I noticed on the first series that Cliff Avril hit Ferrotte below the knees much like Allen did to Matt Schuab. I assume that will result in much public outcry and tens of thousands of dollars in fines just like Allen’s hit on Schuab did.
    Somehow though, I doubt people who were pissed about the Schuab hit will have the same level of concern for the nearly identical hit on Ferrotte.

  4. Dirty or not, you gotta admire the guy’s drive (and that drive, in my opinion, is why he makes all those “dirty” hits, because he’s going all out on every play.)

  5. now he knows what a cheap shot feels like, i bet he didnt like it too much. maybe he will think twice about hitting people low or after the play is over, dumbass redneck.

  6. Jared Allen isn’t a dirty player, he just tries hard on every play. I miss him so much in Kansas City — although the addition of our franchise rookie LT and some complementary players soften the blow.

  7. I hear that Goodell is planning on fining and/or suspending Allen for hitting Cherilus in the helmet with his knee…

  8. Allen should be fined for that hit. He knew Cherilus was going to hit him low, so he ran right at him, obviously baiting him into doing it so that Cherilus would get fined for hitting him. He probably planned it out to make himself not look as bad. If something like this happens again, Allen should be suspended. Every play he is involved in is dirty. What a dirty, downright disgusting player.

  9. Hey Cheerleader- You’re sure enough out of your mind. As your online doc, I recommend adding Lithium to your list of medications, because something’s not working. No one would bait someone into taking them out at the knees

    To be happy about or wish bodily harm or a career ending injury on anybody is monstrous. Does anybody that made those statements go to Church? Is GOD a foreign concept 2u? Even if u answered an unfortunate yes to any of those, do u not posses the innate ability to know right from wrong? Here’s hoping those comments were made by uninformed or immature kids. Please people get a hold on reality.

  11. looks like all gosder the imposder is good at is recovering fumbles caused by his man who got past him.

  12. Allen gets criticized because he plays hard on every snap and sometimes his legs and body are moving out of control towards the ball carrier. He just does not stop playing. That is what happened in the Matt Schaub plays. He obviously wasn’t trying for cheap shots, he was moving in from behind as another Viking was hitting him high.

  13. Tyme2Ryde says:
    December 7th, 2008 at 9:53 pm
    Hey Cheerleader- You’re sure enough out of your mind. As your online doc, I recommend adding Lithium to your list of medications, because something’s not working. No one would bait someone into taking them out at the knees
    Did you watch the video of the play? Allen ran RIGHT TO CHERILUS. If that’s not baiting someone, then I don’t know what is.

  14. He’s a wild and crazy guy, I’m sure he didn’t take offense to that hit, since dirty hits are just guys that “play hard.” I don’t understand why he didn’t high five Cherilus, though. Shoulda been like, “Nice play bro! I do it all the time so it’s cool man”!!!

  15. I find it funny that he bitches about a perfectly legal block when he’s the cheap shot artist and an overall dirty player. What a douche! On another note, I saw him out in Minneapolis and was shocked at how small he was. If he’s 6’6/270lbs, then T-Jack is the next Joe Montana!

  16. Good news, that is why Allen makes those hit that he makes. Because someone will be taking a cheap shot against him at some point.
    Keep making the plays, and the playoffs will be here soon and on to the Super Bowl.

  17. TheGonz says:
    Keep making the plays, and the playoffs will be here soon and on to the Super Bowl.
    Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!! LMAO!!! WTF???? Seriously, the Vikes got 4 of their wins with bogus calls from the refs. If this team is super bowl bound then Childress is the next Vince Lombardi!!!

  18. whatthehellisgoingonoutthere,
    Your blind hatred just totally killed any sort of credibility you and your posts may have had. Way to go.
    Another disgruntled Packer fan that’s mad about his ‘NFC North Champion’ team sharing the division cellar with the Lions.

  19. NodakPaul says:
    December 7th, 2008 at 10:14 pm
    LOL Tyme2Ryde. Sarcasm is a lost art…
    Dang it! I wanted to see how far I could go with this.
    Skol Vikings!

  20. Good for the vikes. If they lost him in addition to the Williams brothers…. Whether or not they won the NFC North, they’d be dead men walking come playoff time.

  21. @Tenolein, you don’t even know who I root for. Your credibility is shot because you jump to conclusions based on blind faith of the Vikings. I live in Minneapolis you dumb*ss, so I am usually forced to watch the ineptitude and choke jobs that are the Vikings. Just checkout the history….

  22. Packers fans are funny… Hows your team doing w/o that Favre guy? Hmm, 13-3 to the next season where you are sitting at 5-8. With Choke Rodgers, you’ll be used to this until he leaves via a cart, free agency, or retirement.

  23. @Blahman
    Wow! It’s amazing how stupid the fans of the team of the city that I live in are. That’s why I can’t stand Vikes fans. I looked it up after your stupid comment and Rodgers had a QB rating of 104 and a higher rating on the season than Favre. He’s also beating him in every statistical category. To say he’s a choker is just plain ludicrous when they’re defense gives up 500 yards.
    Typical Vikings fans though. They barely beat the Lions in twice, once with a phantom interference call and now they think they’re headed to the Super Bowl. They will prove once again to tear the hearts out of their fans with their history of choke jobs. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Bears sneak out the division only to have the Vikings fan scurry like cockroaches when the lights are turned on. It will be nice to see them playing in LA where there fans will at least have a clue.

  24. lito says:
    December 7th, 2008 at 9:02 pm
    “T. Jackson did fine too.”
    No, he really didn’t play well at all in my opinion. Through two and a half quarters he only threw for 105 yards, and he was extremely lucky not to have turned the ball over. One of his first passes was one of those idiot jump throws, thrown into a mess of Lions players who should have picked it off. On top of that, his only passes after that were quick slants and short dump-offs… which is fine, but in case you forgot the first two games this year, and most of last year, that’s all he can do well. And when teams game-plan for that, they will all just start stacking the box with 8-9 guys and dare the Vikings to throw for more than 5 yards per attempt again.
    Remember, in 2007, Tavaris Jackson had the 2nd worst Yards Per Game stat in the NFL, and he had a very telling stat that was for pass attempts of more than 20 yards, something like 21 Attempts, 3 Completions, 7 Interceptions. That’s just horrible.
    Back to topic: Gosder Cherilus should be heavily fined for that hit. That wasn’t just aggressive play, it was an obvious attempt to injure a player, and that I don’t think anyone should stand for. That hit cannot be compared to anything Jared Allen has ever done, because Jared Allen just plays agressively, but he also plays cleanly… and that hit certainly wasn’t.

  25. whatthehellisgoingonoutthere, I challenge you to find me a playoff team that doesn’t win at least a couple games by the skin of their teeth or a “bogus” call from the refs. The fact of the matter is they won those four games. It doesn’t have to be pretty. And come playoff time, its anyones ball game, as we saw last season.

  26. whatthehellisgoingonoutthere,
    So, because you live in Minneapolis, you automatically have to root for the Vikings? So sorry you are subjected. From what I read of your posts, sounds like your stupidity is hereditary rather than environmental.
    Looks like you are the hypocritical one, callin’ me out on my conclusion jumping due to ‘blind faith’ of the Vikings.. when you yourself are jumping to conclusions. Throwing stones and glass houses… All that. Look it up.
    While you’re at it, look for a brain.

  27. Tyme2Ryde, you’re right and I got a kick out of the ‘lithium’ crack. Very funny, very funny, that guy must live alone or everyone just say ‘Yeah sure, whatever you’ then justs waits for him to go away.
    This isn’t ‘Step Brothers’ my brother. Jared Alen wasn’t in the Lions’ tree house yelling “Chop block me, go ahead chop block me.”
    Here is what is wild. If the Lions players don’t catch some heavy fines for Allen’s hit and Ferotte’s hit, Allen has cause for predjudial work practices and it would be a union grievance.
    I can hear it in the locker room. The two guys on his left will just tell him to sue.

  28. whatthehellisgoingonoutthere,
    You sound like you have been watching the vikings for many years! If you say you aren’t a fan well then you are a LIAR as well!! Quit watching them. Their is always golf on the other channel.

  29. Glad to hear he is OK. Doesn’t change the fact he is a dirty player. There is a difference between “playing hard on every play” and the player who takes MANY questionable shots after he spends his offseason telling the media that he’s going to do just that. If he would just STFU, he probably wouldn’t be the center of such scrutiny.

  30. Allen is a stud. He also was hilarious on KFAN this morning — he certainly doesn’t take himself too seriously. If anyone has read these posts regularly, it’s been pretty clear that whatthehellis goingonhere is a Cheeser. Give the dude a break, his young and upcoming team has crashed and burned, so he’s forced to go back to the tired old standbys such as Vikes fans are fairweather, the Vikes haven’t won a Superbowl, the Vikes will be one and done in the playoffs, blah, blah, blah. Hell, he may be right, but at least the Vikes’ season still means something.

  31. NodakPaul says:
    December 7th, 2008 at 10:14 pm
    LOL Tyme2Ryde. Sarcasm is a lost art…
    Dang it! I wanted to see how far I could go with this.
    Skol Vikings!
    Just trying to keep the mood light before the inevitable gut wrenching playoff defeat or the annual desultory loss to close out the team’s playoff chances. As a Vikes fan who had front row seats to the NFC championship game and Super Bowl tickets that year, You can’t take things too seriously. I fell for it, Cheerleader. My bad

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