Lost in the frenzy of a string of interesting early games is the fact that, well, the Green Bay Packers aren’t very good.
The Packers lost their third game in thirteen days, and their second at home in a week.
And this time around they lost to the Houston Texans.
The Texans, for crying out loud.  An expansion team that has never been to the playoffs and that currently is on the wrong side of .500 came into Lambeau Field and beat the Packers.
In so doing, the Texans rolled up 549 yards of total offense, and overcame four turnovers.
Matt Schaub celebrated his first game back since suffering a torn MCL with 414 yards passing, and rookie tailback Steve Slaton piled up 120 yards on 26 carries.
The Packers tied the game at 21 with six minutes to play.  After the teams traded possessions, the Texans drove from their own three to the Packers’ 22 in one minute and 43 seconds, setting up the game-winning field goal.
The streaky Texans started the season with four straight losses.  Then they won three in a row, lost three in a row, and now have won three in a row.  Though the playoffs remain very much of a long shot, a 9-7 finish is still possible.
More importantly, coach Gary Kubiak likely has done enough to earn another season on the sidelines.
As to the Packers, they’re now 5-8 and likely out of the running for the postseason.  If they run the table and if the Vikings lose the next three, the Packers would have a chance, but the NFC North title would be settled between those two teams on the fourth tiebreaker or beyond, since they are 1-1 against each other, and they’d be 4-2 in the division and 6-6 in the conference.  [Editor’s note:  A reader points out that we’re wrong, and he’s right.  The Packers would win the division via a 5-1 division record.]
Still, it’s a stunning fall from grace for a team that finished 2007 at 13-3 and had every reason to be optimistic entering the current season, even with Aaron Rodgers taking over for the deposed Lord Favre.


  1. If the Packers win out and the Vikings lose out, the Packers would be 5-1 in the division and the Vikings 4-2.

  2. No argument there. If Favre was on the Packers, we’d be lucky to finish 9-7, and everyone in Lambeau would be saying “Maybe he should have retired”. For the past 3 weeks every QB has looked like Joe Montana against our defense.

  3. I suspect sven (jyernberg) and the brilliant Bob_Nelson will be quiet for a while.
    Nice D Packers. HA

  4. Everyone can pile on me for whining about the officiating, but if you didn’t see the game, GB had the ball around the Houston 20 late in the 4th. Big run for a 1st down was called back for a total BS phantom holding penalty. Ball gets moved back ten yards, sack takes them out of FG range, and they lose. That holding call was f($*ing ridiculous. Even the idiot commentators couldn’t believe that call.
    Not that it will matter Florio, but if the Packers win out, their division record would be 5-1 and they would hold the tie-breaker over Minny, if it would come down to it.

  5. Ted and Mike need to go! They have destroyed this team… and being third in the league in penalties is embarrassing…and that should fall on the coaching staff. Ciao Mike (McCarthy not Florio…though some of his blogs are suspect)! It’s not until now that I realized how far Brett really did carry our team on his back last year.

  6. With Ryan Grant rushing for over 100 yard and touchdown – its hard to believe the Packers lost.

  7. Terrible defense. Terrible, horrible play calling. How many times do you need to give your opponent the ball with a chance to win in the closing minutes before you realize that there’s a trend there? Offensive playcalling needs to be much more aggressive late in games. They can’t rely on the defense to stop anything. Penalties are huge as well. They can’t put together a complete game to save their life. Good luck to the other NFCN teams. The Packers won’t be in the playoffs.

  8. Newsflash! They were 5-7 going into this game, so were the Texans. So yeah, they haven’t been very good all year.
    I wonder how the Jets are doing?

  9. Yep the Packers stink and I’m loving it! They’ll be the Lions first win since the Vikings wouldn’t give it to them today.
    Skol Vikings!

  10. Way to make the loss sound even worse with the lame “expansion team” comment.
    At what point are the Texans no longer an “expansion team” because it’s been 7 years now.
    Are the new Browns still an expansion team? I mean it’s only been a decade.

  11. I live in the land of the cheese and trying to tell these cheese heads that losing Favre was going to drop them well below a 13-3 record was like talking to a wall with foam cheese on its head. The Packers do suck, and they will be extremely lucky to finish 8-8 this year. Looks like they made the wrong decision trading Favre and keeping Rodgers.
    In so doing, the Texans rolled up 549 yards of total offense, and overcame four turnovers.
    That is hilarious.. The Packers run defense and pass defense is horrible. How can they run the table when they give up 550 total yards to the Texans? This is just funny to me..

  12. I’m a die hard Texans fan and think the Pack did OK getting rid of Favre. The only time I ever saw Favre play defense was on one of his career leading INT’s. Rodgers didn’t lose this game. The Texans did everything to give it away. The Texans record is 6-7 but could VERY easily be 8-5 with a QB stop against the Jags and our QB not melting down against the Colts. The Texans aren’t a BAD team. If they cut down on the turnovers they can beat any team in the league.

  13. The defense is horrible? Hmmm…I wonder why?
    Losing Cullen Jenkins and Nick Barnett for the season sure doesn’t help. Bigby has been hurt and has played in 3 games maybe? Trading away Corey Williams for Brohmn doesn’t help, either.

  14. The problem with the Packers this year is the defense, not the QB. This 5-8 team would be no better than 7-6 with Favre this year.

  15. Yes, Vikesfan, because Brett Favre plays defense. Favre seems to be doing well against the 49ers as well.
    Nice job by your Vikings to hold off the Lions.

  16. The packers don’t run the ball enough. They tried to force it this year with Rodgers and now are going to miss the playoffs! They should have featured Grant more.

  17. Obviously the D is terrible.
    Losing Cullen Jenkins and Nick Barnett for the year doesn’t help. How about trading Corey Williams for Brian Brohmn? Bigby has missed most of the season.
    There ya go.

  18. Where’s JimmySmith?
    Where’s Bob_Nelson?
    Where’s jyernberg?
    Come on, boys. . .come out and tell us some more about how your Packers are so much better, so much more talented, and so much better coached than Minnesota! We’d love to hear about how the 5-8 Packers are better than the 8-5, division-leading Minnesota Vikings!
    Of course, you’re probably too gutless to come out and say anything after the kind of embarrassment that your team put up this afternoon. The only thing that stopped the Houston Texans from hanging another 50 on that “great, elite” defense of Green Bay was the Houston Texans. The Packers sure as hell didn’t do anything to stop them.
    Oh, and Mike McCarthy is a joke. Unless Favre is coming back to Green Bay, that guy will be looking for work by this time next year. Brad Childress might not be a great coach. . .but he sure as hell is a better coach than Mike McCarthy.

  19. Look , people, bringing Favre back for another year or two and losing Rodgers forever was NEVER an issue, no matter how much you want to make it one. It was NEVER going to happen. This crap is getting so thick it’s unbearable.
    Listen to yourself VikesfaninWisc, painful as it is, just listen :
    “Looks like they made the wrong decision trading Favre and keeping Rodgers… the Texans rolled up 549 yards of total offense… The Packers run defense and pass defense is horrible. How can they run the table when they give up 550 total yards to the Texans? ”
    What does any of this have to do with Favre?
    Everybody — get a grip!

  20. Hey Showtime, if the Pack is better than 12 teams in the NFC they I think they would have won more than 3 of the past 11 games.

  21. I cannot, for the life of me, understand how Bob Sanders, the Defensive Coordinator keeps his job? He must have pictures of TT and MM in compromising positions. This clown has to be fired and fired next week.
    The special teams coach is also a nitwit. clean it out, both must go.

  22. The team is not bad, the coaching is terrible. McCarthy and Sanders have cost this team 5 games. Why did McCarthy not challenge the spot of the ball late in the 4th when it was obvious to everyone but him and the refs that the spot was wrong? The Texans would have kicked the field goal but instead they get a TD out of it, and then the moron challenges the 2 point convert when it was equally obvious that it was good, wasting another timeout. 3rd and short and all year long McCarthy puts Rodgers in the shotgun telling the opposition not to worry about the run. McCarthy is a terrible coach and as I have said has cost this team 5 wins, close games win or lose are always because of the coach.

  23. No one ever points out that the Packers schedule last year was against the AFC West and NFC West. They had a better schedule than they really were last year. They were 8-0 from those games.
    This year they’ve had to play teams who are decent. The Titans, Colts, Falcons, Bucs, Saints, and Panthers. The only team of those they even beat was the Colts(in a blowout). The Titans, Falcons, Bucs, and Panthers games were all close.
    I guarantee if they didn’t have as much defensive injuries as they’ve had all year they’d be in a healthy lead for the division, while people would be talking about how the Vikings blew all their money in free agency and got nothing out of it. It’s like 2005 for the Packers all over again.

  24. Funny how Mikey and Teddy looked like they had a good team put together when Favre was the QB of this team. It is a helluva alot easier to coach when you have someone leaidng on the field. Aaron Rodgers is an average qb that is nowhere near deserving of the cash that has been thrown at him. The Packers have not played with focus or drive at all this year. The record is no suprise.

  25. LOL @ Showtime Hayden
    “the queens suck,”
    You must mean the Vikings, since there is no team called the Queens. That being the case, the Vikings are 8-5 and don’t even need to think about the Packers again until next September.
    “the bears are gonna get destroyed on MNF in a few weeks,”
    Actually, we’d appreciate that, thank you! Since Green Bay no longer has any NFC North relevance, it would actually be quite swell of them to knock off the one non-Minnesota team that does. But, with Green Bay sucking and everything, I’m not getting my hopes up.
    “and we’re still a better team than 12 of the teams in the NFC.”
    The Packers went 0-4 against the NFC South this year. All of the NFC South teams have better records than Green Bay. So, there’s 4 teams that are better than the Packers.
    We know the Vikings are better than the Packers. . .just check the standings. . .so that makes 5. Chicago’s better, too, so bump that up to 6.
    Every team in the NFC East is better than Green Bay, so that brings that count to 10.
    Arizona’s probably better than Green Bay, too, so there’s 11.
    But on the bright side, the Packers might be better than Detroit and the three non-Arizona teams in the NFC West.
    Week 17. . .Detroit goes from 0-15 to 1-15 in front of the “fans” at Corrugated Tin Shack Field. It’s gonna be great!

  26. I still believe the Packers weren’t nearly as good last year as their 13-3 record would indicate. Very healthy, easy schedule, and a terrible division. This year they’re probably not as bad as their 7-9 (likely) record will indicate, either.
    But the lines stink. Yes, “injuries” But as I’ve said repeatedly, the O-tackles are over the hill, and the interior lineman haven’t figured it out. Driver’s going over the hill, Grant is pedestrian at best, and Jennings’s brilliance is easy to double-up. Rodgers is not bad at all, and will get better. But he can’t win games yet–just “not lose” them.
    Kampmann is the only player on the d-line worth keeping (and maybe Jenkins, depending on how he comes back from the injury). The linebackers have been exposed as being overrated–especially Hawk and Barnett. Safeties aren’t bad, but can’t tackle. Once the Packers solve their other problems on defense, the current decent cornerbacks will be long gone.
    At least the punting problem is fixed!

  27. Fire Thompson now. Now way Favre would not have won more games. What a great desicion that was! The experiment this year has been enough. We all now know that Thompson is a retard! How can there be any doubt. Yes Rodgers has not been bad and the fault lies with our deffense and an extraordinary amount of injuries but you can not keep a straight face and tell me Favre would not have won a few of the close ones this year.

  28. As a Vikings fan, I’d love to have a QB like Rogers instead of Gus or T Jack. Favre wouldn’t have gotten the Cheesenuggets any further this year because they can’t play D. Rogers throws some extremely nice passes and it seems like he’s the reason they’ve even been in some of the games. Well, all except against the Vikes in the Humpty Dome.

  29. Hey, Ted Thompson! Get on the bus and get out of here!
    Hows that ego of yours now?
    Thanks for nothing, you fool!

  30. A good leader will make 3-4 wins. Rodgers just ain’t there,
    and it does not look like he ever will be. With Favre, and
    with all the injuries, GB is 8-5 or better.
    Of course, TT is planning what to do with all those draft
    Note to any veteran GB player: get out when you can.

  31. I could give a crap what any Vikes fan’s say. The Vikes SUCK, The purple uni’s they dress up in sucks and so does that shit hole stadium they play in. I hope they leave MPLS like the hockey team did. Then where would you loser fans be. I can tell you, sitting on you thumbs calling the owner a jack-ass, like all you did when the south stars left. That organization made the correct choice. GO GB BABY! WE CAN”T WIN THE DIVISION ALL THE TIME JUST MOST OF THE TIME. SO SUCK IT!

  32. I like how the Gonz calls our field “Corrugated Tin Shack Field” when his team has the worst stadium in the league. Have fun in the playoffs Vikings. It feels good, trust me. I’m sure you haven’t felt it in years.

  33. TheGonz – Childress is a better coach than McCarthy? Drunk, fat and stupid is no way to go through life son.

  34. All of you saying that losing Favre is what caused the Packers to suck recently should not be allowed to comment on here. That is a completely ignorant comment and just shows that you have no idea what you are talking about.
    Aaron Rodgers has performed exceptionally well for the situation that he had to deal with. He is one of the top QBs in the league in every statistic. Favre only beats Rodgers in Completion percentage (only by 5.1%) and First Downs (by 12). But when you look at what Rodgers can do on with his feet, you can add 19 more first downs compared to Favre’s 2 and he beats him in that category. They have thrown the same number of TDs but when you add Rodgers 4 rushing TDs, once again he beats Favre. Then you look at Favre’s 14 interceptions compared to Rodgers 10, it’s pretty clear who wins that category.
    The problem is not the QB, its the play calling in the fourth quarter and the defense. McCarthy or whoever is making the calls at the end of the game needs to fix the problem. It makes no sense how a professional football coach can’t look at the game tapes and realize their defense is horrible can’t do anything in the last ten minutes of the game. When the Packers are in the redzone late in the game, McCarthy needs to rethink his strategy.
    Also, yes their record isn’t great but these haven’t all been blowout games. I’ve watched all the games and other then the Dallas, Tampa, and New Orleans games, the Packers have lost by an average of 2.8 points in their other five losses. The Vikings game should not have been a loss because there was a safety called that wasn’t actually a safety and they only lost by one point. The Titans gave was decided in overtime by a coinflip back when people hyped the Titans as the best team in football. And then the Houston game today, the holding call towards the end of the game was ridiculous as there was never any holding. That would have allowed the pack to get a first down and at least a field goal and then at least have a tie game at the end.
    Don’t waste your time and ours writing stuff on here if the facts can’t back you up.

  35. People who think this bad Packers team has ANYthing to do with the NFL INT king don’t know what they’re talking about.
    First, Favre doesn’t play defense and never did. This Packers defense is bad.
    Second, Rogers is a good QB and is playing pretty good football.
    Third, the Texans are better than their record (and every bit as good as the Packers) and have always been gamers under Kubiak.
    Fourth, the Packers overachieved last year. They were solid but not great. This year they’re slightly underachieving. Again, not a great team, but they should be solid and they’re not.

  36. A solid D and we’d all be talking about how incredible Rogers is because he had as good of a record as Favre did last year. Defense is the problem, not head coaching or general managing. Yes the coaches have made some bad calls this year, but so have the coaches on the Titans and Giants. It just stands out more because of the Packer’s record.

  37. didn’t see the game, but whats the point? i already know what happened, our defense just plain stinks right now. everything about it stinks. bob sanders has got to go, sorry, we just need some change there. we need HELP HELP HELP on the D-line. we have absolutley no pass rush.
    we are always hearing in the offseason about how we will blitz more. we get NO pressure from the front four, and sanders is not coming up with effective schemes to GET pressure with his blitzes. he has to go. sorry bob, nothing personal.
    and MM is not/ should not feel very confidant in how long he will be around. VERY disappointed in MM this year.
    TT and MM better keep their dogs in the house this week.
    TT took us from 13-3 and we are on our way to sub- .500…..
    he better get his shit figured out for next year, or HE won’t be able to leave the house….

  38. The idoits who thought the Packers would be better off without Favre are seeing what true Packer fans knew all alone – Favre, even at age 39 – is still a difference maker.
    There is no way the Packers would be 1-5 in games decided by 4 points or less with Favre. Favre made all of his teammates better. This team was 13-3 last year and one play from the Super Bowl. With basically the same team minus Favre and Corey Williams, they will now finish UNDER 500. Favre was the difference. This is nothing against Rodgers, he’s an OK NFL starter. Favre was special. Every team we played against feared Favre.
    Now, no one fears the Packers. Nor should they. It’s a sad day to be a Packer fan.

  39. “Childress is a better coach than McCarthy? Drunk, fat and stupid is no way to go through life son.”
    That’s not a very nice way to talk about McCarthy. You don’t know if he’s drunk.
    But, I think Meat Loaf said it best when he said “two out of three ain’t bad.” McCarthy certainly is fat, and he certainly is stupid.

  40. “Rossy P, who pissed in your cheese soup? Way to hurl all the hate tough guy.”
    Nah. . .just another bitter cheese doodle that thought the Packers had the NFC North clinched after Week 1 and is pissed that his team actually had to play 15 games after that.

  41. “A good leader will make 3-4 wins. Rodgers just ain’t there,
    and it does not look like he ever will be. With Favre, and
    with all the injuries, GB is 8-5 or better. ”
    serously, simon? so you mean, when rogers takes his team down for a late score against carolina, and the defense gives up a score in basically one play to seal it, thats rodgers fault?
    or when rodgers throws for 300 and gets 3 TDs and the defense cant stop ANYONE, that’s rodgers fault?
    orwhen he goes for 295 and 2 td’s and the defense just gets shredded for 549 total yds, like happened against HOU, that’s rogers fault?
    maybe you should compare rodgers stats to the other 31 starting QBs…cuz he has been AWESOME for a first year starter.
    you are a moron

  42. VikesfaninWis says:
    December 7th, 2008 at 5:24 pm
    I live in the land of the cheese and trying to tell these cheese heads that losing Favre was going to drop them well below a 13-3 record was like talking to a wall with foam cheese on its head. The Packers do suck, and they will be extremely lucky to finish 8-8 this year. Looks like they made the wrong decision trading Favre and keeping Rodgers.
    In so doing, the Texans rolled up 549 yards of total offense, and overcame four turnovers.
    That is hilarious.. The Packers run defense and pass defense is horrible. How can they run the table when they give up 550 total yards to the Texans? This is just funny to me..
    You’re lost if you think Favre would’ve made a difference this season. The ’08 Packers gave up more points on defense in 12 games than the ’07 Packers did. Favre never played defense, so…
    By the way, the decision to trade Favre cannot be judged until we know (1) how many more years Favre plays and (2) how long (and how well) Rodgers plays. In my opinion it was a choice.. Favre or Rodgers, not both. Rodgers likely would’ve bolted at his first opportunity if they handed the job back to Favre.
    And as I’ve pointed out before, Rodgers first 12 NFL starts compare favorably to Favre’s first 12 NFL starts. I’m not worried about him.

  43. the difference between this year and last year:
    last year we got pressure on the QB, this year they can sit back all day and find an open guy…

  44. Ok, the Packers have lost 6 games by less then 4 points. They’ve lost several key defensive starters for the season, and are still hanging in there. I know that its easy to kick a team while they’re down, which Vikings fans love to do, but this is a good team who will be right back on top next year. And by the way, they’re 1-1 against the Vikes with only a missed last second field goal the difference in that loss. So don’t gloat too much fellahs..

  45. “The special teams coach is also a nitwit.”
    The Packers owners are idiots too, Jimmy.

  46. On additional comment about how Favre doesn’t play defense. That’s true. But again, those ignorant comments are missing the point. I watched every play of every Packer game last year. The Packers offense was so strong last year (second to only the Patriots) that they very often had a lead by the second quarter and often a sizable lead by the 4th quarter. It’s a LOT easier to play defense with a lead and the offense that you are going against is one dimensional.
    You have to ask yourself, are all these players (Grant, Driver, Jennings, Lee, Barnett, Hawk, Kampman, Jolly) all just having subpar seasons a giant coincidence? Or, could it be that Favre made the players around him better?
    A few things to think about:
    1. Last year, the Packers were the 2nd more difficult team to sack in the NFL. This year, they are the second easiest.
    2. To prove Favre makes those around him better, last year all season Thomas Jones had 2 TDs. This year he has 12 (ties a career high) and he still has 3 games to go. Leon Washington, Cochery and Stucky are all having career years.
    The Packers made a giant mistake letting Favre go.

  47. Favre is a difference maker? Are you on drugs or just stupid? The QB is not the reason this team sucks – it’s kickoff coverage and defense. Plain and simple.
    All of you idiots who think the Packers would be hoisting the Lombardi trophy this year with Favre playing QB need to pull your heads out of your butts and put the bong down.
    Good Lord, you people are idiots. Remember this – Favre is a quitter. He quit. He quit because he wasn’t getting his way. He’s a hypocritical quitter. All of this time, ripping on everybody who wanted to be traded out of Green Bay because of contract issues, and he quits to get out of Green Bay because he thinks he should be making personnel decisions for the club.
    The diva is a quitter.

  48. You dopes that don’t think Brett Favre would contribute to a better record don’t realize that No.1 He is a leader, No.2 changed most of McCarthy’s calls at the line of scrimmage to a better play. No Way in the world can Rogers do that so soon in his career. Also, Favre gets rid of the ball quick, Rogers hangs on to it too long. The offense did not look good today – very sporadic.
    Favre had great chemistry with that offense, I think they played harder for him.

  49. I am loving it. Pack thought Rodgers was the guy. Favre was the guy. It’s pretty clear now isn’t it?
    You can blame the packers defense etc, and try to protect the nancy they have at qb, but Favre also inspires other players on his team. Rodgers does not have that yet. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. I cannot sit idly by and listen to this anymore. Yes the Packers are stinking it up this year. Bad defense, bad play calling, tougher schedule, bad decisions by the GM…mediocre talent. The difference last year;
    A Leader who rallied the team around him. A leader who could see a ridiculous play call and read a defense and change it and the blocking scheme. A leader could win a close game with one flick of his wrist. The defense lost the NFC champ game not Favre. AR is doing an ok job but he does not have the skills Favre has, at least not yet. Time will tell.
    Unfortunately TT and MM parlayed Favre’s season into big extension for themselves. One can only hope that Mr Murphy realizes that he will be joined at the hip with these two idiot’s if he does not convince the board to take the hit and cut the cord at the end of this season.
    Now for the Minnesota’s fans who are expostulating diarrhea of the mouth..Read my LIPS:
    The Vikings ALWAYS SUCK! Every Year! This year included. Even on the occasional season where they put together a good regular season, they choke on it when it counts. So what if they win the div with a 9-7 mark?! …they will get stomped in the first wildcard round. Go back to your arena and spank the monkey like all you minnesotan’s do! , if you can find a parking place!

  51. Not only do the Packer stink but so do their fans.
    Anyone that put deer urine on themselves is going to get that famous Packer fan stink.
    The Packers played over their heads last year and this would have happened even if Gramps had stayed.
    It is going to be a very loooong winter down at the bait shop cheesedicks.

  52. For all of you who keep trying to blame the defense and Bob Sanders, how do you explain how this EXACT roster last year was 13-3 and in Overtime of the NFC Championship?
    Maybe it’s time you all gave credit to last year’s dream season to Brett Favre. The entire team is falling apart because the chemistry is off because they traded their leader away.
    All you Packer fans are in MAJOR denial. Brett Favre was the difference between a 5-8 team and a 13-3 team. Accept it, admit it. Brett Favre was the difference!!!!

  53. When are you Einstein’s (pft ed included) going to realize that losing to the Texans is no longer a travesty? They had the #4 offense in the NFL going into this game. They self destruct with turnovers and almost did it again today despite rolling up over 500 on the cheesy boys. And yeah, the Packers are pretty bad because it should have been 30-10.

  54. “I am loving it. Pack thought Rodgers was the guy. Favre was the guy. It’s pretty clear now isn’t it?
    You can blame the packers defense etc, and try to protect the nancy they have at qb, but Favre also inspires other players on his team. Rodgers does not have that yet. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
    another example of the phrase “ignorance is bliss”…

  55. “nupicasso says:
    December 7th, 2008 at 5:09 pm
    It’s not until now that I realized how far Brett really did carry our team on his back last year. ”
    Really? How many defensive snaps did Bert Farve play for the Packers?
    Clearly, another person who only sees the final score and not how a team actually gets to it.

  56. As a Packer fan, I will admit that they are not playing good football right now. However, to say that they stink, is overexaggerating. The Lions stink (insert more colorful language if desired).
    I realize that ultimately, it is wins and losses that define your season, but I have several arguments to suggest the Packers don’t stink.
    First, the Packers have outscored their opponents 355-319. This is due to the 1-5 record in close games as mentioned earlier. With the exception of the loss to the Saints, the Packers biggest margin of defeat is 11 points. So in 7 of their 8 losses they were in the game.
    Second, the combined record of the teams they have lost to is 61-34. The only team they lost to that is not above .500 is Houston, who has the 5th ranked offense in the league. Three of their 5 wins are over teams with winning records.
    Third, they took Tennessee to overtime. It took Carolina, who is tied for the second best record in NFC a last minute drive to win.
    They beat up on Indy and Chicago. You can argue that Indy was not the same team then if you want, but they still beat them.
    They have a better divisional record than MN and Chicago. If they beat both Detroit and Chicago they will end with a better division record. A loss to Chicago and a win over Detroit puts CH, MN, and GB tied with 4-2 division records.
    Again, I realize this none of this counts when it comes to their final record and standings, but to say the Packers stink or suck to me is too harsh. Any MN fan is welcome to argue with me, but I will defend my team no matter their record.
    In regards to those who say to get rid of MM and TT. They took a 4-12 team and turned them into a 13-3 team and to the NFC Championship in two years. They have earned themselves a few seasons. There is a reason that teams that regularily change coaches and GM’s are always in the bottom half of the league.

  57. Packers have only lost 1 divisional game, not 2. So they would have a better divisional record than the vikings if they win out and the vikings lose out.

  58. pjfuller says-
    “Good Lord, you people are idiots. Remember this – Favre is a quitter. He quit. He quit because he wasn’t getting his way. He’s a hypocritical quitter.”
    Favre a quitter, seriously? In all the years I watched Favre play I never once saw him quit.
    The way Favre and the team parted was was certainly ugly, embarassing, etc. but will not make me any less of a Favre or Packer fan.
    Ultimately, Favre will finish his career somewhere else, just like Reggie White, Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, Emmitt Smith, and many others.

  59. If I may quote Nelson Muntz, “Ha Ha!!!” Yep Fudgepacker fans, your team sucks. You will lose to Detroit to give them their only win of the year.

  60. Hey Pecker Fans, The NFL is about winning NOW and getting rid of Favre made them a bad team. It did not work out at all, and yes this IS AN ISSUE!! NFC Championship game? Remember that team? Not even close and it is mainly because of losing Favre. Hows New England without Brady? It makes a difference to lose an elite QB, especially when there is only a few left. Best thing? HE WANTED TO STAY!!!! and mgmt ran him out of town. A blunder of cataclysmic proportion…buh.. buh buh BAAA HAAA HAAA HAAA!!!! you guys suck…

  61. No, Favre did not play defense, but there is an old saying “The best defense is a good offense.” Last year Favre kept the Packers’ D off the field by sustaining drives and capitalizing on the defense’s forced turnovers. Today they went 1 for 10 on 3rd down, punted 8 times, and managed to lose a game, at home, in which they held a 4 to 1 turnover advantage. With no coach on the field, and no real coach on the sideline for that matter, this team is lost. Rodgers appears to be a decent player, but the goal in the NFL is to win now, not 5 years from now. So when you have a team that missed the Super Bowl by a field goal, the general rule is to not trade away said team’s best player in favor of a guy with 0 starts on his resume.

  62. Hey cheeseheads…while you’re whining about how Lord Favre isn’t there to save the season….get a grip….have you seen him play the last two weeks?

  63. just what i said on another post, spanky.
    last 2 weeks, jets 0-2, 31 points for jets, 58 for the other guys.
    they better watch it or they will be playing the fins for a div title in a few weeks.
    or they may be playing and the fins will have it already.
    maybe the jets swoon is a plot by mangenius to avoid giving the pack as high a draft pick as possible while still making the playoffs…

  64. Sanders needs to go. Yes our D is ravaged by injury, but good coordinators have the system to overcome losses. that is why i cant wait till we fire Sanders and hire a $$ D Coordinator, like Romeo Crennel. And yes, Crennel sucks as a head coach, but so did Dick LeBeau, and his defense (the steelers, for all you fairweather message boarders), is #1 in the league. If we get Romeo or another top shelf coordinator in the off-season, all the TT and MM bashing will shut up. and anyone that rips on rodgers clearly isnt watching him play, they just read about it.

  65. Okay asshole vikings fans…your team struggled against the Lions….the LIONS. Your beloved AP barely broke 100 yards and not much more. The whole division sucks and for you to brag about how bad the Packers are when your team sucks almost as much is pretty damn pathetic. The whole NFC north is terrible and if you think the Vikings stand a chance should they squeak out the division you are the pathetic douchebag you appear to be based on your comments. As for whether Brad Childress is a better coach than Mike McCarthy, they pretty much both suck….smartest kid in the dumbest class, maybe, but I would put my money on Lovie Smith on that one.

  66. thompson tore the guts out of this team doing what he did to favre. looks good on packers management who listened to those idiots and kicked out the guy who was the sole reason the team had any success during his entire career. i feel sorry only for green bay fans who this idiot thompson hurt while collecting his own big salary for his total incompetance. whatta joke! 2 idiots from outside come in and ruin the packers and they are allowed to do it! unreal!

  67. It was a gutsy call to let Brett go…but the right one. This year Rodgers has more yards, more touchdowns, less interceptions and a better qb rating. Favre has more wins, but only because the team is better.
    I blame Sherman for the creation of “Lord Favre”. It was during the Sherman era, that Favre started dressing not in the new locker room, but in a private office. Sure sends a message to the team.
    I will always be in awe of everything Brett Favre has given the organization, especially since they took a huge risk trading for him in the first place. His contributions were incredible. A year ago, I wanted him to play as long as he wanted for the Pack. Today, from a qb standpoint, we are in good hands with Aaron Rodgers.

  68. Only thing the Packers need is another DT and a fully-awake D-Coordinator which TT will take care of in the offseason.
    The Queens and Bears will be tied next week.
    And, we’ll be right back.

  69. One thing this thread has proven is that both ViQueen and PudPacker fans are complete morons. Regardless of which one will or would have made the playoffs, they’ll get their a$$e$ handed to them and be one-and-out.

  70. Packers Vikings, Packer, Vikings, Packers, Vikings… I’m Sick of it!!!! Who’s been on top of the division more than any other team in the division this year??? Chicago Bears. Who gets no recognition or credit when they are on top…. The Bears. Who the hell has everyone been talking about… Packers and Vikings. I hope the Vikings lose out, and the Bears win at least 2 so I can laugh my ass off at all you people acting like it’s just the Packers and Vikings!

  71. Brett Favre postseason:
    2001: 6 ints vs Rams in blowout loss.
    2002: major fizzle at home vs Falcons in blowout loss.
    2003: bad int in OT for loss to Phil.
    2004: Bad loss to Vikings. (Had a chance for an Elway-like play in this one. Did he go helicopter to the end zone? No, he meekly threw the ball away when he was well beyond the los to avoid getting hit in a crucial situation. This is where he lost me. Favre thought this play was funny. I didn’t.)
    2005: almost 30 int season, responsible for a 4-12 season. Appallingly bad QB play.
    2006: Still way too many ints, despite McCarthy coaching him up.
    2007: Bad int in OT to lose to NYG. Had ball in his hands multiple times at the end of this game, failed every time.
    How do you define insanity? Doing the same thing and expecting a different result. This all looks like the same result to me. Conclusion: You Favreophiles are insane. (How’s crunch time going for the Jets this year? Not so good? Who’s surprised? The irony is that Favre is going to get beat out by Pennington.)

  72. Did somebody really just say that the reason Favre has more wins with the Jets than the Rodgers led Packers have is because Brett is on a better team? Really? He took over a 4-12 team and has already doubled their win total. Yes, they did sign other impact players, but Rodgers inherited a 13-3, NFC Championship team. I would venture to say that Rodgers has a better supporting cast… by a mile.

  73. Geez, too much frigging trash talking. Vikes fans shouldn’t be trashing the cheesers yet, since it’s likely we will lose the Williams boys and have a tough time with our remaining 3 games.
    The Pack problem isn’t Rogers — he’s very good. The problem is a poor D-line without any depth, LBs that apparently aren’t as good as I thought, and injuries to the secondary. If TT gets his head out of his ass and actually signs a free agent for a change on the D-line, the Pack will be right in it again. As a Vikes fan, I don’t want the pack to suck too bad — it makes the rivalry more fun.

  74. Wow. We have a bunch of Favre crotch-jockeys.
    Ted Thompson made the right call, period. Unpopular? Yes. But the right call on Favre after he quit to get out of Green Bay.
    Now TT needs to make the tough decision and bring in Mike Nolan to run the defense.

  75. I wish people would quit whining about Brett Favre. I have news for you… HE IS GONE. Get over it… be a fan, or go cheer for the Jets. He was great for 17 years, but he retired. In any job you can’t just “retire” and then come back whenever you damn well please. You need a defense to win games, and our defense has not shown up at crucial times during the season. If I had to rank GB’s shortcomings this year, it would first be the defense, THEN special teams, and THEN offense. I remember a time when our defense could keep teams out off the end zone on the 1-yard line like it was nothing. Our record this year is not the fault of the man who waited patiently behind another man that can’t seem to get it together.

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