OK, so I wanted to do a Live Blog of Monday night’s Bucs-Panthers game, but I’ve got other stuff to do tonight.  (Sorry.)
But I’m still working on the site from time to time, and I had to post on something that a couple of readers caught early in the game.
While discussing the friction between Bucs coach Jon Gruden and quarterback Jeff Garcia, ESPN’s Tony Kornheiser misspoke — and in so doing seemed to perpetuate the notion, first started several years ago by receiver Terrell Owens, that Garcia has some not-that-there’s-anything-wrong-with-that tendencies.
Watch and listen for yourself.



  1. “who likes to date hot quarterbacks, tried to get Brett Favre”
    I didn’t see this live, so I’m missing the context, but what the hell was he even talking about?

  2. Yes, that was really strange, Tony is weird as hell.
    But he likes manly men, virile manly men, talknig to each other about manly thing, manly rites and men talking between men and hard men.
    He must write gay porn on the side.

  3. Talk about making something out of nothing! A Freudian slip reveals a hidden desire or feeling from the person who says it. All it says, at most, is TK (who admittedly knows most of what he knows through the various media outlets) thinks Garcia might be gay — BECAUSE of what he’s already heard, probably.
    So yeah, it tells us something about Kornheiser, but not Garcia.

  4. I think when he said tried to get Brett Favre his mind was jumping around. Was referring to Tampa trying to bring in Favre.

  5. A childish reach at humor/controversy Florio. Don’t make a post just for the sake of web hits, your sponsors and readers expect better.

  6. Korny meant to say Gruden, because when Gruden tried to get Favre, Garcia said something about how Gruden “likes to date quarterbacks but not marry them.” Korny just said Garcia instead of Gruden.

  7. So was he just trying to be funny, then?
    I just don’t get him as an MNF personality–he’s the worst. I enjoy PTI, but find myself wondering who he’s got pictures of and doing what to keep his job on MNF…

  8. The quote originally came from Garcia in the preseason after being asked if he believes Favre would come to Tampa, he responded:
    “Jon Gruden hasn’t given you an answer yet? He loves quarterbacks. But he likes to just date. He doesn’t like to marry.”
    Thus Kornheiser being as ancient as he is misread the quote.

  9. It would appear that it is just a matter of time before Tony Kornh*ler says something to get himself kicked off of the airwaves. He is not really an asset to the enterprise.

  10. He wasn’t speaking about Garcia, it was Gruden. He was talking about Gruden “dating hot quarterbacks” in reference to “courting” Favre even though Garcia had taken them to the playoffs. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

  11. If you force yourself to adopt the position that Kornholio is not a real football analyst, and think of him more as a dippy chick you have to explain the game to, he’s not quite so annoying. It’s all about changing expectations.
    And yeah, he was referring to Gruden ‘dating but not marrying’ QB’s.

  12. @ Paganmonkey:
    No… we really don’t. Florio’s been posting crap for a long while now. At least this is better than critiquing what the coach is wearing (IE: Jack Del Rio’s leather jacket & gore-tex coats)

  13. That this continues to follow Jeff Garcia is funny. He’s hideously homely, dates the hottest chicks on the planet and no one, especially on this website, is going to convince me that Carmella DeCesare is Jeff Garcia’s beard. She’s no beard, dudes.
    I have no idea if Tony Kornheiser is gay, or where this “slip” came from, but I KNOW FOR CERTAIN that he’s ugly and has a non-important point-of-view that no one cares about.

  14. This is why I don’t watch MNF anymore. If the Chargers are playing, I’ll watch. If I’m otherwise interested in the game, I’ll listen to it on Sirius. But since MNF switched to ESPN I’ve only watched a handful of games. SNF is what MNF used to be.

  15. I just googled Carmella DeCesare.. oh man, are you freaking kidding me?? The son of a bitch. Where does he get them?

  16. WHO THE HELL IS GARCA ?!?!??!
    Save us Joe Bracato !!!!!

  17. I don’t know what is harder to believe:
    1. Tony Kornheiser still has the MNF gig
    2. Florio has something else to do tonight.
    P.S. 5$ says it’s checking out the Vikings locker room pic.

  18. I heard it live. No big deal. the Korn-missioner is a tool. Makes me want Dennis Miller back on MNF.
    Whats even better is the post game show on ESPN. They cut to Steve Young and someone in the crowd hit him in the face with a cup. Give Young credit he didn’t slip up and continued, but when they cut to a wide shot Emmitt was giving someone the stink eye and I thought he was going into the crowd. Sick’em Emmitt!!

  19. Has anyone seen his wife? Beautiful, does playboy. I’m sure he could care less if people think he’s gay when he’s married to such a beautiful women

  20. Yep, you’re spot on. That was a dictionary definition “freudian slip”. We all know those rumors about Garcia whether substantiated or not. Kornheiser does too obviously and did that subconscious slip with that clumsy word play. Textbook!
    But with the rumors of Garcia, it does make you wonder why Ted Thompson didn’t try harder to bring in Garcia after Favre left. Oh, you didn’t know about those rumors yet?

  21. Kornhole is nothing more than a gossip monger…if he would spend more time on his work, and less time gossiping about made up crap, he might be a good sportswriter/analyst…

  22. Unless he somehow winds up behind me in the shower, I don’t care if he’s gay or not.
    I don’t understand why people are concerned about it one way or another.

  23. I think that says more about Kornheiser’s “tendancies” than Garcia’s.
    It’s time to end the “jokester in the booth” during football games. It doesn’t work. Never has. Never will.

  24. The Jimmy says:
    December 9th, 2008 at 8:05 am
    Unless he somehow winds up behind me in the shower, I don’t care if he’s gay or not.
    I don’t understand why people are concerned about it one way or another.
    Not that there is anything wrong with that, but, would you prefer he be in front of you? Personally, I like to take my showers alone, or with a female, but I dont judge. You say tomato, I say apple, whatever floats your boat, lol

  25. Funny! I thought the same thing as I watched it live! What a Freudian slip!
    Let’s start a pool on the month/year after Garcia’s retirement when he “finally stops living a lie” and “is proud of who I am” coming out announcement (and solicits hot quarterbacks).

  26. This is the very definition of taken out of context. Kornheiser was in the middle of a rambling discussion of Gruden and Garcia’s relationship, and which he digressed, but said that GRUDEN loves to date hot QBs. The video clip cleverly cuts out the preamble so this isn’t clear.
    Florio, I hope you have stopped making snide references to “the real media.” You joined their unsavory ranks long time ago.

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