With the Dallas Cowboys’ 2008 season, which was presumably resurrected after knocking off a twin-pack of NFC West Twinkies at home in four days, now teetering on the edge of the abyss after blowing a ten-point lead with less than seven minutes to play at Pittsburgh on Sunday, owner Jerry Jones focused his most candid remarks on a guy who wasn’t even there to contribute to the debacle.
Jones has, in essence, declared to the world that he thinks Marion Barber, a bruising bull of a tailback, is a big sissy.
He can play with that injured toe,” Jones said, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.  “He can play with the soreness and a combination of those things.  I see nothing that led us to believe he couldn’t.”
Meanwhile, Jones praised rookie running back Tashard Choice, who generated 166 total yards against the Steelers on Sunday.

“Tashard might have added a plus,” Jones said. “I don’t think we lost any slack there.”

As we point out in this week’s Ten-Pack for (the column is not yet live, and the anticipation for it is now palpable . . . if Webster’s has an alternative definition for “palpable” that includes “non-existent”), the emergence of Choice and the presence of Barber and rookie first-rounder Felix Jones could give the team some trade bait in the offseason.

Indeed, Jones’ comments likely will prompt some teams to start calling in February about the availability of Barber.

The cap consequences of trading Barber, who signed a long-term deal earlier this year, aren’t presently known.  Regardless of the timing of the trade, the entire cap charge would hit the books next season, since 2009 is the last capped year under the current CBA. 

So if the acceleration is prohibitive, then it arguably wasn’t all that prudent for Jones to risk creating a problem with a player who could screw up team chemistry in the coming year even more than team chemistry already is screwed up right now.

Then again, given that Barber was drafted by Bill Parcells and that Felix Jones and Choice came after Parcells left town and then a year later raided the front office, our guess is that Jerry Jones would prefer to load the 2009 backfield with Felix Jones and Choice, since both players were added by the current regime.


  1. “So if the acceleration is prohibitive, then it arguably wasn’t all that prudent for Jones to risk creating a problem with a player who could screw up team chemistry in the coming year even more than team chemistry already is screwed up right now.”
    Exactly how is the chemistry screwed up? These guys all play hard for each other, the only question mark is Pacman, but i wouldn’t go so far as to say he’s messing up team chemistry. That’s just a completely unfounded statement. Do you even watch the games?

  2. Then I’m calling out Jerry Jones…I think his face CAN move when he talks no matter HOW much Botox he injects into each and every crevice in his gord.

  3. Obviously Jerry knows how to push through pain and play . . .
    Remember when he rode that elevator and had a hang nail?? What a tough guy!

  4. Which part of that team says “we have chemistry” or “we play well together.” Tony Romo didn’t DIE, he missed four games. What? The team can’t play hard without him there constantly monitoring him?

  5. As if Jerry even has a clue what it is like to have a turf toe and the pain associated with it. One of the few gut it out players on the Cowboys roster and JJ calls him out.

  6. first off let me say im a skins fan and i was happy to see dallas lose yesterday however, how is the fact that dallas jesus (tony romo) threw 3 picks marion barbers fault????? i thought that the guy that stepped in, choice, did a fantastic job! so this loss wasnt on the running game. it was the QB.

  7. jerry jones is a complete numbskull, i hope that barber sits out the last 3 games just to stick it to him(because im an eagles fan), but i hope they trade him, forget t.o. and romo, marion barber is the best player on that offense.

  8. Jerry Jones calling Marion Barber a fake, a woos, is unbelievable! Let me
    restate that: calling Marion Barber a fake, a woos in NOT BELIEVABLE!
    Has Jerry Jones ever watched the tenacity with which Marion Barber runs?
    Why would he doubt him? Because they lost a game they had in line to win.
    How many of those has Dallas seen in the last 5 seasons or so? Ask the
    Denver Broncos how good a rookie can look for ONE GAME.
    Turf-toe is so painful and seems so minor but it’s not. Personally, and I’m not a
    big Bolt fan, but I think turf-toe has limited Tomlinson all season. Jones played
    college football and he thinks he knows it all. He knows jack.
    Unless there’s a pattern of lying from Mr. Barber that we don’t know about,
    this is an unbelievable example of Jerry Jones having no knowledge,
    emotional outbursts (again) and character assassination. Go ahead, Mr.
    Plastic Surgery: trade Marion Barber. I dare ya. I double-dog dare ya, you
    horse-tooth jackass. Marion Barber is man’s man IN THE NFL! If he says he’s
    hurt, I’d take him at his word.

  9. “Raided” — to quote The Princess Bride, “I do not think it means what you think it means.”
    Jerry Jones gave Parcells permission to hire his disciples from the Cowboys front office. And then he traded players to the Dolphins after that. It’s partly because Jones owed the Dolphins after they let him hire away Jason Garrett.

  10. Running backs last about three years in this league.
    The o line needs to pick it up. That’s where they poured their money. Biggest line in the league and they can’t protect the passer.
    The weather makes this a run game. That’s where this game should’ve been won and lost.
    If the o line is doing it’s job, it shouldn’t matter who’s in teh back field. The days of E. Smith are over in this league.
    Chargers should’ve dumped LT and kept the young guy.
    Barber’s going to want to get paid and someone else should do it. I agree. Trade him for some of draft picks.
    Anyone seen Roy E. Williams?

  11. Jones should not get all giddy over Choice just yet. It was one game and the Steelers were most likely ignoring him to focus on Romo and the passing game. Something they would not have done with Barber back there. It is shocking that Jones would call out one of his best players in the media like that. I’m concerned his face skin is pulled so tight it might be disrupting the connection between his brain and his mouth.

  12. WOW, even for jethro to call out a player like that is surprising. of course i am sure with all the years jethro played pro ball he would know how bad barber is hurt. and here all along we though to would start the implosion.

  13. trade him to NE to get this guy back with Maroney. That would be a nice 1 2 punch, just like it was in college.

  14. So exactly how many tackles would Marion have made in the last 7 minutes to stop the Stealers? Ok, maybe 1 after the Romo interception? With Choice getting 166 yards how could Barber playing have helped.?

  15. Did you even watch the game caramello?
    I was barely paying attention and saw 2 instances of TO screaming at someone on the sidelines after an offensive series ended, several players have publicly made statements about Pacman being an issue, and the defense definitely can’t be happy that they lost that game.
    The owner throwing one of their best players under the bus can’t help things at all.

  16. Barber could play with a busted toe?
    LT has played half the year with a busted toe.
    What has he done? 75 YPG? Compared to 95 YPG last year?
    Thats what back-ups are for.
    Now where is Vox Veritas backup? Cuz he’s been quiet all
    year long. Its dissappointing not to see Romo’s Roadie.

  17. Jerry Jones = A-Hole.
    what an idiot. the runnung backs for Dallas played great and were not responsible for the loss to the Stealers.
    Romo went brain dead – end of story.
    T.O. – just a typical day at the ranch for him = he os playing for the right owner the 2 deserve each other.

  18. This is the same idiot freaking moron that thought because he played catch with Romo that his broken finger woul be fine for an nfl game. The only two GM’s worse than Jerry? Millen (Fired) and Al Davis.

  19. Yo Jerry, you probably shouldn’t talk shit about the best player on your team. Maybe. Just some advice from a person with no experience to someone with 20 years of it.

  20. I don’t quite understand why Jerry would bend over backwards for a criminal like Pacman Jones, but would call out their offense’s best player.

  21. dear cowboys,
    buying up all the big name talent will bring chemistry and championships.
    sinceraly The Yankees

  22. I see a picture of the day coming:
    “Marion Barber(Sergeant Hulka) is always gonna be here to be that big toe for us”
    and that’s the fact Jack

  23. Jones is an ass-clown. He decides to take on the guy with maybe the most heart on the team. Barber is a warrior. It’s actually amazing he hasn’t missed more time to injury considering his running style. The only I can think is Jones is trying to create an us-against-the-owner scenario for the players as a rallying cry to make the playoffs.
    I’m sure there are 31 other teams that would gladly take this malingerer off Jerry’s hands.

  24. Dear Cowboys,
    Yeah Yeah Cut Marion Barber Yeah good idea.
    Sincerely the Eagles Giants and Redskins.

  25. I want to see Jerruh Jones tackle Barber with his ailing toe. Matter of fact, tie one of Barbers hands behind him. he’d run over that gas bag like a freight train. Calling out his bruising back…..not smart. We’ll take em’. Clinton and Marion Barber in the same backfield… Hail!

  26. He defends Pacman Jones every time the guy messes up. But one of your best players misses a game with an injury and you jump all over him? If we have any additional slots for an owner in the All Time Turd Team then I vote for Jerry Jones

  27. Jerry Jones is the biggest factor keeping the Cowboys from going anywhere in the playoffs because he thinks he’s a great coach…but he’s just an owner.

  28. Odd that Jerry took it upon himself to blame the someone else instead of the usual suspect (who brings it upon himself to destroy the teams he has played on). Gonna be interesting rebuilding the team next year in their brand new digs.

  29. Jerry Jones = Football Genius NOT!
    All he’s done is used his money to bring in any malcontent into Dallas and try to get back to the Super Bowl…and it hasn’t worked yet. All the money in the world can’t make a team mesh together and go to “the promised land”, and he just doesn’t get that. The dude is an Al Davis wannabe…Tex Schramm and Tom Landry are probably turning over in tehir respective graves…

  30. Its Romo’s turnovers that cost them the game not the running backs. The defense played great all day up until the end when they were wore down. You keep giving a team chances and they will eventually socre on you (unless its one of the Ohio teams this year)
    Choice played great and Barber being there wouldnt have made Romo less likely to hand the Steelers the game like that

  31. Wow…Great way to foster team unity,Jerra. And thats coming straight from the top!!! No wonder why he feels such kinship with TO……

  32. Its no big thing. All Barber has to do is get busted for having 60 lbs of coke in his trunk, or maybe punch a stripper, or maybe even get drunk and punch his personal bodyguard, followed by a round of driveway sit ups, and all will be forgiven

  33. Jerry Jones’ latest comment about Marion Barber is more confirmation that he has cannot do the right thing when it interferes with his maniacal ego.
    Comments like his are the kind that keep pushing current players into a future life filled with painful and debilitating health problems.
    Comments like his are part of the problem that so many ex-players live with painful, debilitating health problems without relief by the pension plan of the billion-dollar industry (part owned by Jerry Jones) — an issue severe enough to be investigated by the U.S. Congress.
    How much more maniacal can you get, Mr. Jerry Jones?

  34. The biggest douche culprit here is Florio. Trade a Pro Bowl running back after watching a rookie play 1 game. This is just your way of showing off your fetish for NFL contracts.

  35. How about the idiots addressing Jerry in the comments. Jerry didnt say anything about trading Barber…….Florio (Junior Mike Greenberg)did.

  36. Choice did a nice job yesterday. Barber would not have fared any better against the SteelerDefense. Smaller quicker backs do a nice job against the Steelers on draw plays and quick screens. If Barber played he would have been a non factor. However I would like to thank Skeletor for adding to his own team’s problems by throwing his #1 back under the bus who, as noted, didn’t throw three interceptions yesterday. Can’t blame Romo though because he is The Chosen One.

  37. To call jj an asshat is an insult to mere asshats everywhere
    Who will he chuck under the bus after each of their next 3 losses?

  38. With the success of so many rookie running backs this year, why would any team give up draft picks to GET Barber?

  39. Someone PLEASE tell Skeletor that his choke-artist quarterback is the reason the cowboys lost the game. Barber was resting his INJURED toe in order to be healthy for the remainder of his OVER-HYPED team’s season. ROMO IS A SCARED LITTLE GIRL IN BIG GAMES!!!
    Frustrated cowboy fans: plenty of room over here on the Texans’ bandwagon.
    p.s.-Jerry, brush your yellow teeth. You are filthy rich, not filthy. Those corn nuts you call ‘teeth’ are unacceptable.

  40. OJ McDuffie was never the same once he had that turf toe injury. There are plenty of players who have had it and have not been able to perform well or perform at all.
    Jerry Jones is what is stopping the Cowboys from being great. If he’s check in his ego at the door, they may win some superbowls yet. Oh wait, nm, that was during the Jimmy Johnson Era. It’s not going to happen EVER again while this isiot still thinks he is the coach and talent evaluator.

  41. ok Florio, you REALLY just took the baton and ran with this one. Jerry Jones was hardly calling Barber a sissy, he was just expressing how obviously unaware and shocked he was to find out that Barber could not go.
    Furthermore, he was totally unaware of the real reason Barber sat out the game, which had nothing to do with with the toe specifically. He couldn’t go because of a severely sore calf muscle on that same leg. That came from compensating for the dislocated toe. Just like Felix Jones’ toe injury, that ultimately put him on IR, came from compensating for the hamstring injury he had been rehabbing for 5 weeks. This I know after hearing beat writers for the cowboys say so on their radio show this morning.

  42. Bashing arguably your best player isn’t going to win him over nor will it bring the team together, but it is classic Jerruh Jones nonsense.
    It sure will be sweet to see “America’s Team” lose their last 3 games and miss the playoffs just so we don’t have to put up with them, although, it would be entertaining to see them lose their opening round playoff game again for like the 10th year in a row.
    Cowboys = Fraud

  43. Dear Marion,
    Please get arrested & spend your “injury” time suspended. You’ll gain some street cred with JJ.

  44. Jerry needs to STFU! How quickly was HE up grinning and yammering in people’s faces after his face lift?
    I give MBIII the full benefit of the doubt here, over Jerry.

  45. I dislike Dallas as much as the fans of the other 31 teams, but Barber is a beast. If you don’t want him, we will take him in Cincinnati. This may be the largest collection of intelligent posts by Cowboys fans I have ever seen (no offense), except for the douchebags who are calling themselves patriots fans trying to get him and maroney back together.

  46. Dear Mr. Jones.
    You are not, nor will you ever be J.R. Ewing. Please sit down, and STFU.
    Loyal Cowboys fans in spite of you

  47. So, he calls out an injured player who gives 110% on every play..But says not a damn thing about Roy E. Williams. He of all of 13 catches for 177 yards in 6 games, whom he traded a boatload of draft choices for…..Oh, that’s right the skelator traded for him. Makes sense…..

  48. Jerry Jones should fire himself for making such an idiotic comment. Marion Barber has given everything when he plays, and this is the kind of treatment he gets in return? I can already see it now, in about 20 years, we’ll have Al Davis, Jr…in the form of Jerry Jones.

  49. You’ve gotta love it! He said WHAT? I am not and will never be a fan of Dallas. BUT
    I know now that Jerry really doesn’t watch his team play.

  50. This was totally taken out of context. “Why do I always have to correct you knuckleheads!?” (Woody Page voice) Allow me to clarify a few things:
    A) Barber DOES NOT HAVE TURF TOE. I don’t even know how people went from dislocated toe to turf toe but he DOES NOT HAVE TURF TOE.
    B) Jerry was simply stating that Barber was doing some drills this week, not practice, but drills and working with the training staff on that toe and that his participation indicated that he was going to play. The reason Barber and the staff decided to shut him down was because during those work outs his toe changed his natural running motion and it strained his calf. By Saturday his calf was unexpectedly and extremely sore. This is why Jerry and others were surprised that Barber stayed behind. Remember, this was done on Saturday right before the team left.
    C) No one is talking about a Barber trade. Get that out of your head right now. Barber is beloved in Dallas and no way will Jerry trade him. Jerry is no idiot he knows how much Barber means to the organization.
    D) Look at the actual quote. He is simply saying that from what he SAW, Barber looked like he was a go. He is just saying that Barber looked like he could play but he also states that he doesn’t believe they lost any slack there meaning that the running game did not miss a step, aka Barber would not have made a difference.
    I know that you either hate or love the Cowboys, but sometimes this hate makes you guys sound like a lynch mob rather than level headed football fans. We’re better than that.

  51. Owners like Jerruh Jones are the reason owners like Dan Rooney get special treatment from the league office. What kind of idiot debacles his own team?

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