Former Browns/Chiefs/Redskins/Chargers coach Marty Schottenheimer responded on Monday to an ESPN report linking him to the looming vacancy in Cleveland.
While appearing with Adam Schein of Sirius NFL Radio, a caller asked Schottenheimer about the situation.  Said Schottenheimer in response, “I don’t ever say ‘never’ if I don’t have to but I don’t see it as being likely. . . .  I really don’t.  I’ve made a major change in my life and, again, the only thing I always say, Adam, as a caveat, I don’t ever make a decision if I don’t have to and thus I haven’t made one.” 
If Schottenheimer returns to the game, he might be doing it in part to wash the bad taste of his most recent experience out of his mouth.   “That was an anomaly,” he said of his tenure with the Chargers, which saw him fired after a 14-2 season.  “That was an aberration.  That was particular to the organization. . . .  My issues in San Diego were because of the people in the front office that I could not interact with.”
Schottenheimer also said that he doesn’t need complete control over the roster, although in our view it was the lack of such control that set the stage for his troubles with Chargers G.M. A.J. Smith.
And Schottenheimer wouldn’t rule out assuming a Bill Parcells-type role, possibly in a situation that would allow him to work with protege Bill Cowher.
“Bill and I have remained very very close friends throughout our NFL careers and it goes back to when he was a player and I was an assistant,” Schottenheimer said.  “I would be less than candid if I didn’t say that that is, at the very least, intriguing.  But there are so many movable parts there it would be like a Rubik’s cube.”


  1. Schottenheimer & Cowher to Kansas City…*please*! Replace the disaster that is Carl “5-year plan” Peterson & Herm “Nothing is EVER my fault” Edwards..

  2. I was listening to that, was funny when Schein said it was scrolling across the screen while Marty was saying he had no idea.
    I didn’t know you could interview a co-host of the show

  3. marty AND cowherpower in cleveland? the ONLY thing that rivals that was the drafting of jim brown back in the 50s.

  4. The people that have Phil Dawson on their fantasy teams are going to be pi$$ed when Romeo gets fired. I managed to wake up during the game yesterday long enuf to see Dawson get sent in to kick another meaningless FG when the Browns were down 21-6 with about 13 minutes left to play.

  5. Imagine Cowher and Marty together… That could bring instant credibility to just about any franchise (even the Raiders and Lions, which is probably why it wouldn’t happen with either of them).

  6. They need to do what the Cardinals, Dolphins, Steelers and Falcons did….get a top coordinator. Jim Schwartz? Is there a better defensive mind in the game? Bring Linehan in as a top paid OC.

  7. AJ Smith is a chucklehead. Look where it got him: from 14-2 to the disaster that is the Norv Turner-lead Chargers.
    They should have fired Smith and kept Marty.
    To me, Cowher makes more sense in Cleveland and Marty in KC.

  8. Wow, how desperate are Chiefs fans? Don’t they remember the Marty days? No playoff wins since 1993 is all you need to know about that “franchise.”

  9. “Jim Schwartz?”
    Oh hell no! He’d be a horrible HC! I wouldn’t waste my time with him.
    Go after Spagnolo of whatever his name is… the D-coordinator of the Giants… he’s your guy.

  10. Oh, right, wanting to see the coach that took the Chiefs to 7 playoff appearances in 10 years come back is desperate? What have the other Chiefs coaches done?! If he can replace Carl Peterson *and* bring Bill Cowher with him (who would boot the worthless Herm Edwards out) …that’s a tremendous upgrade in every way!

  11. Don’t you have to win regular season games in order to get playoff wins? I point this out, because A.J. Smith said after he fired Marty that the regular season “doesn’t matter; it’s what you do in the playoffs. You have to make some noise in the playoffs.”
    Well, here’s the thing the Chiefs and the Chargers have in common; they’ve both made noise in the regular season, that noise being an uncanny semblance to the sound of a wet, sloppy turd hitting the floor.
    Season tickets sell faster for 14-2 teams that don’t make the playoffs than for 2-14 or 5-8 (or wherever the Chiefs and Chargers end up) teams that don’t make the playoffs.
    From a business perspective, it makes sense to win as much as possible. Hence, firing the winningest coach in the franchise history is always, always a very risky (and for the Chargers, stupid) move.

  12. Chargers may have won a superbowl had they kept Marty in San Diego.
    He’s a strong motivator & it’s almost same team now…lol, Norv is really bad.

  13. Dick LeBeau is a great coach but he will never get another shot at a HC position. Schwartz will be a HC somewhere next year.

  14. Cowher and Marty in Cleveland would instantly make them competitive. This Steeler fan hopes that never happens.

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