In an item we mentioned earlier today from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Vikings tight end Visanthe Shiancoe cracked jokes about his junk being broadcast throughout the nation on Sunday after the Vikings’ 20-16 win over the Lions.
According to the St. Paul Pioneer Press, however, Shiancoe’s agent now says that the player is “embarrassed” by the incident.
He’s embarrassed by all of this,” Tony Agnone told Sean Jensen of the St. Paul Pioneer Press.  “He’s sorry it got on TV. When you’re in the locker room, you’re not paying attention to cameras, and you think they’re going to keep them up, above the waist.
“He hopes people understand that it wasn’t intentional on his part.  His greatest concern are the young fans, that they understand it’s a locker room situation.”
Um, as opposed to what?  Thinking that he was streaking through the parking lot at Ford Field?
In our view, it’s a classic case of the disconnect that exists between a player and his agent.  Agent says player is embarrassed because that’s the prudent reaction.  But player feels slightly differently about the situation, as evidenced by his decision to ask a female reporter who saw a clip of the incident on YouTube, “How’d it look?
Frankly, we think the whole thing is hilarious, and we could do without the whole “what about the kids?” nonsense, given that Shiancoe has already seen fit to yuck it up, regardless of the message that his remarks might send to the “young fans” who don’t quite understand what he means when he says that he “didn’t just get out of the pool.”


  1. They barely beat the Lions, and if the Lions didn’t go for it on 4th down twice early in the game, they probably would have won. Vikings overrated and if they make the playoffs it will be as a stepping stone for whoever plays them.

  2. How many times did Trent Dilfer say “football” in his analysis of that last drive of the Steelers-Cowboys game last night (which culminated in Townshend’s INT/TD)? Football game, football play, football scheme, football play, football throw, football season, football contest, football route, football decision, etc.

  3. So if just getting out of the pool makes George Costanza’s “a frightened turtle”, what does that make Shiancoe’s? A confident mongoose?

  4. To recap, accidentally displaying the shiancito is a shameful no-no, but Ray Lewis can thrust his crotch at a camera for several minutes before a game and it’s “family entertainment.”

  5. It’s a wang for christ’s sake. It’s not like kids are gonna go show their junk of now because some no name tight end flashed a camera.

  6. I know that made no sense, but I had to work in the frightened turtle thing… I apologize to any mongeese (mongooses? San Diegans?) who read my comment. I clearly was not thinking of the children….

  7. It’s the agent’s job to spin positive PR for his clients. If something like this keeps a local company from paying Shiancoe to endorse its product or be a spokesperson, then it hurts both the agent and Shiancoe financially.
    Even if Shiancoe is out at the club offering women a chance for a better viewing without going to YouTube.

  8. Damn agents, the kids have not learn about Visanthe Shiancoe’s Immaculate Contraption sooner or later.

  9. I guarantee this is the first step in cameras being banned from locker rooms. I can’t believe they got away with it this long.
    Does anyone else think its rediculous? Imagine if this was for a womens pro sport. I

  10. Shiancoe and his agent are not the same person. Shiancoe says one thing. His agent says another. In no way does that suggest Shiancoe is sending mixed messages.

  11. well, one day when Shiancoe may be flying a plane, and a kid happens to be in the mmmm…..cockpit he an ask him if he’s ever seen a ground man naked or if he likes to hang around men’s locker rooms.

  12. Florio, Do you mind if I start a spinoff site? I can talk about this all day!! Please!!

  13. you know what i hear from this site alot, b!tch b!tch b!tch.
    And NFLjunkie, so the vikings lost to the bear,pack, and bucs by 7 or less on the road and were fairly in the game with the titans in Tennessee, beat the Panthers, and dominated the colts for 90% of that game and they are that big of a joke to you? but ill bet you’re the type to swear up and down how great the cards and jets are arent you?

  14. It needs to be noted that the ‘female reporter’ is named CJ. She writes the celebrity gossip column for the Star-Tribune. He was also at a club. It isn’t like he was giving an interview with Barbara Walters.

  15. Well, if anything, if he decides to walk away from the game, he could always go into the pron industry…

  16. Didn’t one of the Broncos wideouts sue HBO for a nice chunk of change a while back for the exact same thing?
    Maybe the agent is looking at that angle. Maybe not, but there is always the thought of suit/settlement to be considered in our overly litigious country, in which case Shiancoe acting like he’s ok with it isn’t the best idea.

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