The San Diego Chargers announced today that they won’t raise ticket prices for the 2009 season. The team had raised prices in each of the previous four offseasons.
The last time the team didn’t raise prices was after they went 4-12 in 2004. Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune writes that the move is “a clear concession to the bad economy, as well as the team’s poor showing this season.”
It would also seem to be a concession to the fact that the team consistently struggles to sell out their stadium. The economy is obviously a factor there as well, but it’s worth noting that the team has needed extensions on more than one occasion to sell out their games. Clearly, there are plenty of reasons for the Chargers not to ask anyone for more money in the coming months.


  1. San Diego won’t even have a football team.
    The Los Angeles Chargers might raise ticket prices though.
    Or is it the Los Angeles Chargers of Anaheim? Not sure.

  2. There is one mystery I just cant express:
    To give your more, to receive your less.
    One of my good friend said, in a reggae riddim,
    Dont jump in the water, if you cant swim.

  3. Between this and the retention of Norv Turner, it looks like they’re going for cheap football at cheap prices.

  4. I was lucky enough to attend a game in San Diego this year and I will tell you what. We got there about 4 hours before game time what a great venue. Tail gating was taking place everywhere. The people were great. The stadium was full of fans passionate about there team. The place was LOUD! But there were a few drunk boorish A-Holes who think the world gives them the right to behave like jerks. Sometimes you would like to ask them if their mother or father could see them right now would they be proud. But you’re to afraid they would take a swing at you and its not worth it. In any case all stadiums have to deal with these f’N morons.
    San Diego for the most part, great town, great stadium, great fans.

  5. That’s bad business.
    They should be charging more to make up for the tickets they aren’t selling.

  6. I am a long time season ticket holder with MULTIPLE seats. I can tell you that I was really upset when they raised the “obstructed” view seats to full price( over a 200% increase over 3 seasons)
    Now the team acts like they are doing a favor by freezing ticket prices? They need to reduce(drastically) prices for next season.

  7. They need a new stadium, Mike. Hopefully you’re seeing the light after repeating the same article about a situation that has been going on ever since the ticket guarantee voluntarily was pulled from the table by the Chargers following the 2003 season.
    The Chargers invariably sell the first 65,000 seats without a problem. That’s more tickets than half of NFL stadiums have as full-capacity, but even with one of the larger stadiums the Chargers are near the bottom in revenues due to their crumbling 42 year old multipurpose antiquity.
    It’s always the last couple of thousand of single obstructed view seats – built so low for the January 2003 Super Bowl that players, coaches and cameras on the sideline block the views of the first 13 rows of seats – or nosebleed seats so far from the field that you need binoculars to make the players appear to be any larger than an ant that have trouble selling.
    The Chargers even had trouble selling out the same horrible seats for the playoff game against the Titans in January 2008 and the Patriots in January 2007. Who wants to pay $150 a ticket to sit by yourself and watch most of the game – if not the entire game – on the Jumbotron?
    You get a great view of the cheerleaders, though. 😉
    The bottom line is that the Chargers have two choices:
    (1) Block off about 5,000 seats – thereby kicking out several thousand of current season ticket holders, or
    (2) Deal with the media and others branding Chargers fans as being “bad fans”.
    It’s ALL about the outdated stadium. Imagine how much lower the revenues will drop after they kick out several thousand season ticket holders so that the last few hundred tickets aren’t having trouble being sold every single week.
    With bottom-of-the-barrel revenues generated at 70,000 seat Qualcomm, they can’t afford to throw out whole blocks of season ticket holders, so they’ll just have to deal with the perception that SD has a bad fanbase who won’t support the franchise.

  8. wait, why WOULD San Diego charge more?!?!
    They’ve struggled to sell the team out (even opening day) to begin with and now they suck.

  9. I didn’t think they had a contract for the stadium either. Figured they would be in L.A. also.

  10. cobrala = idjit.
    I watched that stadium being built in 1968 and it opened in September of 1969. its served its purpose and its exporation date has long since past.
    With the Cali economy and its non-business friendly state regulations and tax structures getting a stadium built is a long shot here.
    Both the 49ers and Raiders have also explored getting stadiums built in Norhtern Cali and are essentially in the same boat. Dont believe its any easier for L.A. to do it. its not.
    besides; we’ll see a Norv coached team fail for the same price!!

  11. they’ll be the sd chargers in 09, but after that who knows
    a better footbal; city needs to step up , someplace cold with nothing to do, no fairweather fans

  12. Maybe they should implement a sliding scale:
    Price each home week ticket at $1 for every yard the great LT gains….
    91, 24, 84, 78, 74, 67, 97 = average price of $73
    Chargers fans deserve a REFUND!

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