Well, running back Najeh Davenport’s revolving door in Pittsburgh has finally come to an end.
The man known in these parts as Dookie signed with the Colts today, a league source tells us.
Davenport was drafted by the Packers several years ago, and has been an on-again, off-again member of the Steelers over the past couple of seasons.
But he’ll best be known for dropping a deuce in a dorm-room closet while the female resident was sleeping soundly nearby.
Sleeping soundly, that is, until she heard the unique noises that accompany the dropping of a deuce in a dorm-room closet.

24 responses to “DOOKIE LANDS IN INDY

  1. My Fantasy backfield of Addai and Portis is looking very questionable after the Zorn comments and this signing…and they had such amazing matchups this coming week in the playoffs..

  2. Guys, get the story fully correct. It was also in her laundry basket that was in the closet!

  3. It was just Dookie’s way of saying “If loving her was wr-ungh-ungh-ong then he didn’t want to be right”.
    I wish him well. The life of the itinerant running back must be tough.

  4. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m so happy I could just curl up in a co-eds closet and poop to my hearts content !

  5. Maybe I’m just a girl and can figure out how to deal with a laundry basket of crap but shouldn’t the Broncos be signing him instead? Come-on already! Your 7th string RB just went in IR and you just signed a street free agent with zero career carries from an injury settlement from the Buccs. Call me crazy but El Dookie would have been a better choice.

  6. Can you see Dookie’s college girlfriend
    in a laundry detergent commercial
    with Dookie standing in the background
    with a dumb look on his face..?

  7. I thought he should have signed with the Saints instead. You know, to replace Deuce…..
    …see what I did there? 🙂

  8. In my humble opinion “Dump truck” is waaaaay better than “Dookie.”
    Especially when people thought he would take over for “The Bus” once he retired in Pittsburgh.

  9. Plop, Plop ahhh what a relief it is..
    Sorry, but that was on the tee. Had to take a swing.

  10. If Indy adopts the Wildcat offense, Najeh would be perfect at taking the direct snap and making the dump pass.

  11. I wonder how Saint Tony justifies signing the, you know, (hee hee, Thanks Mikey) the Midnight Dukster? Maybe we can get Duemig or some other DUIer plagiarist lover to weigh in?

  12. No matter where he is on the depth chart, he will always be the ‘Number 2’ back.
    I’m glad someone else picked him up. The Steelers treated him like crap. Ha!

  13. I thought he’d wind up catching dump off passes for the Browns but I guess they “stalled” too long.

  14. That’s just nasty. Florio, PLEASE, for all that is good and righteous and holy and decent, stop referencing this incident every time Davenport’s name comes up. I know it’s tempting to do it, but you’ve got to resist the temptation.
    Mike D, don’t be silly. With all the shit that’s happened to the Saints this year, we just take any more.

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