Cowboys owner Jerry Jones raised eyebrows on Monday when he said that, in his view, running back Marion Barber could have played on Sunday against the Steelers.  Instead, Barber stayed in Big D, nursing his bum pinkie toe.
He can play with that injured toe,” Jones said on Monday.  ”He can play with the soreness and a combination of those things.  I see nothing that led us to believe he couldn’t.”
Said Jones on Tuesday, on WOAI-AM radio via our own Tim MacMahon of the Dallas Morning News:  “We all know how tough Marion Barber is.  When he had his injury, I felt, ‘Look, you’ll have to shoot him to keep him off the football field.’  I was surprised that we didn’t have him.  That was not meant to be critical of his toughness.  It did come out that way, but fundamentally, it was because he is so tough that you would have thought that he could play.”
Wow.  Who would’ve thought that Jones can backpedal like Jordan.


  1. Did Jones reall say “you’ll have to shoot him to keep him off the field”? Maybe that is who Plax was aiming when he pulled his pistol…

  2. I think Pacman Jones could help “shoot him”. I think he knows a few things about having a man shot.

  3. Jones probably had one too many near beers at the game. Actually I think this may be a shot at Phillips more than Barber. Or maybe closer to the point, a setup. It’s Super Bowl or bust for Phillips, and even if the world were turned upside down and the Cowboys actually win the Super Bowl I think he’d “retire”. Bill Cowher will be the next coach of the Cowboys for the richest contract ever given a coach, bank it.

  4. Most PATHETHIC owner in the game today!
    Every time he opens his mouth nothing good happens.
    How about just saying nothing Jerry.
    Let the coaches coach and the players play!

  5. i heard that blurb and it made absolutely no sense but jethro rarely does, who the hell you think emmit all he knows?. even the local yokels here in dallas were left scratching their heads, AS IF that is what jethro meant. he opened his ignorant mouth, got called out and now has had to back pedal, how the hell you insult one of the actual descent guys on the team??

  6. The reason Barber didn’t go was mainly because of a sprained calf that was injured while rehabbing the toe. The combination of both injuries held him back, not just the toe injury…

  7. I believe him, who in the hell would question Marion Barbers toughness? I don’t even like the cowboys and the man is a monster. He is also classically trained on the piano (thanks hard knocks). How can you not like the guy?

  8. Jones is an egotisical a$$hole and anybody playing for or coaching the Cowboys needs to consider that part of the deal. So what if he backs off the earlier comments, the cat is out of the bag.
    I used to think the Cowboys couldn’t win a playoff game because Tony Romo is a choke and the defensive doesn’t have heart. Now I am starting to think its karma, the same force that prevented
    Bill Bellicheat from winning last year’s Superbowl.

  9. The Pacman Jones-body guard cover-up against the NFL (the business that he is part owner of) confirmed that Jerry Jones is a certified liar when he needs to be.
    And right now, he needs to be.
    Disrespecting the NFL is one thing but disrespecting his rank-and-file is another.

  10. JJ must have just come out of the operation room from yet
    another plastic face surgery. And he was in recovery and
    still doped up when he made this comment about MB.

  11. Jerry Jones is an idiot. He was trying to divert the attention away from the Romo….he wants everyone talking about someone/something else to protect his itty bitty baby QB from being the top story for his terrible play against the Steelers in the 4th quarter.

  12. Thank you, Florio, for acknowledging another pro sport in your Jordan reference. It is my sincere hope that this is a step in the process of your learning to appreciate the fine American sport of Major League Baseball. Give it a chance, nancy boy!

  13. Trouble in Dallas Shocking
    At least all we had was an idiot shoot himself in the leg not an owner GM coach god shoot him self in the mouth

  14. Vox – Cowher coaching the ‘boys? Not going to happen. Cowher does not need money and there is not enough money out there to get Cowher to work for Jerry. I would be beyond shocked if Cowher were signed by Jerry. It comes down to who the GM will be for any team that wants Cowher and who he can bring in to work with him. Jerry will not give up control of who is paid by the Cowboys.

  15. Viox:
    Cowher does have an ego as all good/great head coaches do to some degree. But he would never allow his ego to stoop so low as to become a head coach of the Dallas Cowgirls. Never!
    So put the pipe down and step away from the table…

  16. jerry is an idiot. calling out barber that way won’t be good for the boys over the long haul. he can say whatever he wants now, but the damage has already been done.
    that having been said, to those who can’t see jerry and cowher at a new conference, how many of those same folks thought it possible to see the tuna sitting at that table grinning with skelator? jerry’s money is green, he’s going to need a splash for the new stadium and since his offensive genius isn’t exactly harnessing all that talent as jerry envisioned, i wouldn’t be at all surprised if cowher (like spurrier, schottenheimer, and gibbs did in d.c.) bites his tongue, holds his nose, and signs for some ridiculous larry brown number per season.

  17. smiler – That is the very reason that Cowher would back away. Cowher will pretty much have his pick of the available teams if/when he decides he wants to run a team. Look at all the Head Coaches for the ‘boys since Jerry bought the team. Of those the one that worked the best was Jimmy Johnson and Jerry ran him off. The next best for building the team was Parcells and Jerry essentially ran him off. Parcells since then has rebuilt the ‘phins overnight so he has not lost his touch. Cowher sees this and ego or not he also understands the really successful teams require a good partnership, not employer – employee like Jerry has.

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